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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 43 & 44




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 43 & 44

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



Scar fell on the floor and broke into tears.

Razor sighed out. 

"You shouldn't have done that,it's annoying" He muttered and walked away. 

Scar wiped her tears and fold her fist.

"Ace" She muttered,her tight fist shaking. 

"Are you okay??" Spudz appeared. 

"Stay out of my business!!" Scar yelled at her and walked away.

"What is it that you like so much about her?? She's too rude for my liking" Flash said behind Spudz and she turned. 

"You should also stay out of my business" She muttered and tried moving but Flash blocked her way and stood in front of her. 

"How's your hand??" He asked. 

Spudz glared at him. 

"Are we friends??" She asked.

"We can be friends....."

"I don't want to,so stop. It's ugly" Spudz muttered. 

"Hey,you don't have to be so harsh,I just want to....." Spudz walked out of his sight and he groaned. 

"Why is she so hard to deal with??" Flash muttered and roughed his hair as he stared at Spudz leaving. 

Blondie who was watching from afar immediately walked away when Flash almost turned to her side. 

She entered her room and closed the door loudly,she dropped the drinks in her hand and fell on the bed with pure jealousy in her eyes. 

"He doesn't even look at me like that" She muttered sadly and bite her lips hard while hurting her hand with her finger at the same time,she does that when she try to prevent herself from crying. 

She suddenly heard a knock on the door,she ignored it and kept quiet but the door opened and Flash came in. 

"Hey kiddo,are you ignoring me??" Flash asked.

"Stop calling me that!!" Blondie yelled and Flash raised his brows.

"Did someone made you angry??" He asked and moved closer to her. 

"It's none of your business okay??" Blondie muttered and sniffs. 

"Are you crying??" Flash asked with a worried look. 

"What am I to you??" Blondie asked and Flash chuckled. 

"You're like a little kitten....."

"I'm being serious here!! Stop taking everything as a joke Flash,what am I to you??" Blondie asked. 

"Cute little sister" Flash smiled but stopped when he noticed Blondie wasn't smiling.

"What,are you angry about something??" He asked. 

"Get out,I want to sleep" she said and covered her head with the duvet. 

"Okay" Flash said and simply walked out of the room. 

"Cute little sister?? My foot!! I hate you!!!" Blondie screamed and broke into tears. 



The drive was quiet,since they left the penthouse,nobody said a word. Just Lily stealing glances from Ace every second,Making sure Ace isn't aware..

"Am I that handsome??" Ace finally asked,without taking his eyes from the road. 

Lily bashed her lashes in confusion. 

"You saw me the whole time??" She asked. 

"Why wouldn't I??" Ace asked. 

"Are you really a vampire??" Lily asked and Ace scoffed. 

"As a mafia,you have to be alert every hour,minute,second,you don't know when you might get attacked. Especially me..." Ace concluded. 

"What do you mean by,especially you??" Lily asked carefully. 

"There are lots of people after my life" Ace replied. 

"Huh?? Why??" Lily immediately asked. 

Ace looked at her. 

"Probably because I've also done alot of bad things to them and they are going to avenge one day,that means,I might die any time" Ace smiled. 

"How.....how....how can you talk about death with smiles on your face??" Lily said with shaking voice. 

"Are you scared??" Ace asked. 

"Answer my question first,are you not scared of dying??...."

"No I'm not,I've killed a lot of people....more than you can imagine,isn't it normal for me to also die??....."

"Hey!!!!!!" Lily yelled. 

"Why are you screaming??" Ace asked. 

"You're not dying,stop talking about death,it's scary...you can't possibly die....please stop" Lily said and looked away. 

Ace turned his face to see her,she was looking sad and scared,he sighed and continued driving without another word. 

Minutes later,he caught glimpse of a mall and he didn't think twice before driving in,Lily looked at him. 

"What are we doing here??" She asked. 

"Come down" Ace replied and got down from the car,Lily immediately stepped down too. 

She followed Ace as he made his way into the mall. 

"You're welcome sir" 

Ace looked at Lily and she also looked at him. 

"Pick what you want" he said and Lily's eyes widened. 


"Start picking before I change my mind...."

"No,I will pick!" Lily said happily and rushed to the clothes line,Ace followed behind her as she picked countless outfits. 

Ace was looking at her with surprise when he saw her picking alot of sexy and hot clothes instead of the barbie style he was expecting. 

"I'm done" Lily finally muttered and grinned at Ace who nodded. 

The female assistants handling the picked outfits took them away. 

"Are you sure you don't want more??" Ace asked. 

Lily shook her head. 

After Ace paid,they helped them put the bags in the car and Ace drove away. 

"You're the best Ice" Lily raised her thumb up

"Don't call me that" Ace frowned. 

"Until you decide to smile more often and stop talking about death with smile on your face" Lily said. 

Ace scoffed and stepped on the speed. 

"Do you wanna have fun?" Lily suddenly asked. 

"What fun??" Ace asked. 

"Don't worry,I will take care of it,just say yes" Lily winked. 

"Why are you talking as if we are spending your money? It's my money not yours" Ace said and Lily grinned. 

"But you're rich,you shouldn't be complaining like this" She said and Ace rolled his eyes. 

"Where are we going??" He asked grumpily. 

"Firstly,I'm hungry. I've not eaten breakfast...."

"Nobody asked you to follow me,stop complaining......"

Lily pouted and rubbed her tummy while looking at Ace. 

"Geez,stop showing me that face anytime I'm trying to get mad at you" Ace said and Lily smiled. 

"There's a restaurant around this place,Leo and I always eat there...."

"I'm not going anywhere you and that guy always go to,okay?!" Ace said loudly.

"I'm sorry" Lily muttered. 

Ace scoffed.

"I know somewhere else" he said and Lily nodded. 

Ace reversed the car at once and sped off. 



Roxanna got down from Leo's car and waved at him. 

"Bye Leo,thanks for today" She said. 

Leo smiled at her and drove off,Roxanna almost walked toward the gate when she sighted Razor coming closer,her eyes grew wide. 

"Ryder" Roxanna called and immediately ran to hug him. 

Aftdt they broke the hug,she smiled brightly. 

"The guy who brought you home" Razor said and Roxanna nodded.

"Who's he??" Razor asked. 

"Friend,he's like my best friend" Roxanna smiled.

'Isn't he Lily's friend too??' Razor thought. 

"Is something wrong?? Actually I have two best friends,one is a girl,Lily,she wasn't in school today,you don't have to worry" She smiled. 

Razor nodded. 

"But,what are you doing here??" Roxanna asked and Razor smiled. 

"I just wanted to see your face,I was about leaving" he said. 

Roxanna's cheeks turned red. 

"It's getting late,you should go inside while I'm still here" Razor said. 

"Goodnight" Roxanna waved. 

Razor nodded,watching as she entered. After that he left. 

Getting inside,Roxanna met Edward in the living room,but the moment he saw Roxanna,he stood up. 

"You're back" He said with a smile which Roxanna find weird. 

"Yeah" She muttered. 

"You should wash up,dinner is ready. The maids will serve you immediately" Edward said and Roxanna raised her brows. 

"What are you doing?! Serve her immediately!!" Edward yelled at the maids and they scattered. 

"Go on" Edward smiled at her. 

Roxanna started going upstairs in confusion,but she could bet she saw some bruises on his face,and why was he looking so scared?? 

"Did something happened to him??" She muttered when she entered her room and closed the door. But she couldn't point out at what was wrong. 

"Oh gosh,I'm so tired" She groaned. 

She quickly picked her phone and texted Lily not to bother going to school tomorrow,just stay home and study,the exams are really close. 

After texting,she got rid of her clothes and hopped into the bathroom,thinking about Razor,she kept on smiling to herself. 

"He's so cute" She chuckled. 



"What are you doing?? You haven't touched your ice cream"Lily said,looking at Ace. 

"I don't eat ice cream" Ace muttered. 

"What? Is there a human who doesn't eat ice cream?" She asked. 

"Human? I'm a vampire remember?" Ace said and Lily chuckled. 

"Fine,I will have yours with mine" She said. 

They continued walking together in the amusement park which was still full even though it's getting late. 

"It's always this filled up when we are getting close to Christmas,oh gosh,I can't wait for the first snow" Lily said excitedly. 

Ace scoffed quietly. 

"Do you want to go to montmartre with me??" Lily  asked and Ace looked at her. 

"For what??" He asked. 

"It's the first place where people in Paris see snow,and then,according to the weather forecasters,it's going to snow on the 20th of December,today is six,isn't it?? Should we go there together?? I love snows" Lily said. 

"There will be snow everywhere,why must we go to that damn place??" Ace asked. 

"It's higher than any other places in Paris,come on,it's going to be fun. Couples always go there every year,why are you so different??" Lily scoffed and increased her pace,leaving him behind. 

"Seriously? Is she angry because I asked a simple question??" Ace chuckled,following her behind. 

His phone suddenly started ringing,he picked the call,his eyes still on Lily who already joined a group of people watching some dancers. 

📞 I can see you got the courage to show off your wife now. 

A computer based voice said to Ace and he immediately looked around. 

📞 You're looking for me? Sorry you can't find me. 

The voice said again. 

📞 Who are you?? 

Ace asked

📞 You will know sooner or later,this will be fun. 

The call was hanged up. 

Ace fold his fist and breathe out. 

"Ice!! Come over and see this!" Lily called,waving from where she was. 

Ace didn't move,he dialed her number and she answered,their eyes still on each other. 

"Let's go home,right now" Ace said. 


"Now!!!" Ace yelled and Lily immediately hanged up. 

Ace turned and started walking toward the car,Lily ran after him. She didn't bother asking another question seeing his angry face. 

They both entered the car and Ace drove off roughly. 



Lily was still sleeping when madam Hope entered and woke her up. 

"Get up" She said. 

Lily opened her eyes slowly.

"Is something wrong??" She asked,looking at the time.

"Sir Ace want you to join him in the training hall" Madam Hope said and Lily was confused. 

"Training hall??" She asked again to be sure and madam Hope nodded. 

"Hurry up and put on something comfortable,don't keep him waiting" Madam Hope said and walked out. 

Lily got down slowly from the bed,still looking confused.

"What's going on?? Did something happened??" 

She entered the bathroom and brushed her teeth,after that,she entered the room back and opened her closet. She brought out a short leggings and a bra top before wearing a hoodie on top since it was quite cold that morning,after wearing her sneakers,she left the room. 


Lily entered the training hall and met Ace pacing around as if he's been waiting for her. 

"I'm here" She announced and Ace looked at her. 

"You're late" He muttered. 

"I'm sorry" Lily said and he nodded. 

"Come closer" He said,grabbing a gun from the numbers of gun on the table,Lily followed and they entered the shooting range side of the hall. 

"Here" Ace handed the gun to Lily and her eyes widened. 

"Huh??" She looked at him. 

"Hold it,what are you waiting for??" Ace asked. 

"I've never held a gun in my life,why should I...."

"Can you stop asking questions?? I'm getting sick of it already" Ace groaned and roughed his hair. 

Lily bite her lips and took the gun from his hand. 

"See that point there??" Ace pointed at the target points.

"Yea" Lily muttered. 

"Try shooting at the ten" Ace said. 

Lily looked at him.

"Why?" She asked. 

"Why what?" Ace asked back. 

"I'm asking why you're suddenly telling me to shoot the gun......"

"Are you that dumb?!! I'm trying to teach you how to handle it..."

"And why must I learn how to handle a gun?" Lily asked. 

"Because you are mine and I don't want you to get hurt!!" Ace shouted and Lily swallowed. 


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