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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 31 & 32




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 31 & 32

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



            🖤MISSED YOU BAD🖤




Lily sighed out and dropped the pen in her hand,she took her new phone which is now fully charged and checked the time,it's past eight already. 

"When is he coming home??" She asked no one in particular. He left her in the gym in the morning after receiving a call and since then he haven't returned. 

"I don't have to worried,it's not his first time staying out" she said but somehow she missed his presence. 

Taking Ace out of her mind,she stood up and tried taking her clothes. Her phone started ringing which made her stop,she took the phone to see Leo's name. 

She bite her lips thinking of an excuse to give but she couldn't come up with one so she answered. 



Leo asked in a worried voice. 






Lily hung up and sighed out. 

Since when did she became such a good liar?? She doesn't even know.

After standing still for a minute,she undressed and went into the bathroom to have her bath. 

"I wish he comes home tonight" She muttered. 






"Stop" Ace said bluntly to Rambo who was driving the car and he stopped immediately. 

Ace looked out of the car. 

"Why is everywhere so dark?" Razor muttered. 

Ace got down from the car first and others followed. 

"Heard they are Asians,we need to be careful" Nicki said. 

"I seriously don't know why Ace picked you,if you're so scared,you should have just stayed back....." Scar scoffed. 

"I never said I was scared,watch your tongue" Nicki snapped. 

"What did you just say??" Scar asked,moving closer. 

Ace brought out his gun and and point at them. 

"One more word from you and I will kill your bloody souls" he said. 

Scar and Nicki glared at each other. 

Rambo pulled Nicki back but she pushed his hand off. 

"Stop holding me back,it's annoying" She said. 

"You two,stay here and watch,tell us if there's any suspicious move" Ace said. 

Ace and Razor started walking and Scar followed. 

"Stay back Scar,I'm talking about Rambo,not you" Ace said and Scar's eyes widened. 

"What do you mean??" She asked. 

"Do you want to die??" Ace faced her and she kept quiet. 

Rambo took the briefcase from her and followed immediately,leaving Scar and Nicki behind. 

Scar swallowed hard,trying to calm herself from the crazy anger boiling inside of her. 

Nicki brought out her gun and turned on the communication pod,ignoring Scar totally. 


Inside the warehouse,Ace,Razor and Rambo met two men in black waiting at the entrance.

"Nǐ jiùshì wǒmen zài děng de rén ma?(Are you the one we are waiting for??)" They asked in chinese. 

"Zhè shì zhèngquè de(That's right)" Ace responded. 

"Nǐ de lǎobǎn zài nǎlǐ(Where's your boss??) Ace asked. 

The man faced the other one. 

"Dài tāmen qù jiàn lǎobǎn(Take them to the boss)" he said. 

"Gēn wǒ lái(Follow me)" the one who was order to direct them said and led the way immediately. 

The three followed behind in total silence,only their shoe heels could be heard as they all walked. 

Passing through many routes that's hard to even remember. 

"What the f**k" Rambo mumbled inwardly as he tried his best to remember the routes but couldn't. 

Ace only maintained his blank expression as he followed the man closely behind,after many minutes,they finally came to the main floor where the man stopped. 

On the floor are numbers of guards walking around with different weapons in their hands. 

"Ni keyi zoule(you can go in)" the man said,pointing toward the entrance. 

"Xiexie(Thank you)" Razor smirked and the man nodded before walking away. 

The guards at the door opened the door for them and Ace entered first,followed by Razor and then Rambo,then the door was closed. 

They met a man in his fifties sitting down with two girls on his laps,three guards standing some distance away with guns,their backs turned to him. 

"Oh,you're here" The man chuckled,the smoke from his tobacco filled the air. 

Ace rolled his eyes and sat down with his legs crossed,the man looked at him and smiled. 

"You're really exactly what I was told" He said and Ace chuckled. 

"I don't like disappointing people" He said. 

The man sent the two girls away,one of them winked at Ace and he scoffed. 

"Seriously,is it necessary to walk so much before getting to you?? Don't you think it's annoying??" Ace asked. 

"We have to do that for security purpose. What did Loretto sent this time??" He asked. 

Rambo placed the case on the table and the man smiled,he looked at one of his guards and he immediately came over to open it.

"Good" He said after seeing what's inside. 

"Bring the cash" He ordered.

"Yes boss"  

Soon,the money bag was also brought and was opened for confirmation.

"Great" Ace said and stood up. 

"You're really like your father" 

Ace frowned.

"I'm nothing like him,we are totally different" He said bluntly. 

"I see" The boss man smiled and also stood up. 

"Nice meeting you" He said,stretching his hand for a shake. 

Ace took the hand and then let go. 


Outside,Scar was sitting down on the car fuming with anger while smoking. 

"You should talk to the boss when he's back,you're not angry with the air right??" Nicki asked and Scar looked at her with a glare. 

"What do you mean?" She asked. 

"I mean you look ugly when you frown" Nicki smirked. 

Scar jumped down from the car and grabbed Nicki neck before pushing her to the car. 

"Repeat what you said" She said. 

"Let go" Nicki muttered softly. 

Scar chuckled. 

"You still have the gut to talk back??" She asked. 

"What the f**k do you think you're doing??" Rambo ran toward them and pushed Scar away from Nicki who cough from the pressure on her throat. 

"Are you okay??" Rambo asked and she nodded. 

Scar looked at Ace who was also walking toward them,but he ignored her totally and entered the car,Scar scoffed and also went in. 

Rambo started the car and zoom off.

"Godfather didn't tell us it's someone familiar" Razor said to Ace. 

"I knew all along,but you know I don't trust anyone right??" Ace said and Razor nodded. 

"What have you been up to these days anyway?" He asked. 

"Nothing" Ace muttered. 






Everyone got down from the car and Ace turned to Rambo. 

"Storeroom" He said. 

"Yes boss" Rambo replied and took the route,Nicki followed him. 

"Scar,follow me" Ace said,walking away. 

Scar obeyed immediately and followed him. 

Razor also went his own way. 



Scar entered the room with Ace and closed the door. 

"What,do you need me now??" She asked but was quiet when Ace faced her with a dangerous glare. 

"What do you think you're doing??" He asked.

"What are you talking about??" 

"You're really loosing it these days,you think I'm that nice?? You think I care about your @ss?? Seriously??..."


"Don't f**king talk when I'm talking!!!" Ace yelled and she flinched. 

"You know me Scar,it won't take me a minute to think if I am ready to kill you,don't make me mad" Ace said and left her sight. 

"So,you're really ditching me??" Scar called after him and he stopped. 

"You're ditching me for that thing?" She asked again and Ace faced her.

"What did you just call her?" He asked. 

Scar bite her lips without saying a word. 

"Get out" Ace said. 

Scar left the room instantly,she closed the door and instantly,tears rolled down her eyes,breathing heavily. 

She's really going to loose Ace this way?? To Lily?? Never. 

She ran to the training hall,she took one of the knives she saw and almost gave her self a cut but a hand stopped her. 

She looked up to see Spudz. 

"What do you think you're doing?!!!" Scar yelled,releasing herself from Spudz's grip. 

"Are you crazy?!! Are you going to hurt yourself just because of a man?!! Come back to your sense!" Spudz said,struggling with her. 

Scar suddenly released the knife and Spudz staggered and fell. 

"How dare you try to stop me?? How dare you!! What,do you like me?? Are you a lesbian?!!! Stay away from me if you love your life,I'm not that good,I might kill you if you trouble me too much,you know me" Scar said and stormed out of the hall. 

Spudz groaned out and looked at her palm,the knife cut her as she was struggling with Scar. 

She stood up and was about walking out when Flash appeared in front of her. 

"Is it true??" He asked and she frowned. 

"What's true?" She asked. 

"You're in love with Scar??" Flash asked. 

Scar ignored him and tried leaving but he grabbed her arm and pulled her back. 

He removed his headband and used it to wrap her bloody palm. 

"You should be careful" He said and looked at her face.

"You should stay out of my business" Spudz rolled her eyes and walked away. 

Flash shook his head,staring at her till she was out of the hall. 






"Good morning boss" The guards bowed as Ace stepped down from the car,he replied with a nod and went in. 

Madam Hope was just walking into the living room.

"Good morning sir" She bowed. 

Ace turned to the stairs. 

"Sir" Madam Hope called and stopped. 

"I'm sorry to say this but....I think you should try to tell Lily when you won't be coming home,she was really worried about you last night" Madam Hope said. 

Ace said nothing and went upstairs,as he walked,Lily came out of her room but stopped the moment she saw Ace who also stopped walking while they kept staring at each other. 

Lily ignored him and tried walking away. 

"Stop" Ace said 

"I don't like people walking out on me" He added. 

Lily faced him back. 

"Really?? You do whatever you want but you don't want it done to you just the same?? How could you leave since yesterday morning?? I thought you said you will be nice from now on,you didn't even tell me you won't return home and I was worried all night,I couldn't even sleep well..." She said at once. 

"Why did you stop?? Continue,I want to hear more" Ace said softly and Lily looked at him. 

"Huh??" She asked. 

Ace moved closer to her and gently pulled her into a hug which surprised her. 

"Honestly.....I don't know why,but....I missed your voice all night" Ace muttered. 

"You...missed my voice??" Lily asked again. 

"Yea....badly" He replied,holding her waist more tightly. 


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