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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 37 & 38




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 37 & 38

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



             🖤WHO IS PINKIE??🖤



"We are here" Leo said when he stopped in front of the house. 

Lily raised her head and looked outside. 

"Thank you" She muttered,trying to open the door. 

Leo held her hand and she faced him back. 

"You haven't told me yet,who that dude is" Leo said. 

"Can we just talk later??" Lily asked. 

Leo released her hand and nodded. 

"Then,I will see you tomorrow" he said. 

"I don't feel like attending the class tomorrow,it's just one anyway" Lily said. 

Leo nodded.

"Goodnight" He said and kissed her cheek.  

Lily got down from the car and Leo drove off. 

"Why is the door still unlocked?" Lily muttered when she opened the entrance door and it opened with ease. She entered the house and met her parents in the living room,they both looked shocked to see her. 

"Baby!" Regina stood up at once. 

"Mom" Lily smiled and Regina immediately hugged her tightly. 

Austin also waited for mother and daughter to break the hug before he also hugged Lily. 

"I missed you so much daddy" Lily pouted. 

"I'm sorry" Austin said,stroking Lily's hair. 

"Is everything okay? Why are you here by this time of the night??" Regina asked when Lily finally sat down. 

"Can't I come here because I missed my parents??" Lily pouted. 

"Of course you can,I'm just worried something happened" Regina said. 

"Nothing" Lily chuckled and stood up. 

"I'm hungry mom,is there food??" She asked. 

"Of course,you wanna eat now??" Regina asked. 

"I will get changed in my room first,oh mom I've missed your food" Like said. 

"I know right? How do you eat??" Regina asked.

"Uhm,there's this woman. Her cooking is just like yours mom,she's amazing" Lily smiled. 

"Really? That's great" 

Lily went into her room and sighed out as she fell on the bed. 

"I've missed you" She muttered,touching the bed but then suddenly her mind went to Ace. 

She shook her head and decided not to think about anything for now. 

"Just eat and sleep" She muttered and stood up. 

She started taking off her clothes,after that she walked into the bathroom. 






Ace parked his car in the lot and came out,Razor was outside and the moment he saw Ace,he walked over to him. 

"You're here" He said.

They both exchanged a friendly handshake. 

"Where's father??" Ace asked. 

"His suite,did something happened?"Razor asked. 

"No,see you later" Ace said and jogged in. 

He got to Loretto's suite in no time. 

"Hey son" Loretto smiled,he was on the bed but with a laptop. 

"Do you even sleep at all?? You should be sleeping by this time" Ace scoffed and sat down on the sofa in the bedroom. 

"You wouldn't be here if you thought I was sleeping" Loretto said. 

Ace rolled his eyes.

"Looks like something happened" Loretto said,pulling his laptop aside. 

"I saw her" Ace said. 

"Who??" Loretto asked. 

"Pinkie" Ace replied and Loretto's eyes widened. 

"She's alive?" He asked. 

"I told you she would be..."

"Where is she??" Loretto cut in. 

"I followed her but...I lost her." Ace sighed. 

"I feel like she's been watching me" Ace added in a mutter. 

"So what are you planning to do??" Loretto asked.

"She's definitely back for revenge,I will kill her a second time if she try sh*t,don't worry father,leave everything to me" Ace smirked. 

"Be careful" Loretto said. 

"Stop talking like you care so much about me" Ace scoffed and stood up. 

"Goodnight" He added before going out. 

Loretto immediately called someone as soon as Ace went out. 

"Hello Boss" The voice answered. 

"Pinkie is back,try getting her location in twelve hours time" Loretto said. 

"I will try my best boss" 

Loretto hung up. 






Razor entered the bar and met Ace drinking,he joined him and also took a glass for himself. 

"I guess something really happened" Razor said. 

"I saw Pinkie this night" Ace muttered. 

"What the f**k? She's really alive??" Razor asked in shock. 

"Mad @ss like her doesn't die once you know?" Ace smirked. 

"Sounds like you're gonna kill her again" Razor chuckled. 

"She will be making the greatest mistake of her life if she keeps following me" Ace said. 

"If she's back then.....Lily isn't safe" Razor said. 

Ace kept quiet and gulped down his drink. 

"I don't care" He muttered. 

"What? I thought you started growing to like her" Razor said. 

"Hey Ryder" Ace called In a mutter and Razor looked at him. 

"You know I hate being a second option right??" Ace asked. 

"I know" Razor replied. 

"I'm glad you know"  Ace muttered and continue drinking. 

Scar who was eavesdropping smirked.

"Did that tiny girl cheated on him or something??" She muttered and gently walked away. 

Now is the best time to keep trying her luck right?? He will start looking at her again like before. 

"Finally Scar" She chuckled. 

"Geez,obsession is that you??" Nicki appeared in front of her with her arms crossed. 

"Get out of my way" Scar glared. 

"The last time I checked,this penthouse belongs to Godfather,we are all equal here,I don't even think you can challenge me,so b*tch,watch your tongue,I'm not Cardi. I treat bitches f**kup when they act anyhow" Nicki said to her and let out a savage smile before walking away.

"That b*tch" Scar fold her fist. 






Leo checked his lips in the mirror and scoffed. 

"So that's him for real?? He's making it so easy for me to get rid of him" Leo muttered thinking about how Ace grabbed Lily's hand. His face turned to a dangerous angry frown. 

And besides,what exactly is he to Lily??

"Maybe that f**l also likes her" Leo said and chuckled. 

He took a gun from the table and started running his fingers through it,thinking about nothing than how to input the bullets into Ace's skull. 

"Just wait a little bit more,and you're gone" He muttered and dropped the gun before walking into the bathroom. 






Lily was walking slowly in the street,carefully waiting for Roger to show up. Thankfully she knows his number by heart,so it was easy using her mom's phone to call him and he will be here soon. 

As she walked,she suddenly saw a familiar face, coming toward her direction. 

"It's the girl Ace followed yesterday" Lily muttered. 

Soon,the girl got closer. Lily tried passing her side but she blocked Lily's way. 

Lily looked at her and made to pass again,Pinkie grabbed her hand and crossed her arm around Lily's neck. 

"Make a single sound....and you're gone" she muttered,showing Lily the gun in her hand. 

Lily gasped in fear,her heart beating fast. 

Pinkie brought out a drugged handkerchief and pressed it on her nose,in a second Lily was unconscious. 

A car stopped beside time immediately and Pinkie carried Lily in. 

The car driver sped off roughly. 


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