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My Name is AKA - Episode 49





My Name is AKA - Episode 49

Written By Amah's Heart.

I left my lecture hall and proceeded to take a bike home.

Tifo and Mimi asked if I was okay because I was quiet all through the week.

This was the second week of school resumption yet I can't seem to get over all that's being going in my life 

"Alot is going on with me and I don't wish to talk about it.." I replied quietly.

They asked if it was over a man, they wanted to know if I was súffering from break up fever and I to told them is far more than they can imagine.

Tifo asked of Daniel, she wanted to know if we're still close like we should to be.

I dismissed her inquisitiveness by telling her that we're cool.

We later departed to our different home directions

I heard someone calling my name, when I turned it was Daniel.

I waited by the side of the road.

"Hey..Aka, are you alright.."

"Yea.. I'm fine.."

"But you don't look fine. I saw you last week and asked you how your holiday went and you heaved and said you will rather not talk about it. Are you ready to talk now.."

"I don't know Daniel. I have a whole lot going on and really don't know what to do.."

"You can talk to me Aka. I told you even if we didn't end up together, you made your choice and I respect it all. I respect you and I respect your choice and will never stop caring about you. I can't avoid you because you choose another over me..."

"... can we go sit somewhere and talk... please.."

I nodded as he took my hand into his and led me to a cool cafeteria

He asked what I will love to take but I assured him that I'm totally fine.

I don't even have appetite for anything, it was already 4pm and I haven't eaten anything since morning 

Daniel ordered for snacks and drinks for two.

"I remember how helpless you felt when you had that lecturer's trouble? You were crying under the tree, thinking God has forgotten you not knowing God had answered but your faithlessness was delaying your miracle from getting to you, it was in that hopeless situation that we met and what seems like a mountain was leveled to nothing.."

"Yea, I remember.." I said with a smile.

"It's there anything dífficult for God to do..? None that I have heard or seen.."

"... God is not a man that he should lie, he's not a man that fail in his words, he's not a man that disappoint and will never be a man that uses your past síns to hurt you...."

"... he's a loving father and all he wants is for you to trust him. How much do you trust God Aka?

I remained quiet because I haven't really been doing that.

"...do you trust him only when the going is good and everything is in your favour? You question and distance yourself from God whenever things aren't going the way you want..is that how you trust and serve him? If you have a child who only recognises you as her Mom only when she gets her needs met and when you don't get some of her request done, she goes into rivalry, insùlting and distancing herself from you, calling you a w!cked woman..how will you feel..?

"I will definitely feel bâd and disappointed.." I replied.

"Exactly, although we disappoint God many times but he remained a loving father, he's arms is open always, ready to welcome us anytime we realize our fault and decide to return back..."

"... God is our heavenly father. He's not like our earthly father, the Bible said if you ask your earthly father for a bread does he gives you a stone instead? if  you ask for fish do you get a sérpent? No, it's not possible but even if it was possible and we get disappointed by our earthly parents, God is not like them and will never do that to his children.."

"My sister is somewhere, I don't know and no day passed without thinking about her. I have prayed to God not to punish me this way. I just want Amara to be safe..."

"What happened to her? Was she kidnåpped?

"Not really, she actually made a grâvy choice. I brought her to the city so that she may get a better life, I even enrolled her in a fashion school and she also attend a short time learning. I paid for all this expenses from my savings and thought all is well. I invited her to my boss birthday but when my boss father who's not only a wømåniser but he targets at young naïve girls, he once try to r@pe me in the past but God saved me from him. My sister fell for his tricks, lies and even insulted me because I try to save her from Lambert. She said horrible things to me and reminded me of the hurtful encounter I had with my parents in the past. I was angry and slapped her and they whiskey me away like cr!minal. Is almost two months and I haven't heard anything from her.."

I wiped out a tear drop

"How about your boss, he likes you right? What's his stand ? What did he say concerning his Dad..?

"He...he did nothing. Truthfully, we were in a kind of relationship. I thought he truly loves me and cares about me. He was the first man that showed me love without demanding for anything. I fell over hill in love with him Daniel. I'm sorry but I don't want to hide anything from you.."

"Is alright Aka, continue please.."

"I don't know what exactly is the problem, he used to truly love me and never hides it. He is very temperamental, he gets angry real quick and can be very jealous too. I did everything possible to avoid triggering his bad side but he húrts me and acts like is nothing. He goes about having fling with another girl, she was around during his birthday, she was literally all over him and when I complained he said I was bringing negative energy on his day. The girl even slept over in his room that night and he acts like I don't have the right to complain over how he choose to live or act around his female friends. He asked his security to kick me out during altercation with my sister and his father..."

"...I called Nneka, my senior colleague to know about Amara but Nneka told me she dropped her resignation the following day after I left. She's out to start a new life with her man and planning towards her wedding too. Sylvester is the second person I could have called but his number is not reachable. Nneka said his phone fell inside water and spoil and he's planning on getting another. The two new girls that was employed, I don't have their contact. Amara has a phone, I gave her a small phone but her number has been off ever since, she even left the small phone charger in my school lodge.  I'm worried sick about her... Daniel, that's what I'm facing right now and there's no one to help me out of my misery..."

"Well, except God. I feel in my spirit that your sister will be alright. Focus on your race and leave her to run hers. She will learn the lesson and become wiser. Life is a great teacher.. you know right? If one fail to learn from people's experiences then life will dealt them a heavy blow that they will have no choice than to learn in a hard way. You did your best to warn her but you were fighting it carnally. Take it to God in prayer and that burden will be lifted off..."

"I have prayed and presented it all to God but nothing is comforting. Maybe God distanced himself from me...I haven't really been the daughter he should be proud of.."

Daniel heaved and became silent

"Sorry for this question I'm about to ask, but have you and your boss...

"...I mean did you have any intimacy with your boss? Did you engaged in any primarital s3x..? Daniel asked quietly.

I became silent

"You don't need to answer if you don't want to Aka. my apologies for asking.."

"...did you inform your parents about your sister..?

",I told Mama Zaram, she's the only woman that acts like a mother to me. Mama Zaram said I should let Amara be, she asked me to take care of my own self, focus and never forget God. That I shouldn't let Amara's situation bother me because my sister knows exactly what she's doing and have made her choice. Despite I want to find comfort in that, I just can't. I brought her to this city, she's my blood sister and I was supposed to protect her from prédators like Mr Lambert but I failed. If I have left her in the village I wouldn't have anything to worry about, but she calls with different sād stories everytime, saying I should please rescue her so that she can come join me in the city. She promised to abide by my rules and never to go against my orders..."

"... I wanted her to be protected and have a better life so that men like Eme nwa Danfo, another egoistic man won't take advantage of her. I know I tried to be a good sister but it's all in vain.."

"I understand how you feel Aka, quit worrying please, God is in control and you know I will always love you and will be available if you need me.."

"Thank you Daniel for not giving up on me. God will bless you..."

He nodded with Amen.

"Will you at least start coming to the Bible study and fellowship again..?

"... Take your rightful place as the daughter of God, resist the dev!l, the tormenter of men and he will flee from you, give no room anymore for the Wicked, take your stand and raise your liberty of authority which Christ Jesus has given unto you, no power of darkness can stand the light of God in you. You're a child of the most high, act like it, do not wallow in your pity and stop giving room for the devil to dribble with your heart.."

Every word from Daniel hit me hard and I decided to truly return back to God fully and not give anymore room for the dev!l 

I started attending fellowship.

Daniel was mostly busy with his different school work because he will be graduating soon but he still make out time to be at the fellowship.

He began to groom my spirit man, my spiritual growth went back to hot like it used to be initially 

Not cold or lukewarm.

Daniel was a good teacher and I follow through with his every teaching.

We used to pray together and commit Amara unto God's care.

Daniel said he feels in his spirit that Amara is alright.

I believed him and know whatever that's entrusted in God's care is safe.

I'm better than I was and very focused than I used to be.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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