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My Name is AKA - Episode 47





My Name is AKA - Episode 47

Written By Amah's Heart.

Before they left for their boat cruise late that evening alot happened.

When I left Mr Lambert's room, i went straight to meet Amara and warned her not to go close to him because he's not a good man.

I was going to check on Mr Law when I saw him again with Emily.

He was relaxing on a beach chair close to the pool, Emily sat on his body, it was inappropriate in all scene of it.

She widened her laps on both sides of his while Law remained in the middle.

While facing each other and laughing at whatever Emily was saying, she tickled at his n!pple which was exposed in the beach shirt he wore.

Surprisingly he chuckled aloud and said something to her that made her giggle.

She was talking and playing around with his chest and he didn't seem to complain.

"Oh God, what have I gotten into..." I whispered to myself.

His other friends were either busy in the water, dancing or eating

Some were relaxing as the music plays.

I turned to walk away but I just couldn't remain calm.

I had to walk up there to them and did not care as they turned to stare at me

Mr Law didn't see me coming but Emily did.

He followed Emily's gaze and when he saw me, he straightened and flashed me a smile but they remained as they were.

"Hey Aka, you're here in time for the fun. 

"... you've showed my Dad in right? Whenever you go back inside please knock on his door and remind him that we're waiting.."

"Are you comfortable with this? You don't see anything wrong with what you're doing? I asked ignoring whatever he was saying 

Law frowned as he stared at me

Emily looked from me to Law 

"Isn't she supposed to be your house help? I'm confused because she looks different and she's obviously acting like some local madam or something. Isn't she your maid or there's a mix up..."

"She used to be but not again..." Mr Law said still with a frown 

"Oh!..I see.." Emily replied 

"... Well, I need star ice cubes for my drink She should go inside and get me some and while coming, she should bring more drinks out to the table.."

I looked at Law and he said with his eyebrow raised at me 

"You heard her right? Go do as she said.."

I ângrily stood and looked at him for a while before walking away.

After few seconds, I saw him following behind.

He caught up with me immediately that We're out of sight.

", What was the meaning of all that? He asked pining me to a wall lightly 

"Meaning of what? I asked back still angry.

He released me

"Do you know how important this day is to me? Why do you want to spoil my mood? It's all going well but give me this bad vibe each time you showes up its a big no for me Aka.."

"She was literally rømancing you publicly and you're cool with it..

"Emily and I weren't doing anything wrōng other than she sitting on my body. I don't know how to pretend, what I can do secretly, I do openly. Stop with the negativity, I håte to be bossed around because am my own boss and should be free to do as I please.."

"Woah, but you stopped me from having male friends because you're not comfortable with them. You stated clearly that you don't want to be in competition with small boys. I try to dance to your tune by pleasing you but here you are dishing out the exact thing that you can't take.."

"I guess you can talk to me as you please now because I gave the room for you to do that. I wouldn't blame you and never thought you will change or become disrespectful. Don't you dare come to embarrass me in front of my guest again. Don't try it ever again.."

I swallowed hard and blinked back the téars trying to run down my face 

"...oh now you want to start crying and acting like I'm guilty of something. I did nothing wrong, just having simple fun with my friends which I asked you to join but you refused and kept a distance. I got you this cloths for my birthday because I know it's going to be either pool party or beach but you never come even close, you kept monitoring my movement and trying to make me very uncomfortable on my own day with your jealous attitude.. that's not fair Aka..."

"... quit playing the victim card on me and accept that you're wrong. I introduced you to my Dad and you heard told him how important you're to me. And I wouldn't want anyone refering to you as my domestic staff because you're now my woman. What else do you want me to do? You refuses showing up and want me to sit still like a reboot waiting for your orders...is that what you want? Don't abuse the privilege I gave you Aka, don't try to tell me what to do and what not to do...I håte it.  hope I'm very clear...?

He's words were making me feel guilty but I have every right to confront him when his doing something that húrts my emotions.

Or did I overreacted?

"I'm sorry Law, maybe I'm overreacting.."

"It's not "maybe" you're actually overreacting and it's beginning to píss me off. You're supposed to make sure this day goes well for me because that's what I will do for you but you haven't cease to snoop around with a frown and try to embarrass me in front of my invited guest..."

"I'm really sorry, maybe I should try to over look some things and stay clear so I won't.. get in the way of your fun.."

"That's exactly what I expected you to do. If you're coming to the beach, then come join us and don't forget to bring Emily the things she requested. My Dad will be out in no time.."

He walked away

I took the star Ice cubes to Emily and returned back inside.

Mr Lambert stayed back in his room for a long while after I left him.

I was already thinking he changed his mind from going to the boat ride.

Mr Law came checking on him and it was towards the evening they left.

I didn't join them.

I was emotionally stressed out. 

Amara will be going the following day because it was already late to start leaving.

She's new to the city and I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

I asked her to join me anytime she's ready to sleep and I went straight to bed

I knew when Amara came in, she showered in my room bathroom before changing into one of my pajamas

When I woke up the following morning, Amara wasn't in the bed or in the room.

I wondered where she could be so early.

At same time, I wondered when Mr Law and his father returned last night.

I jumped out of the bed to go look for Amara first.

I went to the kitchen and asked Sylvester and he said he didn't see her again after she came to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee for Mr Lambert.

Mr Lambert asked her to get him a coffee and she carried it to his room

He didn't see her again after that.

My heart skipped, I was going to Mr Lambert room when somebody came out of Mr Law's room.

At first I thought it was Amara because it was a lady.

But my heart began to race with speed when I saw the lady was taller and has entirely different from my sister.

I looked on and it was Emily.


She passed the night in Mr Law's room?

Did he sleep in another room or they slept together?

"Are you coming to drop me, I need to go now. I got a fashion clothing job this afternoon. I will be waiting downstairs.."

I heard Emily said as she began to go down

"I will be with you in a minute, let me put some clothes on. Come take the car key and wait in the car.." Mr Law said loudly.

Emily went back to the room, I can hear her giggling like a child to whatever Law said or did to her. 

I wanted to rush up and check but I was more concerned for my sister 

I pushed myself towards Mr Lambert's room.

I silently hope she's not there because it's not going to go down well today. 

And it's not just for Lambert but also for Law and I will take my sister and leave this house for good before they drive me insane.

I was only hoping Amara followed Nneka out or she was somewhere within the compound and not in Mr Lambert room.

 because if she is in there, it won't be funny for both of them.

I literally warned her after I thrëatened Lambert yesterday.

I said a quiet prayer as I got to the door 

I seriously hope she's not in Lambert's room.

I only hope 

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH'S HEART stories)

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