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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 7 & 8




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 7 & 8

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



           ðŸ’žA MESSAGE FOR HIM💞


As Lily climbed down the stairs,she saw Madam Hope cleaning the sitting room as usual,it's been five days since she arrived here and like she was told,Ace hasn't showed up since then. A part of her keeps getting glad that she's not seeing his scary face at least but still she doesn't feel good about it at all,is she really married or just taken out of her parents house??

"Lily" Madam Hope smiled at her when she finally got down

"Morning madam Hope" Lily bowed shortly

"You don't have to bow that way,how many times do I have to tell you?" Madam Hope said. 

"I'm sorry,I'm just used to it" Lily said and she nodded.

"So,you've finally decided to resume school today?" Madam Hope asked .

"Yes,I miss my friends a lot. I've not spoken to them for days,I'm sure they are worried about me already" Lily said

"Great,I made breakfast,you should eat before leaving" Madam Hope said,leading the way as they walked to the dinning table

Lily followed quietly

"Have your seat" Madam Hope said,pulling back a seat for her

"Thanks" Lily smiled and sat down,watching as she dished out the meal as usual

"Enjoy" She said 

"Thank you" Lily smiled cutely and didn't waste time before she started eating

"You're such a cute foodie,I wonder why you aren't fat" Madam Hope said

"Don't be like my friends please" Lily said and madam Hope laughed

"But I'm sure you are gonna grow soon,my food can be magical" Madam Hope winked at Lily smiled.

"Thank you,I wonder how lonely it would have been without you here" Lily muttered

Madam Hope sighed and sat down

"I know you must be thinking Sir Ace is a bad guy" She said and Lily looked at her.

"Of course,he's a bad guy. Yeah I know,but him bringing you here is like the coolest thing" Madam Hope said

"Why??" Lily asked,chewing her food slowly

"This mansion is like a secret house,the only people who know about this place is,Me,Godfather and the guards" Madam Hope said and Lily raised her brows

"Why?? Why is it a secret??" Lily asked

"I'm not in the best position to tell you that,but I'm sure Sir Ace will tell you" Madam Hope said

"He doesn't even like me" Lily scoffed

"It's time okay?? Trust me,but before that,hurry up so you won't be late" Madam Hope said and stood up

"Thank you" Lily said,

Madam Hope nodded and left. 

After eating,Lily walked out of the house where the guards were waiting for her,she already told them she would be going to school this morning. 

"Good morning" She said

"Morning" One of the guards replied,they are the two guards who brought her home few days back also.

One of them opened the door for her and she entered,the guards sat in the front seat and then drove out of the large compound. 



"Thank you" Lily said as she got down from the car,she asked them to drop her some distance away from school,coz it won't make sense if she suddenly starts coming to school with a car and won't be able to tell her friends where she got the car from.

"You don't have to pick me up after school,my friend will........"

"Your friend is not allowed to know the boss's house,sorry" One of the guards said

"Oh" Lily mumbled and took her lips in.

"When is your classes ending? We will come pick you up" 

"Five" Lily said 

"See you by then" they said and like that they drove off

Lily sighed out,her mouth breeze blowing her hair

"You're in for this Lily" She muttered and started walking but then she bumped into her three college nightmares. 

Venus,Danica and Goldie

"See who we got here" Venus chuckles,making a pop sound from her gum

"You've missed school for five days and now a car dropped you?? Is it what we are thinking??" Danica asked and touched Lily's hair

"A hook up?" Goldie asked and they all laughed

"I mean...That's going to be like child abuse,your pu**y might tear" Venus said and they all laughed again

"It's not what you're thinking,they only helped me because I couldn't find a taxi,I don't know them" Lily said

"Exactly,we know. Poor brat" Danica smirked

Lily ignored them and walked out of their sight. 

She entered the class and found Leo and Roxanna

"Cutie!!!!"Roxanna screamed and immediately rushed to hug her

"Where did you go you brat?! You almost gave us attack!" Roxanna shouted after breaking the hug

"I'm sorry" Lily muttered and faced Leo

Leo hugged her also

"I missed you" He said

"I or we,stop that dude. We both missed her! Your number isn't going either,gosh" Roxanna scoffed

"I'm sorry" Lily said again

"Anyways,all that matters is that you're back,but you have to tell us what happened later okay??" 

"Yeah sure" Lily smiled

Just then,the lecturer came in and they settled immediately. 



"Morning bitches!!!!!" Cardi said loudly as she entered the dinning hall

"Can you bring down your voice?" Nicki spoke up and Cardi frowned

"Ion think there's a rule like that" She said

"Exactly,you don't have to behave like a nuisance simply because there's no rule like that" Nicki snapped

"Hey,are you crazy or something?" Cardi asked,moving toward Nicki

"Cardi stop,it's too early for that" Spudz said

"You heard her just f**king called me a nuisance!!" Cardi snapped

"You asked for it,you're too loud" Scar said

"I won't let you talk to me like that just because you f**k Ace bitch" Cardi said and everyone gasped

Scar stood up and took her gun

"Are you going to shut up or what" She asked

Cardi scoffed

"You know you can't shut me up" She said

Scar pulled the trigger without thinking twice

Flash was the one who pulled Cardi out of the way

Everyone gasped as the gun sounded

"Scar!!" Rambo shouted

"Watch your mouth everyone!! I don't have chills and you know that" Scar said

"You aren't the boss,stop it" Flash said

"Then try shit with me and see who the boss is" Scar said,she pulled her gun into her pant and walked out of the dinning hall,not without banging the door behind her. 

"Is she insane??" Blondie scoffed

"Cardi was right tho,she thinks she's the best just because Ace f**ks her @ss"  Hermes chuckled

"Is everything a joke to you?" Nicki asked

"Do you expect me to be angry?" Hermes asked

"Of course not,you're never serious anyway" Nicki said and stood up

"Not eating again?" Rambo asked

"Lost my appetite" Nicki replied and glared at Cardi before walking away. 

"Everyone's annoying these days,Cardi you should be grateful Flash was quick" Whiskey said

Cardi only rolled her eyes

Spudz was quietly eating all through. 



Ace loaded another rounds into the gun and focused back on the range,he started shooting directly,firing and without missing out a point at all.

"Hey" Razor said beside him as he dropped his own gun

Ace didn't turn,he only continue shooting

"You've not gone home since you got married" Razor said and Ace looked at him but then turned back to the target

"You don't want to see your wife?" Razor asked

Ace threw his gun away and let out a low grunt

"Are you trying to annoy me or something?? What the f**k are you talking about?" He asked and Razor chuckled

"Stop getting mad unnecessarily,it's just a question" He said

"Am I married?? Do I look like someone who's ready for that shit called marriage?" Ace asked

"Honestly....No" Razor said

"Exactly" Ace rolled his eyes

"Do you like Scar??" Razor asked,picking up his gun this time around

"You don't have to ask me questions when you know the answers to them" Ace muttered,lightning a weed

"She's just a f**kmate,but these days,it doesn't seem like that" Razor said and fired once before looking at Ace who was already smoking. 

"You know she's in love with you right??" He asked

"I don't care,that's her crap to take care of,I don't do LOVE and she knows" Ace said and puff out the smoke from the weed before walking away. 

Scar who was listening from where she was standing folded her fists and walked away angrily. 



Lily was laying down on the longest couch in the living room,she was looking even super small on the large couch,with her pajamas. She was reading a novel while picking one after the other from the biscuit she was eating. Her long black hair covered another space on the couch,her naturally red lips which was wet became more redder,she was looking so cute even though it's late already. Her small eyes and long lashes blinking and bashing just beautifully as she focused on the novel. 

She was reading quietly until she suddenly stopped and dropped the novel in her hand,she grabbed the pillow on the couch.

"Do you know something?" She asked,as if the pillow could hear her

"He's the worst guy I've ever seen in the world" She said and scoffed

"I'm talking about Ace,that's his name right?? It even sounds like Ass,maybe that's why he love big @ss" Lily hissed and continue

"It's not even as if he's that handsome,I can bet Leo is a million times handsome than him,he's super annoying and I just hate him,what the f**k does he take me for??" She scoffed and continued

"I mean,for goodness sake,I also don't want to get married,not even to such a guy who's looking so scary,I don't want to get married right now,I don't understand why he's acting as if I was the one who wanted to get married to him forcefully,if I have the money my parents are owing them,I wouldn't mind paying with my life savings,he's mentally ill,I'm sure his brain has just 1mb left!!" Lily said out loudly when she finally finished,while breathing heavily

"Really??" A voice said from the door

Lily slowly turned her head

She let out a loud gasp when she saw Ace standing by the door,looking cold as usual with his hair covering part of his face making him look like a devil he is,the pillow in her hand dropped. 

"Holy Mary mother of Jesus Christ" Lily muttered and fell off the couch with wide eyes and crazy heartbeats. 



To be continued....

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