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My Name is AKA - Episode 45





My Name is AKA - Episode 45

Written By Amah's Heart.

Is about five months and I'm back to school and facing my studies again.

After this semester I have only a year to go before becoming a graduate.

I spoke to Mr Law concerning my sister and why I wanted her to come and he said it's okay.

He said I should do whatever makes me happy.

I sent money home and Amara travelled down, I picked her up in a cab and she's living with me in school.

I registered her in part time study and also learning handwork in her free time.

Learning a skill will help her greatly and also in pursuit of her education.

Since I wasn't working, I can't push another bürden to Mr Law who has been nothing but an angel all this while.

I have some money saved up that I was using to run my sister's expenses.

I still gets a huge alert from Mr Law every month end and it goes a long way.

I still can't believe or forgive my parents after Amara told me all the ill things they did after I left.

They abüsed and accüsed mama Zaram

They called her unprinted names like a w!tch

They thrëatened her and made life unbearable but the woman refused to allow anything they did to her to affect her love for for me 

She never stopped loving and praying for me despite all this 

My parents are incapable of raising children and even though it's been years and I have grown, I still can't accept them as my legal parents.

I will do all I can for Amara, I just hope she focus and not forget where she's coming from.

Daniel remained my good friend, although Mr Law asked me to avoid getting involved with any man

He doesn't want to be in competition with any small boy.

He made it very clear that he's a jeléalous lover and wouldn't want anything that will trigger that.

I still attend prayer meeting and Daniel's Bible study group which is very educating but it's once in a while

Mr Law is not a spiritual person but he respects people's opinions about God

He believes there's God somewhere but he is too busy to engage in spirituality and the faith thing, according to him.

I try explaining but I wasn't sounding very convincing.

My walk with Daniel could've helped my confidence and i didn't have the right words to convince him 

Daniel kept asking me what he did wrong and why I kept avoiding him but I told him I wanted to really focus on my study without telling him I and my boss were seeing each other.

He asked if I was in a relationship and I said kinda but it's nothing serious.

He said that's not reason enough to avoid him and he was out to help my spiritual growth and he saw that I was falling out.

I wasn't falling out, l just wasn't fired all like I used to be.

Daniel said he will never stop praying for me even if I decide not to be his friend again.

Mr Law's birthday was coming this weekend

He was finally ready to throw a party

I was looking forward to that and really excited that I will be the woman beside him on that day.

Nneka had said that even though Mr Law obviously loves me but I should be wise because he can be unpredictable

She had said if I really want to be God fearing then I should take a stand and mean it, she said I shouldn't be a lukewarm.

Daniel had mentioned the same thing 

He said similar thing when he said I shouldn't be a lukewarm Christian, he said I can easily be swayed off and that's not what God required from me.

Anything that takes my attention and mind away from God is not a good thing.

Daniel will say

I'm serving God quiet alright, I pray and study my Bible.

It might not have been like I before but I'm still in line and since heaven is a personal race then everyone should focus on theirs.

Venus was sacked after she made a disturbing comments about me.

"Mr Law will only sleep with you to his satisfaction before dúmping you like trash. Use your chance well because you're not close to the type of women in his life..."

"... whatever chårm you used to hold him will expire and when his eyes clear you will become dústbin, worst than you ever started..."

I reported to Mr Law and she was sacked immediately.

I have endured her bùlly and håte, I did everything I can to show her I was not a threät and wanted her to understand that I was only a friend and wish we can work together

But it's obvious she wasn't ready.

She did everything to make Mr Law notice her and make him håte me but it never works out 

It's her last håte speech that got me and I refused to let it slide.

I felt no pity for her even as she pleaded and said she was sorry

I just wanted her gone and it was so.

Nneka was planning to resign soon, the man she was seeing finally made clear his intentions which was the exact thing she wanted

She was not going to be a nanny to his daughter but madam.

I was happy for her and she said is better late than ending up with immature boy who will hurt her feelings

She had dated in the past and it's nothing to write about but she's happy to have really found a man who  understands her.

She's already in her forties and the man had no issue at all with her age.

I went home a day to his party because that's the day we vacated from school and was among those who took over the preparation.

He said it will be pool party and his friends, just few will be coming around.

He wasn't expecting crowd because ever since he relocated back to Nigeria, he has not made so much friends

He has just few and had invited them.

Mr Law said he's father will be at the party too

Mr Law's father is coming over, that's big

I will finally gets to meet the man.

He speaks greatly of his father and also goes over to see him often 

He mentioned that his daddy came around while I was in school and even Nneka confirmed it then.

He mentioned the father stayed for three days before returning back to his own house.

I haven't seen him before and so much look forward to meeting him.

Mr Law doesn't hang pictures around.

The only pictures he has shown me is that of his sister and his kid brother and that was when he traveled for graduation.

I have imagined what his father will look like, I have heard Mr Law arguing severally on the phone with him.

They might not agree all the time but is very clear he loves his Dad.

It will be a great privilege to finally meet the man in person.

Nneka and Sylvester told me that Mr Law doesn't look anything like his father in appearance.

Probably he takes after his Mom in looks.

They mentioned his father is still young and very active

Nneka said the man is very wealthy and even gave them money after spending three days in the house.

He works out in the gym and he's in perfect body shape.

Nneka said so much about Mr Law's Dad and it makes me very eager to meet this man who they also said is very rich.

I hope he will also approves of my relationship with his son, Mr Law may not really care but getting his father's approval will mean a whole lot to me.

I left Amara, my sister back at my school house, she's busy with her own activities and I didn't want to bring her over with me but I told her that she can take a cab and come on the party day

I really don't want it to appear like I was bringing my family members to work for Mr Law or for Mr Law to also take up another responsibility as he did for me.

I don't want it to seem I was taking advantage and abusing the privilege given to me.

I gave Amara a new phone, I can reach her anytime.

It's more than five years that I left the village

Amara has grown into a pretty teenager, even prettier than me.

She's fair and I'm black.

She's growing taller and slender like a model

I know what I went through in the hands predators like Mr Lambert, I will never allow her to be exposed to danger like I was.

I will try all I could to help her grow right.

I selected out some pretty cloths for and also bought new foot wears.

She makes her hair, I made sure her hair is done nicely

Two months has gone by since she came and she's looking all fresh and more pretty

One will think she got rich parents taking care of her, no one can tell that she only got me and she's my under my care

I will continue to do my best for her.

On the party day I continue communicating with my sister and even picked the dress she will wear to the party.

She arrived just in time, a taxi dropped her and I paid before taking her inside to introduce her to Nneka and Sylvester.

I told her to help out in any way possible and she was stationed in the kitchen with Sylvester.

Mr Law and I spoke that morning, he got me a nice pool gown with open back and a hat.

He also bought a complete set of swimming suits.

I told him that I can't swim that and won't be comfortable wearing only brã and pånt.

He said I can wear the pool gown on top of the swimming trunks 

He said he was going to start teaching me how to swim after the party.

I looked like a different being as I wore the things he bought.

I looked like a classic chic and couldn't believe that I got so much hip as I stared at the mirror.

Mr Law looked at me with admiration.

"That's my girl! It's because of you that I start admiring thick women. Babe... you're thick and beautiful. You're a full package and I'm glad you're mine and mine alone.."

That was all I needed to hear.

I felt so confidence with myself as I walked around making sure everything was in place.

The party guests has arrived and partying by the pool.

They were about six ladies and five guys

The ladies were comfortably wearing a swimming suits

Pånt and a tiny brã that covers only half of their bøóbs

Some used a small scarf to tie around their waist.

Even though they were still half nåked, they seemed unbothered.

I saw Mr Law with one of the ladies, the same Emily who was all over him.

She was sitting on his lap and sipping her drink

Mr Law doesn't seem to care as he engaged in conversation, laughing and talking with his guest.

The DJ began playing music and I watched as Emily and Mr Law danced together.

She danced sédüctively around him and he was holding her as they dance.

I watched as he slâpped her búttock before getting out to take a call.

While outside receiving call, Emily came to hold him from behind.

She was really throwing herself at him chéaply and Mr Law wasn't making any attempt to stop her or push her off.

I wouldn't say his high on ãlcohol because he hardly gets drùnk

I haven't seen him drúnk before.

He has a private bar and there's different drinks, both non alcohol and the ones with high percentage of ålcøhol. 

I watched as the Emily lady placed a kíss on his lips and was shøcked when Mr Law responded and straightened when he saw me.

I was getting all worked up as I watched from where I stood.

He excused himself from Emily and walked up to me

"Hey Aka, why are you standing here...why are you not joining the party.."

"I don't seem to feel among, I can't fit in.." I replied, trying not to sound ângry.

"Why do you feel that way, you're my girl and shouldn't be åshamed of yourself or of anything. You were supposed to be in my party Aka. I told you so, I made provision for that and bought you this whole outfit so that you don't look different from others..."

"I see how Emily is all over you. I'm not sure she will like my presence very much.."

"Don't feel threātened by Emily, she's my friend and guest that's all to it. Quit it with the jéalous thoughts and be free.."

"You're not the only one that gets jéalous, I'm also human and my feelings should be considered before you do certain things..".

"Stop it already Aka. today is my day and I don't need a négative vibes, get hold over yourself and come join us whenever you're ready.."

He was leaving and suddenly remembered something

"...my Dad is on his way. He's not coming with his driver and will be staying for three or four days depends on how long he wants. Please on his arrival, I want you to usher him to his room. I will have told him about you already, so, wear some nice smile and make him comfortable.."

I lightened up my mood immediately he said he had already informed his Dad about me.

Which means I'm still his number one woman and it will be a great privilege to be the one to attend to his famous rich Dad.

He returned to the party

I was staring at the gate and waiting for when the main Man will drive in.

I was anticipating on Mr Law's father, i wasn't paying attention to anything Mr Law was doing or how Emily was still all over him.

In no time, an SUV jeep drove in.

I knew that must be him.

I was excited as I moved closer to the parking garage.

I quickly checked myself in the window mirror to make sure I was good with a dazzling smile

But my smile changed into shocking frøwn immediately I saw him.


He parked and stepped down in a big man style 

I saw Mr Law coming to welcome him.

"Dad.." he called out to him with a fat grin

"Lawrence, hope I'm not late to your birthday party.."

"No Dad, you're just in time.."

I was already stationed and ready to greet and take his bag but I froze at that spot.

Immediately he stepped down from the car, my heart beat slowed with force, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at that moment

My jaw dropped and my whole eye socket popped out.

I stared in utmost shock

"It's not possible, Mr Lambert! I exclaimed to myself.

He looked at me hungrily and with a mischievous smile, he stared heavily at my chest. 

He obviously couldn't recognise me immediately, he was more carried away by my body endowment.

"This is not happening, it can't be. Lambert is Mr Law's father? Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No...no no.."

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