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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 41 & 42




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 41 & 42

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




The guards all bowed when Ace came out of the house,Roger immediately opened the car door for him and he entered,he also closed the door and Ace started the car,soon,he left the house compound and hit the road. 

"Where are we going??" Lily suddenly came up from the back and Ace' stopped the car at once to look at her. 

Lily grinned cutely and jumped to the front seat,she removed the hoodie over her head and faced Ace who was still looking confused. 

"Let's go" She said. 

"To where??" Ace asked. 

"Where you are going" Lily smiled. 

"No school today??" Ace raised his brows.

"Don't worry,we are not that serious,exams are close" Lily replied.

"Then stay home and read" Ace snapped.

"I only focus when I read at night,let's go" Lily said,adjusting the car seat belt. 

"Who said I'm going somewhere you can come along? And besides,when did this one start??" Ace frowned. 

Lily pouted sadly. 

"Can't I go with you? Why are you so cold?? One minute you act so warm and nice,the next minute,I'm scared of you,I'm bored at home....."

"Stop it" Ace muttered and Lily smiled.

"Use this" Ace said,giving her a face mask which made her grin. 

"You're the best" She said and immediately used it,she also covered her head back with the hoodie and Ace sped off. 

"Oh,this feels so great. Going out with Mr Ice" Lily said and Ace looked at her. 

"Who's that??" He asked. 

"You of course,I think you should remove the A in your name and replace it with I...Ice not Ace" Lily said and Ace chuckled. 

"You chuckled" Lily said and Ace frowned.

"No I didn't" He said. 

Lily smiled and turned to the window. 

"The weather is so nice" She closed her eyes and sighed out. 

Ace stared at her shortly before stepping on the car speed. 



Leo was the only one in class,he was sitting down with a book in his hand,studying,his headsets hanged around his neck. 

Venus walked into the class with Danica and Goldie by her two sides,she smiled when she saw Leo and she started walking to him. 

"Hey Leo" She said and sat down on the desk in front of him,Leo looked up. 

"You're the only one here? Where are your two friends??" Venus asked and touched his hair. 

"I'm not surprised tho,Lily has been skipping classes,are you lonely?? I can help" She said and started moving her hand down until Leo grabbed her hand. 

"Stop it,you look ugly this way" he muttered and throw her hand off. 

Danica and Goldie gasped. 

"I'm more prettier than Lily,stop lying!" Venus said loudly. 

"Your wish" Leo muttered and used his headset. 

Venus scoffed and stormed out of the class,Danica and Goldie followed her as usual. 

"Is Leo really serious? How can he compare Venus to that tiny thing??" Goldie hissed. 

"Don't worry,I'm gonna get him,He's just playing hard to get. And for Lily,she better stay away from my sight" Venus muttered. 


Roxanna walked into the class and immediately took a seat next to Leo. 

"Have you seen Lily??" She asked and Leo removed his headset. 

"No" He said. 

Roxanna sighed and brought out her phone only for Lily's message to pop up on the screen. 


"She's not coming" Roxanna said. 

"Why??" Leo asked. 

"No reason,well not like we are doing anything serious,I will be going home early today also. Leo I need your help" Roxanna pouted. 

"What should I do??" Leo asked. 

"I have alot of things I want you to teach me....." Leo laughed before she could finish.

"Are you mocking me??" Roxanna frowned. 

"Why won't I?? I thought you're never interested in studying" Leo said.

"This is totally different,exam is coming,do you want me to fail??"

"You should have started earlier" Leo said. 

"Fine,what do you want??" Roxanna asked. 

"Maybe.....You should start screaming Leo is the best round the school for two hours,I can consider you by then" Leo said. 

Roxanna slapped his head 

"Ahh!" Leo screamed and held his head. 

"Never mind!!!" Roxanna yelled and Leo laughed. 

"You might fail" Be said. 

"No I won't,geez,let's break up! Don't talk to me again!!" Roxanna shouted and stood up,she went to sit somewhere else. 

Leo chuckled and used his headset back,he continue reading. 

Few minutes later,Roxanna showed up and sat beside him again. 

"What are you doing here??" Leo asked in a mocking tone. 

"Shut up,I have no choice" Roxanna rolled her eyes. 

"Of course you don't,I'm the most handsome person you've come across" Leo said and Roxanna scoffed. 

"Sounds like a joke,have you seen my prince charming?" Roxanna flaunt her hair.  

"No,I don't want to see him" Leo said and continue reading. 

"Are you seriously not going to teach me...."

"Let's start tomorrow" Leo muttered. 

"Yes!!! You're the best!!" Roxanna screamed and Leo smiled. 



"Wow,it's a penthouse" Lily said in complete awe as Ace drove inside,passing through a lot of buildings before he finally stopped the car. 

"Whoa" Lily muttered. 

A guard opened the door for Ace and he came out,he opened for Lily and she stepped down. 

"Morning boss" The guards bowed but then looked at Lily with confusion written on their faces. 

Lily was also getting nervous already but then Ace grabbed her hand and started walking. 

Lily continued looking around as she followed Ace like an obedient kid,her baggy hoodie and the leggings she was putting on really looked amazing,going along with the sneakers. She already removed the face mask. 

"Where's this??" Lily asked gently. 

"Where I grew up" Ace muttered and Lily kept quiet,seeing people walking around looking scary and cold,now she understands why Ace is like that. 

She almost gasped when she saw some walking with guns. 

'Mafias are more scary than I imagined' she thought but stick with Ace who didn't even look at her but their hands still locked.  

After the long walk,they finally entered the main building,the first person they met is Blondie. 

"Boss!!" She shouted and rushed to them. 

"How are you??" Ace asked.

"I'm fine,I really missed you" Blondie pouted. 

Ace chuckled and roughed her hair. 

Blondie smiled and looked at lily. 

"Oh....it's your....." Her eyes widened,looking at Lily. 

Ace turned to Lily.

"You can talk to her,I need to do something" He said and Lily nodded nervously. 

"Take care of her" Ace said to Blondie who nodded immediately. 

Ace released Lily's hand and walked away,Lily's eyes followed him,she almost regret coming here,now she's crazily nervous. 

"What's your name??" Blondie asked and Lily finally looked at her. 

"Lily" She replied. 

"I'm Blondie" Blondie smiled. 

"Oh" Lily muttered. 

"I heard you're nineteen" Blondie said and Lily nodded. 

"I'm also nineteen,let's get along" Bkindue smiled.

"Really??!" Lily's eyes brightened and Blondie nodded. 

"Yes sure,the boss found me few months back and brought me here,I'm the youngest here" she said. 

"Wow" Lily muttered. 

"Come,let me introduce you to others" Blondie said and before Lily could decline,she already grabbed her hand,dragging her away. 



"Hey guys!!!!" Blondie screamed the moment they entered.

"Meet the Boss's wife Lily!!" She said excitedly and everyone turned back at once with wide eyes and gasp. 

"It's really her" Cardi said. 

"Whoa,didn't know she's this pretty" Hermes said and Rambo slapped his head.

"Do you love death so much? The boss will kill you" He said and everyone laughed. 

"Not like he's in love with her" Scar scoffed and dropped the arrow in her hand loudly. 

She glared at Lily hatefully and walked out. 

"What the f**k is wrong with her??" Blondie scoffed. 

Nicki was the first to come close. 

"I'm Nicki,nice meeting you cutie" She said and Lily smiled. 

"Thanks" She said.

"I'm sure you're exactly this cat's age,but you're prettier" Flash said to Lily and Blondie frowned.

"You don't have to show her you're crazy you know?" She said and Lily chuckled. 

"Call me Flash" Flash winked. 

"Your eyes might go blind" Blondie said. 

"I'm Cardi,sexy @ss as you can see" Cardi said and blew her a kiss from where she is and Lily chuckled. 

"I'm Whiskey....I don't think you can drink,so I'm too hard for you" Whiskey said and everyone laughed,including Lily. 

"Dude be feeling himself" Hermes said. 

"Hi Lily,I'm Rambo" Rambo smirked.

"And this is Hermes,most handsome dude here" Hermes pointed to himself. 

"Your dreams!!!" Everyone said. 

"Spudz" Spudz said calmly. 

"Nice meeting y'all" Lily said and bowed shortly. 

"Stop bowing please,I still love my life" Hermes said and Lily chuckled. 

"Come let me show you around" Blondie grabbed her hand again and they left the training hall. 

"She's really cute" Nicki said. 

"I know right?? I wonder how she's keeping up with the boss with his cold self" Rambo said. 

"I bet he's going to be soft for her,he doesn't even come here like before anymore" Flash said. 

👥 You're right.



"I heard you took Care of Pinkie" Loretto said and Ace gave him a look.

"How did you find out??" He asked. 

"Is that important???" Loretto threw another question. 

"Are you watching my movement now?" Ace frowned. 

"Just in case of Pinkie,not other ways" Loretto replied. 

"I thought you were going to finish her up this time,why did you do that??" He asked. 

"Maybe she's back because she deserve another chance...."

"If she deserves another chance,she wouldn't come back for you after you killed her for betraying my Clan!!" Loretto yelled and hit his hand on the table. 


"Kill her" Loretto cut in. 

"I'm sure she won't act up again,I already took care of....."

"I don't care about those sh*ts of yours,I want her dead before I get more mad than this" Loretto said. 

Ace nodded. 

"Good" Loretto muttered and started smoking his Tobacco pipe. 

"You brought her here,why??" He asked. 

"She insisted....."

"You know this place is not for intruders" Loretto said. 

"Father,she's my wife not an intruder" Ace said. 

"That sounds funny,you will soon get rid of her....aren't you thinking?? What if she betray us just like Pinkie??" Loretto asked. 

"Father stop,she's not even here to become a crew member,please" Ace said. 

Loretto smirked and continue smoking in silence. 

Ace stood up. 

"Taking my leave" He muttered. 

"I will be expecting the news of Pinkie's death" Loretto said. 

Ace walked out,he bumped into Razor as soon as he got out. 

"Hey dude" Razor smiled. 

They exchanged shakes. 

"Heard you brought your...."

"Why does news fly so soon here? Is this a radio station or mafia clan??" Ace scoffed and Razor laughed. 


"Oh finally" Blondie stretched as they finally returned to the spot they started the penthouse tour. 

"Thank you Blondie,that was fun" Lily smiled. 

"Wait here,I will get us chilled drinks" Blondie said and immediately walked away. 

"She's amazing" Lily smiled. 

"Someone look so happy" Lily heard the voice and she looked up to see Scar walking over to her. 

Scar stood in front of her. 

"Don't feel so happy,this means nothing to him" Scar said. 

"Really??" Lily asked with a smile and Scar frowned. 

"Now I'm wondering if you're the one living with him....or me" She added. 

"Hey" Scar glared. 

"I understand how you feel,I would feel bad if I were you too. I mean,he dumped such a hottie like you for a tiny college girl like me,I feel sorry for you" Lily shook her head with sad face. 

"Are you crazy?!" Scar yelled and raised her hand to slap her. 

"Try it if you want a quick ticket to hell" The voice said from the back and they both turned to see Ace coming with Razor,he was looking at Scar angrily. 

Scar immediately dropped her hand and moved back. 

"The next time you try that,I will bury your @ss alive" Ace said and turned to Lily. 

"Did you have fun??" He asked. 

Lily nodded,smiling. 

"It's time to go home" Ace stroke her hair. 

"I want to see Blondie before I leave..."

"I will give you her number and you will talk" Ace said and Lily smiled. 

He held her hand tightly and they started walking away. 

Scar on the other hand suddenly find it hard to breathe as she stared at them,but right there,Lily looked up and raised her middle finger up at Scar with a wink before turning back. 

Scar fell on the floor and broke into tears. 


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