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My Name is AKA - Episode 46





My Name is AKA - Episode 46

Written By Amah's Heart.

"You're acting like you've seen a ghøst.."

".... this is my Dad. Please carry his bag to his room.." Mr Law said as he taped me gently on my arm

",Oh...yeah..." I managed to say.

"She's your friend I guess? Mr Lambert asked Mr Law while still fixing his eyes on me.

"Yes Dad, she's the one I recently told you about.."

"Uhmm! I can't fully recollect. Is she the runway model.."

"No Dad, that's Emily. This Aka..my woman.."

Lambert chuckled aloud.

"You do have ways with pretty women.."

Lambert paused and acted like he remembered something important.

"... Lawrence, she's one of your domestic worker that you had a great soft spot for..?

"Not just soft spot Dad, I love her... for real.."

Mr Law said to his father

"Hmmm! I see. I know you love pretty ladies and she's not exceptional plus this one is full package. She got the front view and back too. That's very lovely..."

"Is not just about her physical appearance...she's special and I was so drawn to her for so long before making my intentions known. Aka is very special Dad..."

"I see! Is okay son... you can have all the beautiful women you want and if you said she's special then she is.."

He walked past to the front, he removed a sun shade from his cloth breåst pocket and wore.

I asked Law if I can take his things to the room

Mr Law said I should wait for his Dad who obviously wanted to say hello to the party guests

I know it was the sight of the ladies that interest Lambert more

"Thank you for saying all those beautiful things about me to your Dad. It means a lot and I love you more than words can say. You're my hero.." I said to Mr Law

"Yeah, you're my woman and deserves to be loved and respected by all. That's why I wanted you to join my friends and I so that' they can get to know you too. I don't want you to feel less of yourself or thrëatened by their status. Being my girl makes you untouchable and equal to all of them. Emily or other girls shouldn't make you doubts my love for you.."

I nodded and thanked him

He smiled, gave me a quick kíss before running off to join his Dad 

We walked to the pool side 

I was holding Lambert's bag as he smile and admire the ladies.

He asked if they will like to go on a boat cruise and they screamed "yes.."

He asked them to give him few minutes to change up, be will be right out.

Mr Law asked me to lead his father to his bedroom which he already pointed out to me earlier.

I walked in front while Lambert follows behind slowly

My instinct told me that he was looking at my behind, admirably.

He was clearly watching my búttock as I walk in front of him

I didn't shake or get disturbed.

Amara saw me walking past and ran up to me

"Sylvester made a burger for me, Is very delicious and I left some for you to have a taste. I also left some sandwich too.."

"Thanks Amara, I'm busy right now. You can go ahead and finish the burger, I have eaten Sylvester's burger and sandwiches uncountable times. Go ahead and enjoy, if I need one I can get it fixed. He has already thought me how to prepare it..."

As Amara tapped me playfully and was going away Mr Lambert called her.

"Pretty damsel, come.." he had a cocky dírty smile plastered on his face.

I glared at him like a hawk, wishing at that moment my eyes has the ability to shøøt him down 

"Good afternoon sir.." Amara greeted. 

"What's your name..? 


"Wow, very lovely. Will you like me to call you Amy? 

"Yes..no problem sir.." Amara replied while grining

I saw Lambert eyes travel down to her still growing breåst

"Amara return back to the kitchen and stay with Sylvester.." I said looking straight at my sister so that she can see the signs of dånger in my eyes.

But Amara didn't grab the body language that i was giving her.

She was still focused on replying Lambert who was holding her hands from leaving.

"You work here or you're a guest..?

"No, my sister invited me over.."

Amara pointed at me

"Oh, she's your sister. Beauty runs in your lineage. This is very lovely...and since my son has taken over the big fish, I don't mind having the next sweet looking mackerel fish available..."

Lambert turned to me 

"... what's your name again, I wasn't really paying attention to most of what my son was saying about you. Your beauty took all my breath away.."

I scoffed aloud in dísgust before telling him my name.

"...Does the name ring a bell..? I asked sternly as he stared at me 

"Does it supposed to? He asked me as he tries to think.

"...Oh yeah...Aka...Aka? I don't know where I have heard that name before or maybe it's in my dream.." he chuckled aloud

I gave Amara sign to leave.

Mr Lambert held onto her hand

"Amy baby, I will see you later. You can come and say hello to me in my room later tonight or tomorrow, I got a gift for you...a nice gift that you can't say no to..."

"Okay... thank you sir. I will come later before I leave.."

"Don't leave today, I will talk to your sister and my son to make provision for your stay. I'm taking my son, the celebrant and his friends on a boat cruise. I might come in a bit late tonight.. around 9 or 10pm, once I'm back I will send for you and we will have a great time, I'm sure your sister won't mind.."

He released Amara's hand.

She smiled and walked away.

I chuckled aloud because this man just stepped on the wrong toe.

He's in for a rude awakening.

We got into his room and I closed the door and dropped his bag 

"She's such a very pretty girl, just like you. Who do you get your beauty from ? Your Mom or Dad.."

I ignored as he sat on the large bed and began to take off his shoes.

I walked to him, I couldn't just keep the kind of ânger raging inside of me still.

I was boiling ângrily

His mare touch on Amara dísgusted me to the born 

"Take a good look me Mr Lambert..." I said standing in front of him.

He chuckled, licked his lips and stood

"I knew it. I saw the way you were staring at me outside and I knew that we both have connection.  I have taken a good look at you before now, I love everything about you Aka and you're indeed beautiful and well endowed. I don't blame my son for falling for you because you're every man's dream woman. I can treat you better than Lawrence, take you around the world and make your dream come true but I really want it to be between us. I know you like me as much as I do but is unfortunate that Lawrence met you first.."

"No Lambert, you met me first and I kīlled you once when you try taking advantage of me..."

He looked at me strangely, confused.

I bent a little over as I moved closer and pointed at him.

"... you cheated déath that very day and escaped dying but this time I will make sure you're as cold as Ice and confirmed déâd if you dare touch my sister or play your dirty game around her..."

"...I won't spare you Lambert and I will do it boldly and wait for whatever comes after. You won't be able to cheat déath for the second time because I will make sure you dïe well. It's obvious that'you're enjoying your life and håte old age, stick to your lane and not bring your disgüsting self to my little sister, Amara. Well that's if you still want to live long enough to enjoy more life..."

"... this is not a threat. I will do this without fear or remorse. Don't méss around with my sister or you will be méssing with a scørpíon that will stúng you to déath. If you're not afraid for your life, try me.."

I meant every word and make sure I displayed it by pulling at his shirt and bears 

I taped his dyed black hair, he is obviously trying to cover up the grey hair by always using black dye.

I made a knife sign with my throat as I straightened

 "...count yourself dead because I will definitely k!ll you if you dare try to cross your boundary. I don't give a dāmn about you and why I'm wärning you ahead of time is because of Lawrence your son, who's nothing like you. I will gladly k!ll you and make sure you're déâd before leaving you.."

 he looked on with bewilderment

He was too shock to speak 

I boldly walked out leaving him puzzled.

He was deeply perplex and with his mouth widely open, he couldn't utter a sound.

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