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My Name is AKA - Episode 50





My Name is AKA - Episode 50

Written By Amah's Heart.

It's on a weekend, I needed to finish my laundry before going to read or watch some movie.

I suppose to go for our usual study at the cafeteria with Daniel but he called and said he was out on visitation with his Mom.

I was done cleaning the house and cooked something for the weekend before starting the laundry.

I was spreading my washed cloths when I heard a knock.

Eniola walked in after I opened the gate 

"How're you iyawo Eni..? He called me exactly what his Mom usually refers to me

He chuckled aloud after seeing the smirk on my face.

I smile before telling him that his sister was in my apartment, I will go inform her that he's around.

She was ironing two cloths, one for me and the other for herself.

We will be wearing to church tomorrow.

"I'm actually here to see you mainly, I will see Dami later.."

He began telling me what i already know.

He wanted to take me out on a date next week Saturday and I will have to pick any place of my choice

He will take me out on a shopping after service tomorrow, Dami will come along if I'm not comfortable with him

He wanted me to pick a dinner gown

He went on and on. He was good looking and just like Daniel, he was also funny.

 And at the end of his talk, I told him I have somebody already and would have consider him but it's already late.

He nodded quietly and said he still has faith and will keep hoping.

Talking about Eniola, I remember how we first met 

There are four apartment in my compound

Four ladies used to occupy them which I'm among.

One lady left last year after she graduated, her apartment became empty.

No one rented until last month when a young guy came to rent it but the landlady said it's only for female, she do not accept male occupants who may become a threat to the other female occupants.

The young man said the apartment was for his baby sister who just got admission into the school.

The landlady accepted and the girl moved in 

 she's beautiful and has Amara's exact stature.

She's sixteen but very intelligent for her age.

She usually come to my apartment whenever she's less busy, especially during weekends when I'm free

I have been teaching her some of the things I know, putting her through with the word of God.

Her name is Dami and her brother's name is Eniola.

I have met her mother about three times, she brought foodstuffs for Dami.

Eniola was always in her company 

I like Dami, she was always telling me so much about her brother liking me

She said Eniola her brother who's in his final year never stops talking about me, even their entire family already knows who's Aka even without them meeting me physically.

Dami said she usually tell them how caring I was

I'm like the big sister she never had.

Dami said Eniola only talks about how beautiful I was and wanted Dami to stylishly ask me if I have a boyfriend.

She was cheerful and laughing all through as she asked.

I couldn't help but laugh.

She reminds me of Amara. 

I miss my sister but I have handed over to God, wherever she is I know God will watch over her

Lambert will never get away with his s!ns.

That's exactly what Daniel said, he said judgement will certainly meet Lambert, he will never get away if he refuses to repent that's if it haven't happened already.

Daniel said I should quit worrying about Amara, she's safe and out of Lambert reach.

I know he's trying to make me feel better but he won't understand that I can't help but worry.

I left vengeance for God.

I told Dami that Jesus is my heavenly boyfriend and Daniel is my earthly Boyfriend.

I explained it all to her and why I wasn't interested in the worldly boyfriend anymore, I have been there and I gained nothing but hürt.

She told me if I like the brother, Eniola who likes me so much I told her we can only be ordinary friends and nothing more.

Eniola is a final year law student, their Mom is a cook, more like a chef but into local dishes

 She owns a big restaurant and their father is a network engineer.

They're four and Eniola is the third born while Dami is the fourth.

Three boys and just one girl.

Their Mom usually bring different meal for Dami whom they're very protective off.

 On her last visit she brought mine along with her daughter's own.

She also gave me a food flask and wrapper ass gift.

It was from her and tasted amala and efo riro soup for the first time 

Very delicious with assorted meat.

She said when next she's coming, she will bring ewedu and amala for me.

I'm eager to try it.

Dami said I will love it

She calls me "iyawo Eni.."

I love the name and the unique way she usually calls me and i didn't even bother to know the meaning.

It was Dami I later asked the meaning and she said it means "wife.

I laughed so much wondering why her Mom will pick such name for me.

I flow with it and kept taking care of Dami like she was my sister.

This was how I met Dami who became my sister and friend from another mother.

On the Sunday, after we're back from service, I decided to warm up lunch, I heard a knock.

I thought it was Daniel, and went to open the door with all smile

But shøck greeted me at the door.

"Aka.." he said it more like an exclamation

"Hello Mr Law..." I greeted calmly with shock written all over me

"Can I come in..? He asked still looking at me.

I hesitated before leaving the road for him to walk past me.

He looked around before sitting in one of my reading table chairs

I stood, hand akimbo

"How're you doing? He said calmly

"Good! I replied dryly

He nodded and bent his head before looking up at me

"Your house...it looks well arranged and perfectly in order. You've always been a very articulated and good decor."

I didn't reply immediately.

"I wasn't expecting you Mr Law, it's been about five months since you kicked me out of your house.."

"I know, that's why I'm here.."

"... you're still mad at me..I guess. You really pushed me to the walls Aka, you...I wasn't expecting all what you acted or said that day, I can't even remember all but I sure do remember you daring me and saying I'm just like my father who goes about sleeping with young women..."

"I wasn't far from the truth Mr Law.." I replied and he swallowed hard, he seems like I just stabbed him

"... your father caused a great havoc in my life after he try taking advantage of me and I refused. He's the reason I was returned to the village and I never knew he was your father until the day of your birthday. God knows I would have avoided you like plâgue and with everything you got to offer if I had known. I know it may not be easy out there without a helper but I know with God's help I would have be somewhere at least. It may not be to this big level but I will definitely survived..."

"So meeting me was a cùrse...? He finally asked.

"No Mr Law, it's not a cùrse rather it's a blessing. I really appreciate you and will never stop appreciating you for taking me in, giving me a good job and caring for me like you did...God has purpose for everything and his ways are higher than ours..."

"Did I ever take advantage of your innocence during those times or requested you pay with your body...?

"You never did sir.." I replied calmly.

"So why are you so mâd at me, why do you have to make such an expensive utterance, saying I behave exactly like my father...birds of same feather. You disrespected me so much Aka and I was húrting for a long time even after you're gone. I began to question myself, maybe I let down my guard by falling in love with you..."

We both became quiet

"What of my sister, what did your father did with her. What became of her..or he's still draining off her young bløød with his lies. I have nightmares sometimes knowing that my sister is with your father. What he couldn't succeed doing with me, he's doing it to Amara. I just wanted to take her away but you pushed me off like a críminal. I...I can't stop blaming myself for bringing my sister to this city and to your house..."

"... you can do anything with me, I wouldn't care but definitely not with my sister. all I wanted was to protect her from men like your Dad..."

"Your sister is safe with me Aka. she was determined to follow my Dad but I cautioned her, I refused my Dad taking her and we had a serious verbal fíght. The following day he ângrily left my house, exactly around 11am, I was called from the hospital that he had an accident. I thought it was just a minor injury until I got to the hospital.m"

"... Aka, all your anger will melt away at the sight of my father in that hospital bed. He had lost so much bløód and I was told later he fractured his spinal cord, I thought it's something a physio therapist can quickly fix but it's far beyond that.."

"... My Dad is pâralyzed from his waist below. Some organs in his system aren't functioning well. Is been a terrible months, I haven't I had time to do anything. The doctor said after six months he will be on a wheel chair so that he can go outside for some sunlight and fresh air, right now he's bedridden. I have put everything in place and the whole bills is choking, well.. the good thing is that he got some money which I'm equally channelling into the hospital bills..."

" oh Jesus! I'm sorry Mr Law. I know I'm ângry... very ângry over everything that unfolded between your father and i but I never wish him to go through such pâin. I can't even imagine the great Lambert himself living the rest of his life on a wheelchair and going in and out of the hospital for continues check up.."

"... Mr Law, so you mean my sister is working for you all this months? Your father didn't touch her..."

"Yes, she's safe, I can assure you. I will go to any level to protect her because of you. I wouldn't allow any harm come to her..."

"...I believed everything you said that day about my Dad because I know my father like the back of my hand..."

"...I told him during our fight that the reason my Mom left him was because of his wømanising nature which he supposed to have dropped off but now he's not only after big ladies but also small girls. I told him he was Indeed shameless and I håte the fact that he was my father. My mother left him, relocated to USA while we're still young, got married to another man. My Dad comes visiting us in the UK once in a while but I have never fully forgiven the fact that he was the reason our family became divided..."

"... Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad and still do but I despise his lifestyle Aka. I'm not anything like him and hate to be compared to my Dad. I may not be perfect with the way I handle things but that's who I am..."

"... I have every right to change women as I please but that's not my line. I dated Yvonne before she went back to her ex. Sincerely I don't fancy Emily but she's one girl that won't give up no matter how  ângry I get, no matter how i bark at her. I might have reacted in a way you don't like that day, but I was out to have fun and only wish you have joined but I didn't want to force you beyond your will.."

He heaved and became silent.

"... i love you you Aka, know that right?

I nodded quietly before going to hug him like I used to do.

He held me tight, whispering how much he has missed me

He pulled my chin up and we uses eternity to just stare at each other.

He tries to kíss me but a knock on the door interrupted the moment.

My instinct tells me it might be Daniel who said he will be coming over after service to take me out for a movie.

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