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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 45 & 46




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 45 & 46

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



"Because you are mine and I don't want you to get hurt!!" Ace shouted and Lily swallowed. 

The hall was quiet as their eyes both locked until Lily  spoke up. 

"I..am yours??" She muttered. 

Ace sighed tiredly and kicked a seat out of his way angrily before walking toward the entrance ready to leave,  but then Lily ran after him and blocked his way. 

"I'm sorry, I won't ask anymore question" She said and Ace looked down at her. 

"The next time you stress me with your dumbness, get out of here,  I've taken enough" Ace said and she nodded. 

Ace rolled his eyes and walked back to the range, Lily immediately followed. 

"Hold the gun like a human please" Ace groaned as the gun kept shaking in Lily's hands. 

"I'm trying my best, but it just keep on shaking" Lily said. 

Ace shook his head and went behind her, he moved closer and held her hands softly, Lily bite her lips and stood still as his body hit hers gently. 

"I don't think there's anything hard in this, just hold gently....wait" He stopped for a while and went to bring an ear protector, he wore it on her ears and stood behind her again. 

"Hold the gun with this hand and steady the gun with your free hand, Face your target and stand with your feet apart. Take a step forward with your right foot to balance" He said and Lily immediately did that,then he continued. 

"To aim, align the front sight with the rear sight until the target comes into focus. Pull the trigger slowly in one smooth, controlled motion....do you get that??" Ace asked. 

"Yea" Lily replied,focusing on the so called target. 

"Good,now try shooting" Ace muttered,leaving her back. 

Lily pulled the trigger almost immediately and Ace's eyes followed the bullet till it hit. 

"That's not ten" Lily muttered sadly. 

Ace suddenly smiled and Lily's eyes widened. 

"Did I do that right??" She asked. 

"Come here" Ace ordered and they both walked closer to the target point. 

"The bullet hit seven" Lily said and Ace nodded. 

"You are quite intelligent" He muttered. 

"I'm in second place in my department,what do you take me for??" Lily scoffed. 

Ace nodded and Lily smiled. 

"Is second place something to be proud of?" He suddenly asked and Lily stopped smiling. 

"Throughout my years in school,no one took the first position from me" He scoffed and checked the time. 

"Keep practicing the same way I taught you,hit all the point before going for breakfast,or you're dead" Ace pointed at her forehead. 

"Hey!! I'm your wife not a student!!" Lily yelled after him as he walked out but he ignored her and left. 

"Gosh,why does this feel heavy every second??" Lily asked,checking the gun out. 

"Because you're lazy" Madam Hope entered. 

"Madam Hope" Lily pouted. 

"Sir Ace said I shouldn't give you breakfast until you're done" Madam Hope said. 

"You can't do that to me..."

"Sorry I need to go" Madam Hope said and went out. 

"Ahhhh!!!!!!" Lily screamed out.

She sighed loudly and dropped the gun,she packed her hair into a ponytail and grabbed the gun again. 

"Let's do this Lily,I'm getting hungry already" She muttered beneath her breath and started shooting at once. 



Ace was just done getting dressed,he was loading his gun when a call came on his phone,From loretto,he sighed out before answering the call. 

"You have less than twenty four hours,I've not heard any news" Loretto said on the phone. 

"I'm taking care of her tonight father" Ace said. 

"Don't bother,bring her to the penthouse,I'm killing her myself" Leretto said. 

"But father....."

"I will be waiting Ace" Loretto hung up. 

Ace groaned and roughed his air,he dialed a number and the person answered at once. 

"Yes boss??" 

"Plan changed,I'm going to pinky alone..,father want her alive" Ace muttered. 

"I understand" 

Ace hanged up the call and took the gun,he slides it into his pocket and wore his hat before leaving the room. 

He got downstairs and met madam Hope still cleaning. 

"Where's she?" Ace asked. 

"Still training" Madam Hope replied. 

He nodded and went out,the guards immediately let him into the car and he drove off. 

"Are you really going to bring her?? You don't want to kill her so soon" Razor said through the airpod. 

"If father want her,there's nothing to do,send me the location,I'm going for her this evening" Ace said. 

"There's a mission tonight,aren't we supposed to go together??" Razor asked. 

"Getting Pinky isn't a big deal,I will meet up with you" Ace said. 

"Great,I'm sending the location right away,it's quite complicated to trace" Razor said. 

Ace stepped on the speed. 

"She must be prepared for this" Razor added. 

"She's not,if she is,she would disappear from my sight completely" Ace muttered. 

"Okay,location sent. Check it out" Razor said. 

"Thanks,I will talk to you later....and then,If I successfully bring her to the penthouse,tell the boys to release her family" Ace said. 

"Okay sure" Razor replied and Ace turned off the call. 



The whole meeting room was quiet as they all listened to Leo who was standing before them. 

"You are going to make sure you get there before them to find a perfect hideout" Leo said. 

"Then...when they finally arrive??" Spidey asked and Leo smirked. 

"Kill them all" He said. 

Spartacus and Spidey exchanged glances with everyone and they nodded. 

"Make sure you don't get physical with anyone,use your brain and your gun...blow off their head" Leo said,demonstrating with his hand. 

"That will happen after they succeed in their missions tho" he added. 

"Then that means,they will do the work while we get the profit??" Spidey grinned. 

"Exactly,that's what they get when they mess with wolves" Leo smirked. 

"Boss" Someone called and Leo turned. 

"What about Ace??" 

"Don't bother about him,he probably won't be with them tonight" Leo answered. 

"But,how can we be so sure???" 

"Focus on the plan and I will take care of Ace...tonight" Leo smiled and walked out of the room. 

"He's smart" 

"I swear,I can't wait to get rid of them all" 


Leo entered Garrett's suite and met him sitting with two girls rubbing his body sexually.

"We need to talk father,send them out" Leo said and sat down. 

Garrett gave the girls eyes sign and they simply walked out. 

"What is it son??" Garrett asked. 

"It's all set father,I'm sure my plan is going to work out perfectly. And tonight,I'm getting rid of Ace" Leo said surely and Garrett smiled. 

"I trust you son" He said. 

"I'm going to bring her here" Leo said and Garrett raised his brows

"Who??" He asked. 

"In case...just In case my plan doesn't work out tonight,I will bring her here,she possibly knows a lot about the penthouse" Leo said and Garrett nodded. 

"If you are able to convince her,I already told you,I leave everything in your care,I will go with any plan you have in your head son" Garrett said and Leo smiled. 

"Thank you father" he stood up and bowed shortly before making his way out. 

His phone suddenly beeped from his pocket and he took it out to open the message,it's from Lily. 


He switched off his phone and put it back into his pocket then he left. 



Everyone was ready to leave,just waiting for Razor to show up. This time,all the gang members are taking part in the mission. 

"I think this is the first time this year where we all have to go together on a mission" Rambo said. 

"I told you this isn't like our every other ones,but I'm worried why the boss is not here" Cardi said. 

"Something keeps on telling me that Spartacus would appear tonight" Blondie said. 

"Kill anyone who try to get In your way,pity no f**king dummies" Nicki said. 

"That's the spirit" Hermes said and Nicki chuckled. 

Razor finally appeared,Scar just finished smoking and she dropped the remains before stepping on it. 

They all gathered up in circle,all wearing full black. 

"Follow all the plans and don't slack off" Razor said. 

"Sure" They all said. 

"Good,let's move. Hermes,drive the first car,Flash,the second. Let's separate now" Razor ordered and they obeyed immediately. 

Razor,Scar,Cardi and Blondie followed Flash. 

Nicki,Spudz,Whiskey and Rambo followed Hermes and they all drove out of the penthouse. 

Loretto was watching from the rooftop as they left,the guards behind him. 

"I don't expect everyone back tonight" He said and the guards kept quiet. 

"Any news from Ace??" Loretto asked. 

"No Godfather,we can't find his location" 

Loretto sighed out. 

"Keep checking" He stated. 

"Yes Godfather". 



As soon as Pinkie stepped into the house,her mouth was covered from the back and she struggled to get rid of the attacker. She turned at omce and sent a coiled heavy folded fist punch toward the covered face but the attacker caught her fist in the air. 

She released her second hand and made out a claw to hit again,her second hand was caught. 

"I'm not here to hurt you" Leo finally spoke up and Pinky sighed out as she got released. 

Leo removed his mask. 

"Who are you??" Pinkie asked. 

"That is not important right now,Ace will be here soon" Leo said and Pinkie's eyes widened. 

"To kill you" Leo added. 

"So...why are you telling me??" Pinkie asked. 

"I'm here to save you" Leo said. 


"Because just like you,I'm his enemy and I want him dead" Leo smiled and there was silence. 

"There's a car waiting for you outside,get into the car and it will take you to a safe place,then I will take care of Ace" Leo said. 

"You think you can handle Ace alone??" Pinkie scoffed. 

"That will be up to me,why not obey right now?? It's getting late" Leo said. 

Pinkie nodded and simply walked out of the house,Leo watched her through the window as she entered the car and left. 



Ace stopped his car and stepped down,he checked the time,it's already 10pm,Pinkie will probably be at home at the moment. 

He proceeded and started walking in,he got to the entrance and suddenly stopped when he saw some strange footmark,but he ignored it and tried opening the door which opened at once. 

Ave chuckled and bite his lips. 

"Unclean job" He muttered and entered,as soon as he entered,the door closed loudly and locked. It was so dark inside but didn't move from where he was standing,he didn't try going back either,there was total silence For almost a minute until Ace spoke up. 

"Come out" He muttered. 

Leo jumped down from the roof and smiled,he was now using the mask again. 

"You're really smart,like they said" Leo said. 

Ace said nothing,his eyes focused on Leo's own. 

"Are you not going to ask me who I am??" Leo asked. 

"You're not someone that important that I should know" Ace said and Leo chuckled. 

"Okay,but I know you,and I'm here to kill you" He said.

Within a blink of an eye,Leo made the first move to strike first,he approached Ace with double deathblow at once but none of them met Ace,he ducked and they exchanged positions. Leo turned on the light and Ace's face became more clear. 

Leo smirked and attacked again,Ace punched his tummy and slapped his face with his back hand before leg sweeping him from the floor,but instead of falling,Leo jumped and smashed two punches on Ace's face also. 

They both looked at each other,Ace got a wounded lips already,he wiped his blood and glared at Leo. 

"Angry??" Leo smirked and gave him a signal with his fingers to come closer. 

Ace rushed over to him and cornered him against the wall and then delivered a counter blow on his nose,he removed Leo's mask and kicked him heavily.  

Ace's eyes widened when he saw Leo's face and Leo smirked,he used that opportunity to return a flying kick to Ace which sent him flying across the room and his back hit the wall before falling on the floor,Ace made sure to turn off the light before he landed on the floor. 

Before Ace could get up,Leo rushed to him and began to stomp on his tummy,expecting painful cries and screams from Ace but it was all silent. 

"Cry for mercy you bastard!!!" Leo yelled as blood puffed out of Ace's mouth. 

"Really?? You still want to act so cool??" Leo scoffed and moved back. 

He chuckled and tried stomping on Ace again but then Ace kicked his leg bone and he groaned out,Ace got up at once and grabbed Leo's hair,he smashed his face against the wall and his blood stain the wall,Leo fell on the floor weakly. 

Their faces are both covered with blood now but Leo's face was almost destroyed. On the floor,Leo brought out his gun,Ace also brought out his and they both pointed it at each other at once. 

Leo chuckled and got up, 

"I already promised my father....I will be the one getting rid of you" He said. 

"I don't think that's going to happen,I won't die alone obviously" Ace said. 

Leo nodded,blood running down from his face. 

They both maintained the same position,their hands stretched straight as they target each other with their guns. 

And then suddenly,sound of double gunshots was heard. 

Silence followed. 


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