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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 39 & 40




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 39 & 40

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             





"Morning boss!" The guards all greeted as Ace stepped down from the car. 

He threw one of them the key and began walking in,until Roger ran after him. 

"Boss" He called. 

Ace turned back and raised his brow. 

"I have something to tell you" Roger said. 

"What is it?" Ace asked. 

"It's about lady Lily" Roger said. 

Ace nods singularly and Roger started talking,he told Ace about how Lily had called him to come pick her up and how he couldn't find her,he even confirmed from her parents and they said she left the house. 

"But I found this on the ground where she passed" Roger brought out a hair band and Ace recognized it as the one she was wearing last night. 

"I think something happened to her boss" Roger said. 

Ace said nothing and went in,Madam Hope ran into him immediately.

"Sir,did you hear from Lily?" She asked. 

"I'm hungry,make me something to eat" Ace said and went upstairs. 

"He wants to eat?? Even in this situation??" Madam Hope asked no one in particular as she stood there in shock.


 Ace entered his room and closed the door,he was about sitting down when his phone started ringing,it's an unfamiliar number. 

He answered the call. 

📞 Long time no see. 

The voice said and Ace smiled.

📞 I've been expecting you,you're quite late. 

He replied and sat down. 

📞 I didn't call you to chat with you,I have your girl here with me. Come here right away if you don't want her dead. 

Ace chuckled. 

📞 Which girl are you talking about?? I don't remember having one. 

He said. 

📞 Really? Are you scared? You can't face me?? 

📞 No,if you want to meet me one on one,you should have just called me. You don't need to act so dumb,like I care what you are gonna do with whoever. If you really need me,send me your location,whatever you're doing right now doesn't move me. 

Ace hung up and switched off his phone,he dropped it on the bed and also lay on the bed with his eyes closed. 



Lily was sitting on the chair,her two hands tied behind her,her mouth was also covered. She was already looking so tired and weak and her eyes barely opened. 

The iron door suddenly opened loudly which made her come to reality,but she was scared the moment she saw Pinkie walking in. Her high boots making the koi sound as she walked closer to Lily,her arms crossed together. 

Pinkie stopped right in front of Lily and removed the cloth in her mouth. 

"What are you to him??" Pinkie asked. 

Lily kept quiet. 

"Tell me!!!" Pinkie yelled and Lily flinched. 

"Answer my question" Pinkie grabbed her hair,holding it tightly while Lily tried not to cry in pain. 

But then,possibly she could have called Ace right?? Will he really tell her that they are married?? No he won't,she's sure of that. 

"Nothing.....we are nothing" Lily answered and Pinkie frowned. 

"So,what were you two doing together last night??" She asked. 

"I guess you were mistaken,we didn't even go there together" Lily muttered with shaking mouth. 

Pinkie released her hair roughly and Lily exhaled loudly. 

"Take her away" Pinkie said to one of the men standing behind her. 

"Yes boss" They said at once. 

Pinkie glared at Lily for the last time before walking out of the room,her boots making more noise,she opened the door and closed it loudly behind her. 

Lily sighed out in relief as the men started to untie her. 



Madam Hope leaned on the wall as she watched Ace eating slowly,she was worried about Lily but at the same time couldn't help but imagined why Ace is so calm about the whole thing,what if something happens to Lily??. 

"Sir" Madam Hope called. 

"I'm eating" Ace muttered and she kept quiet. 

Ace continue eating. 

Minutes later,Roger came in. 

"Boss" He bowed. 

Ace looked up with a glare. 

"Lady Lily just called me to pick her up" Roger said. 

"Really?!!" Madam Hope asked in excitement and Roger nodded with a smile. 

"How did she call you??" Ace asked. 

"I think.....she know my number" Roger said and Ace scoffed. 

"Boss,do you want to go and pick her up??" Roger asked and Ace frowned. 

"Why should I do that?? Didn't she call you and not me??" He asked. 

"Oh....I will bring her home" Roger bowed and immediately went out. 

Ace rolled his eyes and Madam Hope chuckled. 

Ace looked up and she immediately stopped. He dropped his cutlery and stood up,he wear his cap and turned to leave. 

"Sir.." Madam Hope called and he stopped but didn't turn. 

"Thank you for ignoring her naivety ,thanks for saving her" Madam Hope said.  

Ace said nothing and simply went out. 

"Oh thank goodness,I was scared" Madam Hope sighed out and touched her chest before she started cleaning up the table. 

"Geez,he didn't even eat half of it" She muttered and decided to finish the food. 

Like that she left for the kitchen. 


Roger stopped the car right in front of Lily where she was waiting. 

Roger came out and Lily's eyes brightened immediately but then she looked inside the car. 

"Anything wrong??" Roger asked when she entered the car. 

Lily shook her head. 

"The boss asked me to come" Roger said and she nodded. 

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine" Lily muttered and Roger started the car. 



"Madam Hope!!" 

The two screamed immediately they saw each other,Madam Hope hugged Lily. 

"Are you okay?? Are you hurt??" She asked,checking her out. 

"I'm fine" Lily said and hugged her again. 

"I was....scared" She muttered. 

"I know,I understand. But I'm glad you're fine now" Madam Hope said. 

Lily broke the hug. 

"Is he home?" She asked and Madam Hope shook her head. 

"He's probably mad at me" She muttered. 

"What happened exactly? Why didn't you come back home last night?" Madam Hope asked and Lily explained. 

"Gosh,you're so naive. You don't even know anything" Madam Hope shook her head. 

"I thought.....it was another girl he likes" Lily mumbled. 

"So you rejected him and followed your best friend instead??" Madam Hope asked and she nodded. 

"If it was me,I won't forgive either" Madam Hope chuckled. 

"I know" Lily said sadly. 

"You should also know that Sir Ace's work is dangerous. He have alot of enemies,I was shocked when I learnt that he was getting married...because right now,if those people find out about you....then sir Ace's burden will definitely increase. You should be careful" Madam Hope said. 

"What should I do to make him forgive me now??" Lily asked. 

"Impressing him is hard,just apologize when he's back. You should wash up and eat,come with me" Madam Hope grabbed her hand and started taking her downstairs.



Ace came out of his car and looked up at the tall uncompleted building before him,this is where Pinkie asked him to meet her. 

He started walking in,it was all quiet till he entered,nobody was there.

Ace scoffed. 

"Is she playing with me??" He muttered but all of a sudden,the tiniest sound tinkered his ear and instantly he turned back,Pinkie was jumping down from the roof trying to stab Ace from the back. 

He shifted back and kicked her hand,the knife fell and she staggered. Ace stepped on the knife and looked at her with a smile while Pinkie glared at him. 

"You haven't changed much,you're still looking pretty" Ace said. 

"Stop playing" Pinkie glared. 

"Okay,why am I here?" Ace asked and pushed his two hands into his pockets. 

"You should know the only reason why I reappeared,I'm here to kill you" Pinkie said and Ace grinned. 

"This is not funny" Pinkie said and in a blink of an eye,she moved a pistol from her pant,pointing directly at Ace. 

Ace smiled. 

"Stop smiling!!!!" Pinkie yelled,adjusting the gun in her hand. 

Ace pushed her two hands into his pockets and moved closer to her. 

"Stop moving" Pinkie said,pointing the gun at his head. 

"Shoot me" Ace said and she swallowed,anger and hatred filled her eyes. 

"But then....you didn't tell me your family stay in Europe now" Ace said and Pinkie's eyes widened. 

"Are you surprised I found out so soon??" Ace asked and still moved closer to her. 

"Your mom,dad..your cute little sister,then your elder sister....."

"Shut up!!! They don't have anything to do with this!!" Pinkie shouted. 

"Really?? You think so?? You want to find out?? Then shoot the gun and see" Ace smiled. 

"What.....what are...you talking about??" Pinkie asked. 

Ace pressed a button on his wrist watch. 



Pinkie's hands started shaking as she heard her family's voice,she swallowed. 

"What was that??" She asked. 

"Nothing much,just that,as soon as you try sh*t with me or the girl you released today. Those people you care so much about....." He lean closer to her ear.

"Will be wiped away like worthless liquids" He whispers and Pinkie's shoulders dropped,tears filled up her eyes and she looked at Ace. 

Ace moved back a bit and smiled. 

"Stop thinking of revenge and leave while I'm being nice" He frowned and walked out. 

"That monster" Pinkie muttered and wiped her tears. 

"There will be a next time" She said. 



Ace groaned as he walked into the bedroom,he just had his bath and he was still dripping with wetness and sexiness,he only had a towel wrapped his waist,He rough his wet hair and was about going into the dressing room when he heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in" He said and the door opened. 

Lily walked in with her head down,she closed the door gently and looked up,her eyes meeting with Ace's naked chest first,she almost got lost staring but bite her lip.

'You idiot,it's not the time for that' she scold herself and looked at Ace who was expecting her to talk. 

"Why are you here??" He asked and she looked down her her fingers. 

"I'm sorry" She muttered.

"For what??" Ace asked and she kept quiet. 

"I'm still wondering why you're here anyway,I thought you don't want to come here again,this is a surprise" Ace rolled his eyes and turned to go. 

"I will do anything!!" Lily said loudly and Ace faced her back. 

"Aren't you tired??" He asked. 

"Huh??" Lily asked,looking confused. 

"Go back to your room and sleep" Ace said. 

"How can I make it up to you??" Lily asked. 

Ace kept quiet,staring at her blankly. She was putting on her barbie pyjamas again,but the way she was standing,looking insanely cute with her long hair.

"Go to bed" Ace muttered. 

"But I'm sincerely sorry and......"

"I said go to bed before I loose my mind!!!" Ace yelled. 

Lily bite her lips.

Ace groaned and his hair. 

"I'm leaving" Lily said and almost open the door. 

"Stop right there" Ace said and she turned back. 

"Do you need anything?" She asked softly. 

Ace walked over to her and pinned her against the wall,a gasp escape her lips as his face came close to hers.

"You're not allowed to act this cute with other guys......it's dangerous" Ace muttered and before Lily could blink.

Ace's lips already captured hers in a deep kiss. 


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