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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 33 & 34




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 33 & 34

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             





"Honestly.....I don't know why,but....I missed your voice all night" Ace muttered. 

"You...missed my voice??" Lily asked again. 

"Yea....badly" He replied in a low tone that Lily hardly heard. 

"What did you say??" She asked. 

Ace broke the hug and scoff. 

"I mean why should I miss your voice?? I'm just kidding,why do you nag so much? Such a talkative" Ace muttered and walked away. 

Lily frowned,glaring at him as he vanished from her sight. 

"Does he have any human feelings at all?? Huh?" She sighed and went downstairs. 

"Morning madam Hope" Lily said excitedly as she climbed down the stairs. 

"Morning Lily,guess you slept well after all" Madam Hope said. 

Lily scoffed. 

"I wish I did" She muttered,walking to the fridge. 

"I don't think you ever joke with your food" Madam Hope teased. 

"Never" Lily said and Madam Hope laughed. 

"How I wish you grow in the right places soon" She said. 

"Are you also saying that right now??" Lily faced her. 

"Oh sorry" Madam Hope said and they both laughed. 


Ace entered his room and went straight to the mirror,he stared at his own image and let out a crazy smile. 

"Am I really going crazy??" He asked himself. 

His mind went back to what Loretto said to him this morning before he left the penthouse. 






Ace centered Loretto's suite and met him standing and waiting for him. 

"I'm here" Ace muttered and Loretto looked at him. 

"Why did you sent for me?? I'm about leaving" Ace said. 

"Leaving?? To where??" Loretto asked. 

"What do you mean? I'm going home,I finished what you asked me to,what else?" Ace asked. 

Loretto moved closer to him and placed his hand on Ace's shoulder,he then held his shoulder tightly that Ace winced in pain but he didn't bother pushing him away,their eyes piercing into each other's own. 

"Are you losing it already??" Loretto asked. 

Ace kept quiet. 

"How many times do I have to remind you that the reason why I asked you to get married to that kid is not for LOVE?!!" Loretto shouted. 

"Love?? What are you talking about??" Ace asked. 

"Right,you should keep asking me that. Because the moment I find out you're in love with that kid,I will kill her myself......"

"What the f**k are you talking about?! Who said I'm in love with her?!!" Ace yelled and throw Loretto's hand off his shoulder. 

"You better don't go astray all because of your feelings" Loretto hit his chest. 

"You will only look weak and pitiful if you fall in love,your enemies will crumble on you and you won't be able to do anything about it,very soon,they will find out you're married and will try using her as a weak point,looking at you this way,you might end up dying because you're getting more weaker than expected......." Ace brought out his gun and pointed at him.

"Stop it" He muttered. 

"If you know all these all along,why did you forced me to get married to her......."

"I f**king told you my reason!!! Provide me a heir and get rid of her!! That's all!!" Loretto yelled and also pointed his gun at Ace,both glaring at each other angrily. 

"Then can't I just follow the right process?? Can't I do that?? Should I just force her and f**k her because of this sh*t?!! Can't I take responsibility as a husband before all that happen? Can't I??" Ace asked. 

Loretto dropped his gun. 

"You can do that,but don't forget. The moment it changes from that to Love,she's dead" He muttered. 

"I told you I'm not in love with her,I'm not going to fall in with her. You want me to use her and get rid of her like you did to mom right?? I can do that as well......I'm your son anyway,I took after you." Ace muttered and also dropped his gun. 

Loretto smirked and entered the cellar,he took a wine and poured for himself. 

He sipped from it and looked at Ace who was still standing. 

"You can go" He said. 

Ace rolled his eyes and stormed out of the suite. 


Ace nodded and sighed out. 

"Just do this fast and be free from this h*ll" he muttered. 

He left the mirror side and went into the bathroom. 






The whole room was quiet,calm,peaceful. Ace was sitting down on a chair,his two legs crossed on the table,his eyes closed with the headset in his ears,he was obviously taking a nap and at the same time listening to some voices through the headset. 

Some minutes later,the door suddenly opened and Lily walked in silently,she closed the door and let out a sad sigh when she saw Ace sleeping. 

She actually stopped in his bedroom first but then decided to come here since she have seen him coming into this place once. 

"Wow" Lily muttered in awe as she looked around the tech room. 

The light was dim blue and it was giving a total different vibe from every normal room in the mansion. 

She was still looking around when suddenly her hand touched the table. 

🔊 Intruder detected. 

A robot voice said and Lily flinched,almost falling in the process. 

"Stop,I'm not an intruder" She whispers. 

She turned to go only to find Ace looking at her. 

A loud gasp escape her lips. 

Ace removed his headset,hanging around his neck. 

"What are you doing here??" He asked calmly and Lily sighed. 

"I'm sorry....I just..want to talk to you" She said. 

Ace raised his brows. 

"You have something to say??" He asked. 

Lily nodded. 

"Go out with me" She said at once. 

"What??" Ace gave her a questioning look. 

"It's boring at home....can we just....go out together??" She asked. 

Ace chuckled. 

"Seriously??" He asked and she immediately nodded. 

Ace was quiet for some time before speaking up. 

"Fine,let's do that. Go get dressed" He said and Lily's eyes widened. 

Even though she came here to ask him,she never imagined he would say yes to her request so easily. 

"What are you waiting for?? We had a deal remember??" Ace said. 

Lily smiled and made to leave but then Ace grabbed her hand which made her face him again. 

He pulled her closer and she fell on his laps. 

Their eyes on each other. 

Ace touched her cheek lightly,Lily stood still without moving expecting the next move. 

"You can go" Ace suddenly said and she took her bottom lip in before standing up. 

Ace groaned after Lily left the room. 

"I was expecting a kiss" Lily muttered to herself as she entered her room. 

She touched her lips and remembered the first time he kissed her. 

Her heart started beating fast. 

"Oh Lily what is wrong with you??" She sighed. 

She walked to her closet and looked around with her eyes.

"I need something really hot" She mumbled and immediately started searching. 






All the mobsters stood in a straight line,Spidey and Spartacus also present,standing next to each other. 

After many days,Spartacus's leg is finally fine. 

There was silence among everyone until Garrett walked in and they all bowed at once. 

He sat down and there was another round of total silence. 

"For a while now,the only enemy the mob have is nobody else but him" Garrett said ,pointing at the large electric projector board,the picture of Ace was displayed largely in it. 

"That motherf**ker" Spidey cursed. 

"But seems like none of you are good enough to get rid of him" Garrett said. 

Spartacus immediately rushed forward. 

"Please give me one last chance boss,I promise to kill him this time around. Please boss!" He said. 

"I'm with him" Spidey also raised her hand. 

"Even if I am going to let you....I won't depend on you alone. That's why I've decided to leave this in my son's hand" Garrett said. 

👥The under boss??

👥 I didn't know he was here. 

👥 Finally we will get to meet him. 

Murmurs filled the air. 

"Silence" Garrett ordered and everyone was quiet. 

"From now,he will be in charge of every missions,but most importantly,he will eliminate ACE" Garrett said.

Almost immediately,the entrance door opened and the figure walked in insolently,his face totally cold and unreadable,but still looking f**king handsome. 

"Everyone...meet my son. LEO" Garrett introduced,pointing at him.  


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