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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 35 & 36




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 35 & 36

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             


             🖤THE RIVALS MEET🖤



"Seriously? This is where you wanted to come so badly?" Ace asked as he came out of the car with Lily,staring around with a displeased look on his face. 

"I've always wanted to see a movie here" Lily smiled excitedly. 

"You can watch a movie at home" Ace scoffed. 

Lily pouted and Ace rolled his eyes. 

"Not like I have a choice tho" he muttered and they started walking in,joining the crowds who also came for the same purpose. 

Some girls walking in group suddenly started whispering when they saw Ace and Lily. 

👥 Oh my gosh,he's so hot!!

👥 Did you see the mole beside his nose?? So cute

👥 I wonder who that girl beside him is. 

👥 Maybe his sister??

Lily gasped with wide eyes when she heard that.

"What?? Sister??" She muttered looking annoyed. 

Ace chuckled secretly,seeing her reaction. 

The girls kept on whispering and glaring at Lily. 

"You can do something to prove them wrong" Ace said and Lily looked at him. 

"Something like what??" She questioned.  

"I don't know" Ace said and Lily held his hand.

"They will think you're really my sister" Ace said. 

"Then what should I do??" Lily asked. 

Ace stopped walking and made Lily face him directly. 

👥 Now that I'm seeing him more clearly,he's so handsome!!

Ace smiled and gently placed a short kiss on Lily's lips. 


Lily couldn't close her wide eyes either. 

"What are you doing? Stop acting so shocked or they will think it was a mistake" Ace scoffed and started walking. 

Lily smiled and immediately ran after him,she held his hand again and they continue walking together. 

Luckily for them,they got the last tickets available because,most people coming for the movie already have theirs. 

"We are lucky" Lily smiled and looked at Ace to see him with his usual cold look. 

"You should try smiling often,aren't you happy to be Here now?" She asked. 

"I will rather be shooting gun" Ace muttered and Lily chuckled. 

"But I don't know how to shoot a gun" She muttered. 

"Oh...that....we should get one each" She suddenly pointed at the space where Popcorns and Drinks are sold. 

"I will wait here" Ace said. 

"Let's go together,what if those girls come to flirt with you??" Lily asked. 

Ace scoffed. 

"Fine, just do whatever you want today" he said. 

Lily smiled and they both walked to the Snacks side. 

Ace was standing beside Lily as she asked for what she wants. 

Ace sighed out,looking totally uninterested as he stared around,until his eyes suddenly landed on an image,also staring back at him. 

Ace's eyes widened immediately. 

"Pin.....kie" He muttered but almost immediately the girl turned and walked away. 

Ace quickly turned to Lily.

"You can watch the movie by yourself right??" He asked,giving Lily the two tickets in his hand. 

"Huh?? But....."

"I need to go" Ace cut in and without any more word,he left Lily and ran after Pinkie. 

Lily swallowed and bite her bottom lip. 

Did he just left her for another girl?? 

She collected the popcorn and the drink slowly and started walking into the cinema. 






"Geez!! Where is she?!!!" Roxanna screamed as she called Lily the third time without getting an answer from her. 

She groaned and dialed Leo's number next but it was switched off. 

"I'm bored!" She cried out. 

She left the house because it was just her at home,she was planning to call Lily so they would go out and have some fun. 

"Seems like I'm going alone,I have no one" She mumbled and started the car. 

Minutes later,she drove into a bar house. Maybe drinking is the best option right now. 

She walked into the bar and found an empty table for herself,at the end of the bar. 

The bartender came over almost immediately and asked for her order. 

"Red wine" Roxanna said. 

"Will be right back" The bartender replied and walked away. 

Roxanna sighed out loudly. 

"Prince charming,I wish you appear right now" She muttered. 

All of a sudden,someone sat down on the seat opposite hers. 

Roxanna looked up and she almost fell off her seat the moment her eyes met with tge person sitting just opposite her. 

"Prince.....charming" She muttered. 

Even with the cap covering his face,she still recognized him. 

"It's really you!" She said loudly and immediately covered her mouth. 

At that moment,the bartender returned with her wine and then left but Roxanna was lost staring at her so called prince charming who haven't said a word to her yet. 

"So....you smoke,and drink??" He finally asked in his usual sweet voice. 

Roxanna sighed and gently nodded. 

"But trust me,I'm not an addict. I always think about it when I'm not in a good mood" Roxanna said. 

"Seems you're always in a bad mood" 

Roxanna nodded. 

"Once I get home,that's the end" She replied. 

The guy gently removed his cap and Roxanna Smiled shyly,staring at his whole handsome face. 

"Razor" He said. 

"Huh??" Roxanna raised her brows.

"You've always asked for my name....you can call me Razor" He repeated. 

Roxanna gasped. 

"I swear,today is the happiest day of my life" She said. 

"Enjoy" Razor smiled and made to stand up but Roxanna grabbed his hand immediately. 

"Please....stay with me for more minutes" she muttered. 

Razor looked at her hand holding him and she gently released him with a sad face. 

Razor sat down back and Roxanna smiled. 

"Thank you prince....."

"Razor" Razor cut in. 

"Are you a gangster or something?? Why does the name sound like a bad@ss's own?" Roxanna asked. 

"Ryder is my real name" Razor said.

"Then I will call you Ryder" Roxanna smiled cutely and Razor returned it with his sweet smile also. 

"By the way,how come you always know where I am?" Roxanna suddenly asked. 

"I think I should just leave...."

"No no!! I won't ask anymore questions,I promise" Roxanna said and started drinking while Razor watched her like a movie. 






Scar was on her bed,sitting down and reading a book. The only time she read is when she's angry,maybe it calms her down or something,but she feels better whenever she read. 

She was still on it when suddenly she heard a knock and she looked up. 

"Who??" She asked with a frown. 

"Spudz" The voice said. 

Scar scoffed. 

"Come in" She muttered.

The door opened and Spudz entered,holding a bottle of drink in her hand. 

"What are you doing here??" Scar asked. 

"For you" Spudz said,handing her the bottle. 

Scar rolled her eyes and took it from her. 

"Thanks" She said with her nose that one would hardly hear. 

Spudz smiled. 

"Can I sit down??" She asked. 

Scar nodded and she sat down. 

"I know you don't want to talk to anyone right now,but....I hope you get over him soon" She said. 

"What are you talking about?? Who are you to tell me what to do?" Scar snapped angrily. 

"I'm sorry" Spudz said.

"And i hate the fact that you're always like this when I am with you,you're giving people crazy thoughts already,what really is your motive?" Scar asked. 

"Let's be friends" Spudz said. 

"Well sorry I don't need one" Scar said and focused back on her book.


"Leave,I want to be alone" Scar snapped her off. 

Spudz sighed and stood up,she walked out of the room. 







Lily was still standing in front of the movie house,the movie ended about an hour ago and now she's waiting for Ace to return. 

She rubbed her arms gently,the night was really cold but she have no other option. She only discovered few hours ago that she left her phone at home,she doesn't even have any money with her,even if she does,she's not allowed to let an outsider know where she stays. 

"Ace...please hurry up" she said lowly. 

At some point,she squatted. She was beginning to feel pains in her legs so she just stayed that way,waiting for Ace to show up. 

Minutes later,a car suddenly stopped in front of her and she looked up,she didn't move because it's not Ace's car. The door opened and she was surprised when she saw Leo,when did he change his car?? And besides,his dressing doesn't seem like the Leo she knows,did he also went to a date?? Does he have a girlfriend now??

"Lily" Leo called amd Lily gently stood up. 

"Leo" She said. 

Leo walked to her instantly and hugged her in a tight way. 

"I've been calling you" He said,still hugging her. 

"I left my phone at home" Lily replied,enjoying the warmth his hug was giving her at that moment,Even Leo wasn't ready to let go,so they just stayed that way until...

"Take that sh*ty body away from her" The familiar voice rang in Lily's ears. 

They both broke the hug to see Ace glaring at them angrily. 

"Who is he??" Leo asked Lily. 

Ace scoffed and moved closer to them,he grabbed Lily's hand and tried pulling her to his side but before he could,Leo grabbed Lily's other hand and pushed Ace's chest. 

"Are you crazy? How dare you touch her!!" He yelled. 

Ace didn't even think twice before throwing an heavy punch on Leo's face. 

Lily gasped. 

"Leo!!" She called and almost rushed to him hut Ace grabbed her hand. 

"Let's go home" He said. 

"Leave me alone!!!" Lily throw his hand off. 

"I'm not going with you,leave me alone" She repeated and ran to Leo whose lips already bursted.

"Are you okay??" She asked worriedly,touching his lips. 

Ace scoffed and turned back without waiting,he entered his car and drove off. 


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