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My Name is AKA - Episode 51





My Name is AKA - Episode 51

Written By Amah's Heart.

"Oh... it's you Dami.." 

"Yes aunty Aka.." 

one nice thing about Dami is not just the way she usually attach "aunty" to my name which clearly means she's respectful but the way she acts

It's not only a word to her or something to make me feel good but her attitude showcases the real respect.

If she comes and see me mobbing my house, she will do everything possible to take over from me.

Same with laundry, cooking and other chores.

She's the best sister one could have and I sometimes wish Amara is like her.

Dami is a clear evidence that her Mom trained her well despite being the only daughter.

"...do you have a visitor, I saw one big car outside and earlier I saw one fine man coming towards your apartment.."

"Yea, I do.." I replied quietly.

Dami peeped inside and saw Mr Law sitting down.

"Good evening sir... you're welcome sir... how're you doing sir...?  Dami greeted Mr Law in a funny way that made me chuckle

Mr Law nodded his reply without a word.

"... okay sir, takia sir..." She said before stepping back

"... This uncle doesn't talk much abi? Dami asked, she was refering to Mr Law. 

".... Eniola was around and he wanted to say hello before leaving. I didn't know you have a visitor...

"..well, I will tell him so..."

I nodded as she turned and left.

As I try to close the door, I saw Eniola approaching.

"Hey pretty, iyawo mi, omo tosho, omo dada..Aka the great.." he hails

"Hello Eniola..." I greeted.

"Dami was taking too long, I decided to come check by myself. How're you doing..." 

"I'm alright and you...? I asked with a smile to reciprocate his own cheerful face 

"Well, I'm just here.. right where you left me.."

Dami stood behind him 

Eniola was about saying something else when Mr Law came to the door

"The pleasantries is taking too long. You've totally forgotten that you've somebody waiting for you.." Mr Law said as he gave Eniola a serious stare.

"I...oh..I didn't know you've a visitor. I'm sorry... Dami didn't tell me...

"I think I was trying to tell you before but you're.." Dami try to defend herself.

Eniola apologized again and left with his sister.

I wasn't happy with the way they were dismissed

I turned to Mr Law "they're my friends and the girl is also my neighbor, they mean no harm.."

"I never said they meant any harm, you practically forgot that I was sitting and waiting for you. Courtesy demands that you dismissed them immediately because you kept someone waiting. Is disrespectful to go on chatting with them and ignoring my presence..."

"I wasn't doing that, I..." I was still talking when he interrupted 

"And the guy's eyes was all over you. I heard the praises he was showering..I guess some were in his dialect. Are you two into each other.."

I heaved. "We're not.."

"But he's obviously into you or you pretend not to notice..?

My patients was running out with him

"Does that supposed to be a problem? 

"What? You said that to my face..?

"Yes, I can say it to your face or anyhow I choose to say it. You did wørst with Emily.. have you forgotten? She r0manced and kíssed you in public, I told you that I was very uncomfortable with it but you said I was bringing in negative energy and it's your day, meaning you can do whatever you want to do and I don't have any right to stop you.."

"Wow.. you held all of this to heart..."

"Wasn't I suppose to? You made me feel invisible even after trying to introduce me to your Dad... which didn't matter much after realising who he was. Mr Law, Emily passed the night with you..in your room.."

"Okay..so you concluded that we had s3x just because she spent a tired night in my room.."

"I don't really care what went down anymore, to be sincere i have moved passed that..." I sighed before continuing 

"... I'm only very grateful that Amara is Safe. That alone means everything to me and I'm forever indebted to you for your many kindness..."

"Well, I'm sorry if you feel threātened by Emily's presence or personality.."

"But I don't feel threātened in any way. I only expected much more than you displayed. I felt very bâd...I thought it was because you already seen my pant colour..I no longer matter. That's what some men do, once they sleep with you.. you become nothing to them..."

He moved close to me and draw me into his arms.

"I'm not like most men...I håte to be compared to multitude. I truly cherish you..so much. I loved you Aka even before touching you..."

"... when you say things like that you make me feel bâd as if I took advantage of you. You willingly gave your virginity to me and..." He swallowed hard

"... don't get me wrong, I deeply appreciate and you saw how shøcked I was that night that no man has touched you. You baffled me Aka and I felt like the luckiest man. I will never forget that one night with you or the subsequence nights we spend together.."

"Yea, I loved you and thought it was well deserving...I mean giving you such a special part of me. I thought it will at least show you how much you mean to me, that I also loved you too. You were practically the air I breathe and if I had another thing more special than my virginity...I would have laid it at your feet. But I regret it now..."

"Why... you don't have to say that Aka. I love you with or without your virginity. I value you much more than anything you have to offer..."

"You've a way of proving it. You made me feel very invisible whenever Emily is around. I still remember how you drove out early that morning to get me drugs. You said one is for the pain to subside and the other was to prevent unwanted prégnåncy.."

"...I didn't even care if it was good or bâd, I took it because I trusted you and believe you meant well for me. That was a costly mistake and I still regret it.."

"Those moments were precious to me Aka. I love you dearly and I just don't want prégnåncy or anything at all to obstruct your education. Is because I care about you...so much..."

"My body, my v!rginity suppose to be for my husband. It's not supposed to be for fun or for pleasure, i don't suppose to just give it out because of how I feel, rather I would've kept it for the right man.."

"Am I the wrong man? He asked looking straight at me.

"No.. you don't understand Mr Law. I totally left God out during that period. I was afraid or maybe ashamed to approach him after the deed but meeting Daniel again, he made me understand that even if our sins is as black as charcoal, God will make it as white as snow if I can come to him.. just like we are, denouncing and confessing it all out and ready to embrace the light.."

"I don't understand any of what you're talking about. We're both adults and there shouldn't be shame if we both consented to the act. Why did you tell Daniel that we were intimately involved. There are things you don't just go discussing with people. That's very childish of you..."

"I didn't tell him, he was only teaching me the ways of God..."

"So, Daniel is now God's right hand man? He's God heavenly PA and knows everything about him.."

"You don't understand. There are people who are very special to God and God blessed them with spiritual gifts, Daniel is one of them. He has the gift of teaching and..."

"Enough already. My head is begining to spin from Daniel this and Daniel that. Can we at least not spoil this good moment. Let's change the topic.."

"...I miss you, I really do. I want to make it all up to you. Take you out, we've a great moments and memories then cuddle you all night long..."

"...Make love to you like never before, feeling your warmth and knowing that you're mine.." 

"...I want you back into my life. You make me happier and calm whenever you're around.."

He kíssed me, I try to resist but It seems I was glued to the moment.

I struggled to get away from him but made no real attempt.

Even when we had several knocks the kíssing continues 

"Some one is knocking, I need to check.." I managed to say 

"It must be that girl, she will eventually walk away when she gets no reply. Let's not ruin this moment.. please.."

He kíssed me passionately and just  then the door opened.

He looked up while holding onto me

I didn't look back immediately untill I heard my name.

"Aka..." it was Daniel's voice that startled me.

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