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My Name is AKA - Episode 44





My Name is AKA - Episode 44

Written By Amah's Heart.


That's the last thing on my mind.


I will try and pray later but not now 

All that I did was to lie down and replay the scene of the kíss in my head.

I can't still come to reality that I was kíssed by Mr Law

I won't beat around, it felt really good, he took my breath away.

I don't know why I even raced off, I should have stayed back but I couldn't have.

With what I saw, felt and with the way he acted I knew he would have swept me off into his arms and straight to his room.

I would've so much love that

I truly love Mr Law and there's no denying about it

 Now I know he has feeling for me all this while.

I should have known before now but I never thought he will pick interest in somebody like me

I didn't see that coming.

That's why it still felt like a dream for me.

Daniel was right after all, my boss was into me.

How come Daniel knew before me.

I have created so many romantic scene in my head with Mr Law

I have even imagined being kíssed by him severally but it never happen

Anytime we get so close and I allowed my imagination to run ahead of me, I end up getting disappointed

Tonight changed everything for me and I'm loving it.

I tossed and turned from end to end on the bed.

I sighted my Bible sitting comfortably at my bedside table.

I took it, flip through few chapters before putting into my drawer.

I will pray and read when I'm in my right senses

Right now, I can't concentrate on anything aside the kíss.

I know Daniel has also expressed his feelings for me with words and I was supposed to be thinking about it like I promised but I can't seem to think of anything right now than Mr Law and the kíss 

I managed to sleep and woke up with a knock on my door.

I stretched and yawned tiredly, it was almost 8am

"Aka? Are you up yet, are you alright in there? That was Mr Law's voice.

"Yes sir, I will be out in no time.." I replied without thinking.

I slept around 2am after filling my head with too much fantasy

Yes, it wasn't actually a dream or was it in my dream that Mr Law kíssed me in the library

I walked tiredly to the bathroom, washed off, brushed and did the needful before dressing up for the day

Another knock came 

I went to the door and it was Nneka.

I greeted her cheerfully.

 she informed me that breakfast was ready and Mr Law also want to see me after I'm done with breakfast.

I had breakfast of toast and a full cup of tea.

I went to the library but Mr Law wasn't there

I went to the gym and pool side but after searching around and didn't see him, I decided to go to his room.

After double knocking, he asked who was there and I replied

 he asked me to come in

I saw him, he was all dressed and ready to go out.

I greeted him and he responded well

Everything about last night began to play in my head.

"Are you alright? he said after asking me to sit in one of the cushion chair in his room.

I told him that I was alright.

"About last night..." He started and paused

"...I allowed my emotions to overpowered my reasoning. I called you to say I'm sorry. It won't happen again.."

It wasn't a dream after all, he actually kíssed me and he's here apologizing.

Me, I don't care if it happens all over again.

I couldn't think clearly since last night. 

"... I'm really sorry about that Aka. alright?

I nodded quietly.

He shouldn't be sorry because I was looking forward to more kisses from him.

I wish he will stop apologizing. I loved the way he makes me feel and I have fallen all over for him

He maintained a clear distance and try to appear civil and in charge

I couldn't maintain a direct eye contact, he also was struggling to keep a steady stare

After he was done he asked me to leave and I nodded and walked out

He picked up his car key and drove out in no time.

He didn't return back that day, I guess he visited his Dad or a friend and decided to sleep over.

I was worried why he didn't come back.

He came back the following morning with a pretty lady

Emily, the same girl that Nneka told me about.

I was disappointed and felt really bâd.

They stayed in the room all through the evening, I wondered many things that they could be doing.

I wasn't happy but I try to appear cheerful.

Daniel called that day but I didn't pick up, I was sucking like a child over Mr Law and didn't want Daniel to start with his usual sermon

He spoke with me yesterday and I felt a little guïlty, he didn't say anything wrōng

Just few notes on how I was doing, the verse of the Bible I was able to read.

He also said we should pray together that yesterday but I told him I got lot of things doing.

I haven't shun him off before but I go talking about God because I was distracted

Even as he called severally today, I was angry for nothing.

I refused picking up

He sent me text and verses of the Bible and some encouragement words 

Which I didn't bother to read.

Mr Law's guest later left and he goes around like nothing happened

The kíss few days ago means absolute nothing to him but he has opened up my emotions that I haven't been myself.

Or maybe I was dwelling so much on this my cråzy fantasy.

Who was I deceiving, Mr Law will never ever have have anything to do with me.

The kíss was all a mistake and I took it too personal.

I wanted to step out and think clearly before everything süfføcates me.

Daniel never stopped calling

I picked his call and apologies for not responding to his calls and messages.

He asked if he can come pick me up let's go on a date.

I was in for the outing.

That will take my mind away from everything happening

This was about a week later after the kíss scene with Mr Law

I got dressed up in a a nice dress, one of the pretty outfits that Mr Law bought for me long time ago.

I did a light make up, I told Nneka where I was going before finally leaving.

Daniel picked me up and we went to one of the finest diner.

He was all romåntic , he took my hands as we walked to the table.

He didn't bother to question or ask me why I haven't been taking his calls.

We picked up the menu as we ordered for a nice English meal and a fruity drink.

He slowly talked to me how his holiday was going and the things he's been involved in.

He took my hand across the table and told me how much he loves me and how much God loves me more.

I was relieved and thankful that I agree to go on a date with him.

He prayed for me, rebüking whatever thing that's taking my attention away from God.

I don't know how he got to know that I was in a confused and distracted stage.

I responded with an Amen.

I felt at peace and we freely talked

As he went to drop me off, he reminded me that I can always talk to God over anything bothering me

Even if I can't tell him or anyone, God is always willing to listen and will never judge.

The dëvïl can use any little room I create to make me fall into sín that's why I have to rebúke the dëvïl 

If I rebúke the dëvïl, he will flee from me.

Accomodating any form or sín will birth greater sīn.

I shouldn't give room to anything that's not in line with God.

He spoke to me extensively

I felt enriched

My mind was reformed and I was ready to confess to God when I get home and focus on my godliness.

Daniel gave me a tiny gift box, it was a tiny cross necklace.

Original gold that might have cost him a fortune.

He helped me wore it around my neck.

It's so lovely and cute.

I arrived late around 8:40pm due to traffic and the long talk I had with Daniel in his car.

I enjoyed my day and was so fulfilled.

 I was heading to my room, when a voice startled 


"Where are you coming back from by this time?

I turned and it was Mr Law

"I.. went to...to.."

"To where? he said as he came to stand right in front of me.

"I went out with Daniel..?

"You went to where with Daniel? Who did you tell before going out or you think you can go and come as please?

"No sir, I told Nneka before leaving.."

"Is Nneka your new boss now? She told me after asked of you but I seriously want to understand why you think Nneka is in the right position to give you permission to go out and not me?

"I'm sorry sir, it won't happen again..?

"You're always sorry Aka, you shouldn't have stepped out of this house without my permission..."

I apologized again. 

I don't like it when he yells at me.

"Where did you went to with your Daniel..?

"We went on a date..?

"On a date? thought you said you two weren't in a relationship?

"He..I..we only went on a date.."

He dragged me by the hands to his room.

"Sit.." he commanded. He walked around, acting troubled 

I remained standing.

"You don't disøbey me Aka, I gave you all the freedom, you're begining to abuse it forgetting there's cønsequences..."

"I wasn't abùsing anything sir and will never disøbey you.."

"...I'm sorry Mr Law, nothing happened between Daniel and I..I can't lie to you. I never step out without informing you next time.."

He bent his head as he sat down on the next chair close to mine.

I wish I can reach him and make him understand that he doesn't have anything to worry about when it comes to me.

He heaved and came to me

"It's fine, you can go shower, have some dinner if you wish then go to bed..."

I nodded and try to leave he held my hand. 

He drew me close and kissed me passionately before letting go.

I didn't stop him, I wish he never stops

I thought of everything that Daniel reminded me today but i couldn't hold onto any when I'm in Mr Law's arm.

He made me sit on his lāp before saying 

"...I just have to open up because I'm going insåne holding it all in..."

"... I love you Aka, I don't want to beat around. I have loved you for a long time and try as much as possible to fīght it. The day I kíssed you, I wanted to confess my feelings that night but I held it back and fought hard to forget but I can no longer. Are you in love with Daniel, tell me if you're in a relationship with him, I promise you now that I will leave you alone..."

"No... not at all. I.. I'm.."at that moment I try to also confess how I felt but I don't know if it's the right thing to do.

He urged me to speak as I sat on his lap.

"... I'm...I love you too.." I finally said.

He made me look up at him

"You do? 

I nodded affirmatively.

He chuckled aloud 

He try kíssing me again my phone interrupted by ringing.

I checked it was Daniel.

I wanted to ignore but Mr Law asked me to go ahead and answer.

I answered

Daniel wanted to know if I was safely inside 

He said he was ready to pray for me before I sleep.

I had to stand, I looked at Mr Law and he nodded and asked me to go ahead.

I went back to my room and after the prayer, I freshened up and went to bed but all I could think of was Mr Law saying how much he loved me.

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