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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 5 & 6




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 5 & 6

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



             💞OUTSKIRT OF PARIS💞



"Welcome boss" The guards all bowed the moment Ace came out of the car,he gave a simple nod before going in. He could hear the loud music coming from the club room and the screams,he was about going toward the direction when one of the maids appeared. 

"Boss" she bowed

Ace raised his brows

"Scar would like you to come over to her room as soon as you're back" she said

Ace said nothing but gave her another questioning look 

"She was stabbed" The maid said Ace's eyes widened 

He immediately turned to the direction of Scar's room,he got there and opened the door at once. Scar was already treating the wound herself while wincing painfully. 

"Hey" Ace called and she looked up.

"Where were you all day? I've been waiting for you" Scar said.

Ace moved closer to her and take a look at the wound.

"You should have allowed someone take care of you,do you want to die?" He asked.

"I wanted you to do it" Scar said.

Ace scoffed and took another seat next to her,he cleaned the wound and started the necessary treatment

"So,how was it?" Scar asked,staring at his face through the mirror

"Bad" Ace muttered

"Why?" She asked

Ace finished up with the bandage and stood up without saying a word

"She's not your type?" Scar also stood up

Ace moved closer to her 

"Does your shoulder hurts a lot??" He asked

"Badly" Scar muttered

"Like so much??" Ace asked again

"What....why are you asking??" Scar asked

"I want to f**k you" Ace said and Scar gave him a funny look

"Really?? Is that all you are going to say?? You ignored my question" She said

"Tell me you don't want it and I will leave" Ace smirked  

"You f**king manipulator!" Scar shouted,she pulled him closer and slammed her lips on his own hungrily. 

Ace squeezed her @ss and she m_aned into the kiss,the session was short lived when Ace's phone rang and he broke the kiss to see Razor calling. 

He looked at Scar

"I need to go" He muttered

"What? But...."

"I'm not running away" Ace winked and she rolled her eyes

"Rest your shoulder" He said before leaving the room. 

Scar sighed out,even though he said the meeting was bad,she was still worried.

"Just forget it Scar" She muttered


Ace entered the party room and was welcomed by the noise of the gangs calling his name

🗣 Welcome boss

Ace only nodded as usual,he immediately sighted Razor drinking alone at the bar,he walked over to him and sat down. 

"How was your wedding??" Razor asked and Ace frowned

"Who said I'm doing a wedding??" He asked 

Razor chuckled

"You don't even have a choice dude" He said. 

"I'm not doing any f**king wedding,I'm just doing this because I really have no choice,but count me out of that wedding" Ace scoffed. 

A maid brought his favorite alcohol and served him

"So how the hell are you supposed to get married without a wedding??" Razor asked

"There are countless ways,I've watched a lot of people getting married without a wedding,what wedding??" Ace scoffed

"I can't even imagine you wearing a suit" Razor laughed

"So,is the girl pretty?..."

"Pretty my foot" Ace hissed which made Razor laugh more harder

"I can feel your pain" he said

Ace ignored him and continue drinking. 


Hermes was sitting down while Cardi danced in front of him,she was twerking slowly while drinking directly from the wine bottle and Hermes was enjoying every bit of it until his eyes catches Nicki trying to go out of the club room,she was almost staggering. 

"She's drunk" he muttered and quickly stood up.

"Where are you going?" Cardi asked

"Enjoy,I will be back" Hermes winked at her and rushed to Nicki

"Seriously??" Cardi scoffed,glaring at Nicki hatefully as Hermes tried helping her.

"I'm fine,leave me alone Hermes" Nicki said 

"But you might get hurt without an assistance" Hermes insisted

"I will take her to her room,don't bother" Rambo walked over to them 

Hermes looked at him with a frown

"What do you mean? I decided to help her first...."

"I will go with Rambo" Nicki cut in immediately

Rambo smirked at Hermes and immediately carried Nicki in a bridal style out of the room while Hermes stood there looking so angry. 

"Hey,do you want to die young?" Nicki asked in a weak voice as Rambo climbed the stairs

"What do you mean?" Rambo asked

"Who said you can carry me this way??" Nicki asked but before Rambo could reply,her head already dropped on his chest freely,she was asleep. 

Rambo smiled and entered her room,he dropped her on the bed,he stared at her for a second before going out of the room. 



Scar was laying on the bed,scrolling through her phone while zooming in and out Ace's pictures she took unaware. She knows better never to let him know or he will definitely get mad,he never take pictures!! Never. 

She was still staring at the pictures when she heard a knock on the door

"Ace?" She muttered and quickly dropped her phone,but on a second thought,the Ace she knows will never knock before coming into her room,she went to open the door and it was Spudz. 

"Hey" she said 

"What's going on?" Scar asked

"Nothing,I just came to check on you" Spudz said 

"I'm good as you can see,you don't have to worry about me" Scar rolled her eyes

Spudz nodded and stood there without moving,her bucket hat moved down again and it covered her eyes leaving just her nose and lips

"Anything else??" Scar asked and Spudz shook her head

"No,go on and rest. See you around" She said and turned back immediately,bouncing as she walked away. 



"Lily is not in school??" Leo asked the moment he entered the class and found only Roxanna

"No,same as yesterday,it's so unusual for Lily to miss school" Roxanna muttered

"Did you call her??" Leo asked

"She's not picking up,maybe we should stop at her place after classes" Roxanna suggested

"I stopped by few minutes ago but nobody was home" Leo said and Roxanna frowned

"That's weird,is there something she's not telling us?" 

"Maybe she's busy,I'm sure she will call back when she see your calls" Leo said and Roxanna sighed

"I just hope she's fine,that's it" She muttered

Leo sat down beside her but inwardly,he was restless,not seeing her for a day seems like a full year to him and he was getting impatient already. 



"I still don't understand,is this a wedding or what??" Flash asked,looking around the empty chapel where the wedding is ongoing,they are the only ones there aside the bride's family

"What do you expect from a wedding that came unexpectedly?? Godfather is a funny type" Rambo scoffed,bringing out a cigarette

"Hey,don't do that here,respect the almighty at least" Blondie said and Rambo chuckled

"Sorry,I thought we are here for a mission" he said and they all laughed silently

"And I don't understand where Godfather got all these suits,even the groom isn't wearing a suit" Whiskey said,checking himself out

"Heard he bought everything for Ace to choose from but he refused" Nicki said and they laughed again

"Is he getting married or here to kill? See his face,I'm scared for that little girl already" Cardi shook her head

"This is the weirdest wedding I've ever attended" Blondie shook her head

Scar on the other hand kept on rolling her eyes as she watched how the Priest talked and finally it was time for the rings exchange

Ace and Lily faced each other as ordered by the priest,Loretto chuckled,seeing the look on Ace's face,Regina and Austin also sat down in silence.

"Repeat after me,groom" The priest said 

"I'm not in for that,can we hurry up?" Ace snapped

"Oh....but...it's the process" The priest said

"I'm not making any vows,can we exchange this shit and f**k off?" Ace groaned

"Ace" Loretto called and he rolled his eyes

Scar smiled from where she was sitting.

"Looks like you're enjoying the view" Razor said beside her

"Very well" Scar chuckled

In the end,Ace was allowed to pull the ring into Lily's finger without the vow,Lily also did the same

"As from today,you're pronounced..Husband and wife" the priest said

"Ooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!" The gangs screamed out and began clapping

Ace rolled his eyes and began walking out of the chapel

"He's more crazier than I thought" Razor muttered,staring at Ace till he was out

Scar stood up and went after Ace immediately. 

Austin and Regina hugged Lily tightly,she was trying her best not to break into tears in front of everyone but inwardly she was dying,is that the man she's supposed to live with from now on?? He's scary!!

"I'm fine mom and dad,trust me" Lily said

"Forgive me baby" Regina said,cupping her cheeks

"As long as I will be going to school,I'm fine" Lily muttered

"Nothing will stop you from going flower,believe that" Loretto said from the back and Lily nodded

"Thank you Godfather" Austin said and Loretto smiled


Outside,Scar met Ace already inside the car,smoking.

"Hey" She smiled

"Not in the mood" Ace muttered and continue smoking

"I can brighten up your mood anytime and you know that" Scar said and bite her lips

She moved closer to him and pecked his lips

"Let's get out of here" Ace said and she smiled

She sat down properly and Ace drove off roughly. 

Minutes after,all the gang members already left,Lily spent more moments with her parents and finally it was time to leave. 

As soon as she got outside,two guards came over to her

"The boss asked us to take you home" One of them said

"Which one?" Loretto asked

"The white house" They replied

"That devil" Loretto muttered but then smiled at Lily

"Go on,don't worry,they will protect you" He said 

Lily nodded and hugged her parents once more before they ushered her into the car. 

"I hope we are not making a big mistake" Regina said in tears

Austin hugged her

"I'm sure we are not,she will be fine" He said. 



After what took like forever,they finally entered a large mansion painted in all white,at some point Lily got scared because the mansion is definitely at the outskirt of Paris,no single house around,it's so dead silent except for the sounds of birds singing,why would he build such mansion here?? Just why?? And how is she supposed to be going to school from here?? That's her concern at the moment. 

"Get down ma'am" the guards said after parking at the lot

Lily managed to get down,and she was able to look around,she couldn't help but to gasp. She will be staying here from now on?? She might get lost one day with no one to care

"How many of us are living here??" She was forced to ask

"Just madam Hope" The guard answered

"What?? Just Madam Hope??" She asked again

"Yeah,she takes care of this place" 

"So...what about him??....." Lily asked,referring to Ace

"He doesn't live here" They replied and Lily's eyes widened. 



To be continued....

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