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My Name is AKA - Episode 48





My Name is AKA - Episode 48

Written By Amah's Heart.

"What are you doing here..? I asked Amara immediately I got in.

As I got to Lambert door, I try opening with force but found out that it was locked from behind 

I tapped on the door and in no time, Lambert came to answer it.

I pushed him aside and walked in.

Amara was sitting at the edge of the bed

She was all clothed and doesn't look suspicious but I do not understand why they should lock the door or what she's sitting and doing in his room even after I carefully warned her about him.

"I'm not doing anything.." she replied still sitting.

"You know you shouldn't be here, I warned you but you disøbeyed me. Why's the door locked and at what time did you leave the room.."

Lambert interrupted me while I was still talking to Amara 

"Hey young lady, I understand you got so much guts for whatever reasons I don't know, maybe because of Lawrence. you must be taking something that hypes your moral but it's high time you watch it before something worst happens to you.."

 "...you need to stop interrogating Amy, stop trying to boss everyone around, you're nothing but a common help that my son took pity on and decided to render a helping hand but it's obvious you're climbing the the ladder that you may not be able to come down from..."

"... you walked in here yesterday threatening me and saying you will k!ll me if you dare find your sister with me. You dare threaten a whole Lambert? forgetting where you are and knowing I can do anything to you and no one dares question me. You might have gotten away with the first while you were living with my friend and his family but I kid you not My dear, you're going to get yourself seriously hürt if you talk or act more than you should..."

"Let's see who will get hürt. Let me find out that you did anything to my sister first. Beside, I wasn't talking to you so shüt up.."

He chuckled 

"I should shüt up, you actually said I should shüt up..?

"Yes Lambert, Shüt up. What were you expecting... respect? No sire, you don't deserve any iota of respect from me. You're a shåmeless old përvërts, unrepentant wømåniser. You just crossed your boundary with my sister..."

Amara stood and spoke in his defence.

"That's enough Aka, stop insùlting him because he's old enough to be your father. Mr Lambert didn't do anything wrōng. I was heading to the kitchen this morning when he saw me and asked me to bring a coffee to his room, which I did  and we began to talk as he asked me what I wanted to become and things I will like to do. He's trying to help me and you're busy insùlting him.."

"Amara you shouldn't be here in the first place. This man is a m@nipulator. You're not the only girl he has promise paradise before eventually sleeping with them and paradise never happens. He almost succeeded with me when I was at your age but with God's help I was able to conquer him and escape. He's mostly targeted at underage, teens who are just arriving púberty and haven't known any man. He loves when he's the first man to taste this very young girls before any other does. He's a waster, a user and you're going to end up in regrets or wørst if you allow his sweet nonsense talk gets into your head. His deed will eventually catch up with him, karma will hit him when he didn't expect.."

"I can see that You know me too well but unfortunately I don't believe in karma. I'm a rich and famous man, a philanthropist that helps the poor and needy.  money will continue sorting out everything for me. Quit wasting your time thinking some invisible being will flog me an invisible cane for my deeds, that's not going to happen now or forever. I will continue getting rich and will have any woman I wish to have. You and thousands and one others can't do shít about it...if you make any suspicious move that's detrimental to my personality or my life, I will take you and your entire family down. No one challenges the great Lambert and you're just a noisy bird and even tho I was truly shocked at your gut yesterday but I waved it off because you're a nobody.."

"... your first attempt on me sent you packing to the village. I don't know how you escaped and came to the city but my dear if you don't watch your tongue I will cut it off, cook it as meal and eat it as dinner with a strong ålcøhol. Is not everyone you see that you can run your mouth on, people like me are far dëädly than you can imagine..."

I ignored him and asked Amara to follow me let's go 

She remained seated.

"Can't you hear me? I said let's leave now, we're going back to my school apartment, I don't want us to remain here. Amara get up.."

"I'm not going anywhere Aka. you can go without me, I like it here and Mr Lambert said he will get my papers ready and send me abroad where I will study. He's going to sponsor me to make sure I became a big name..."

"Amara, are you alright..? Those are empty promises to get into your pänts and this man will use you until you become useless with yourself. Don't you have any sense in that head of yours, have you forgotten all the advice I gave you? Do you still remember the family you're coming from. Why do you want to be uséless and waste your beautiful life? I brought you to this city because of your constant complain in the village. I wanted you to have a good life and I was ready to make sure I strive to give you the best even if our parents don't care if we exist or not. What are you trying to do now Amara?

"See Aka, I know and remember everything and that's why I want to remain with Mr Lambert. He's seem to be a man of his word and won't disappoint like you said. I understand that you don't like him but I do and he has given me hope if making it big. You will be surprised that I may even blow more than you, I will become a big name, a famous lady...it will shøck you. While you're busy insùlting and condemning him, I'm making good use of the moment to stick by him. Mr Law helped you to become what you are, Mr Lambert, who's even the father to your boss will give me the best among all..."

... Aka, don't worry about me, my mind is made up and he can use me as he please, it's nobody business, it's my body. Papa and Mom will not care how I made it, rather they will rejoice that I have money to spend on them. No one will care to know the story as far as there's money. You worry too much Aka but worry only about yourself and leave me out of your problems. This is my choice, I know what I'm doing.."

My mouth was left open as I stared at my sister.

Lambert began to laugh

"Amara, I'm so proud of you, you're smarter than your wide mouth elder sister. I love you for this and you will get another gift from me aside the first I promised you..."

"Thank you sir.." Amara replied shyly with a smile.

I hurried to where she sat and try to drag her to follow me but she refused.

Mr Lambert try to pull me away from behind but my temper was too high, I turned like a tigress and punched him hard on the face.

Just then Mr Law walked in

"What's going on...Dad?..Aka? What's with the noise... what's happening here..."

"Your maid whom you made your girlfriend just slâpped me for trying to stop her from béating up the sister, simply because she was jéalous.." Lambert said still robbing his eyes.

It was all swollen in no time and I felt satisfied with my deeds.

I didn't even know that the hard punch landed in his eyes

I felt good with myself.

"What! Is this kind of a joke? Aka is not insane and can't possibly do that..."

"... did You slâpped my Dad?  Mr Law asked unbelievably.

"Oh yeah, I did and I will do worst if he doesn't release my sister to me. We just want to get away from this place.."

"You haven't explain why you will dare hit my father. Are you high?..."

I wasn't afraid of anyone because I needed to be strong to retrieve my sister from Lambert.

I had no fear or threat of cowardice because I only got myself at this point.

"Your Dad is not as good as you thought he is. He try to r@pe me when I was fifteen, he's a family friend to my aunty and her family, back when I was living there. I pushed him when he tries to take advantage of me and he almost fall to his de@th. He was the major reason why I had to return back to the village. The whole trauma of what he did still lingers in my head and now he's trying to do the same to my sister. I will never let that happen..."

"Pay no heed to the n0nsense she's saying. She was sent to clean my house that very day and she came along with her friend. How's it possible that I will try to do what she accused me of when her friend was a witness and even testified against her. That very day, I offered them breakfast but she refused and decided to start cleaning from my room, only for me to come and in and caught her trying to to steal my money in my bedside drawer... 

"...She try to rush out after being caught and pushed me in the process, I lost my balance due the slippery tiles she left unfinished. I was hospitalised for that, she thought she succeeded in k!lling me and planned to escape with her friend but unfortunately for her I showed up in her house, her guardians heard what happened and said she has really been a bâd girl who follows some bâd boys........"

"... They sent her back to her parents in the village and I don't know how she found herself back to your life. She's a bad omen, she came into my room yesterday threatening me and that was where I knew she was actually the same Aka that horribly pushed me before escaping with some of my Money..."

"This is unbelievable. My brain can't process all this heavy information at once..." Law said touching his head.

"... you sure do have some air around you which gave you wings to hit my Dad.."

"You can choose to believe whatever you want Mr Law. I have told you the real truth and won't try to beg you to believe because it's a waste of time. I just want to get my sister out of here. You and your Dad can do whatever with different women but spare my sister and I. I no longer want to be part this whole thing..."

"You said what? Mr Law said ângrily moving closer to me.

"Lawrence just let her go, she's uséless and do not worth your strength. She's trøuble and is high time you wash your hands off her, you have try to be her saviour but she obviously don't deserve it. Amara her sister deserves it and I will channel my time, money and energy to her. Aka should be allowed to go...

"I'm not leaving without my sister.." I shouted loudly

"You are free to take your sister and get lost.." Mr Law said ângrily.

"I thought you're different, real and truly cares like you claim but I guess my body was the goal.. isn't it? Like father like son..." I retorted back ângrily.

"I don't have time to exchange words with you Aka, just take your sister and vanish. You can't disrespect my father and I and expect a paycheck. I actually thought you're better, different from other women and I trusted you but you're not different from other gold diggers.."

Lambert scoffed aloud before saying 

"you dares bite the finger that has been feeding you. You're indeed ungrateful being. I wonder what my son saw in you in the first place because you're too toxíc.."

"I will bíte off that finger and throw it back to the feeder's face if they decide to take out my tooth in the process of feeding me. That will show you how toxíc I am.. shåmeless old man. Your sins will definitely catch up with you eventually..."

"You're sénseless Aka and I want you to get out of here immediately..." Mr Law ordered.

"Yeah, whatever you say it's your opinion and I care less because I don't even matter anymore, neither do you value me like Emily whom you even slept with last night. Aren't you both shåmeless but it's okay, I shouldn't be surprise because Apple never fall far from it's tree..."

"... I will dig my claws into your father's black heart if he doesn't release my sister.."

"Aka, I'm not going anywhere. Nobody is holding me, I just don't want to follow you, don't you get it. Stop all this madness of disrespecting your boss because he likes you. That's the reason Papa and Mama do not approve of your personality and disowned you after all, You're too troublesome..."

Without second thought I gave her a resetting slâp

Why will she bring in my past into this?

I'm only trying to save and protect her from Lambert the wolf but she's making a fool of me in front of everyone.

She ran to Lambert who held her.

Mr Law pulled at my hair before dragging me outside.

I wasn't ready to leave without Amara, I bit his hand and try to run back up for Amara but he called the security to take me out.

I don't know if I will ever live with myself knowing Amara stubbornly refused to follow me

She choose Lambert over her own blood sister, despite how much I warned her.

She boldly told them that my parents disowned me because of my attitude without telling them the whole truth.

Amara fell for Lambert lies and I knew she will definitely regrets it but I don't want anything to happen to her.

As I was packing my things to leave, I wépt bitterly because I felt like a fäilure if I fail to protect Amara from Lambert.

I føught hard but it wasn't enough because they will always win.

I don't know if I should just leave since Amara has chosen her path or I should fought harder.

Why will Amara do this to me, I brought her to this city and had a great plans for her


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