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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 3 & 4




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 3 & 4

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R. 



                          💞DOUBLE HATES💞



"I'm getting impatient already gosh" Cardi said,throwing some punches into the air as the gangs waited beside the cars. They are all in their usual color code,BLACK ALL THROUGH during any mission,the girls have to use wigs also to cover their real hairs

"Stop,that's funny" Flash said

"You're not laughing dude,WTF" Hermes said and Cardi chuckled

Nicki rolled her eyes from where she was standing. Spudz was leaning on the car,her cap almost covered her face,she's the tomboy in the crew,people sometimes mistake her as a guy. 

"Hey" Rambo stood beside her and she looked up to see him about lightning a cigarette,she quickly took it from him and lightened it instead for herself

"Yo! You should at least ask" Rambo said

"It's not candy dude,get another one" Spudz said

"Come on" Rambo chuckled

Scar stepped down from the car sexily

"Where's everyone? We are running outta time" She said 

Whiskey and Razor showed up at that moment

"Where's Ace?" Scar asked

"He's not tagging along" Whiskey replied

"What? Was that the plan?" Scar asked with a frown

"I heard he's getting married" Whiskey chuckled

"Get in the car" Razor said and entered the car Scar came out from. 

"I can't believe we are doing this without Ace" Scar joined him in front. 

Nicki and Spudz also entered the back seat,Hermes joined them afterward. Others entered another car and in a second,Razor drove out of the penthouse while others followed. 



Ace was just getting out of the bathroom,Loretto said they will be meeting his so called bride today with her parents. He entered the bedroom only to find a brand new suit on the bed waiting for him,with a note


Ace scoffed and threw the note away,he ignored the suit on the bed and walked to the closet. He grabbed an up and down shirt and short,putting it on and leaving the first three button on his shirt open. 

In few minutes,he was all done and looking hot as usual,he walked out of his room,Loretto was already waiting for him in the car. 

He didn't look surprised when he saw him

"I got a suit for a purpose" He said

"Don't try too hard,I'm not interested in your games" Ace said and entered

"Turn the engine on" He said to the driver

"Yes boss" The driver replied and quickly started the car. 



"Aren't you the right hand man of the governor??" Scar asked,crossing her legs on the couch

The man smiled

"So what?? I need some cash for myself too" He said. 

"Here" The man said,dropping the big briefcase on the table

Razor opened the case immediately and it was filled with money,he looked at Scar and she smiled before she also dropped another case on the table,the man opened it excitedly and smiled when she saw that it was filled with money. 

"It's great doing business with you" Razor stood up and brought out his hand for a shake

The moment the man made to shake him,Scar shot him twice in the head and he dropped dead on the floor

"Such a dumb man" Scar scoffed and closed the two briefcases immediately.

Just at the entrance,the moment the guards there heard the sound of the gun,they made to rush inside but were blocked by Nicki and Hermes. 

"Make another move and you're dead" Nicki said,popping out the gum in her mouth

One of the guards tried shooting her,she kicked his hand and the gun dropped,she punched his face twice before kicking his tummy,he dropped weakly on the floor and three others surrounded her,Hermes was also busy kicking the asses of the other guards,he kept on grinning as he run around while they chased him playfully

"Focus Hermes!!" Nicki yelled as she punched two men at a time. 

"Yes boss" Hermes smirked 

Outside,another session of fight was on going,

Rambo and Whiskey in the middle of the countless guards

Spudz stood somewhere and began shooting the guards one after the other while they dropped dead on the ground

Cardi and Flash were the one watching the way for everyone

"Hey yo niggas,you need to get out of there in the next five minutes,it's not going to be a good one" Cardi said

"Go straight to the point" Nicki said from her ear bud

"The cops are coming" Flash announced and immediately everyone concluded whatever they were doing. 

In a minute,they are all out

"WTF scar,what happened to your shoulder?" Spudz asked and quickly rushed to her

"I'm fine,was just stabbed" Scar muttered,holding her bleeding shoulder

"Just?? What are you saying?? You're hurt" Spudz said and Scar looked at her

"I said I am fine" She said and entered the car

Everyone got in and the cars sped off. 

"Are you sure you're okay? I will help you with that when we get to the penthouse" Razor said

"Never mind,Ace will do it" Scar muttered,staring out of the window

She couldn't stop thinking about what is going on at that moment,did Ace see the girl already?? Is she pretty?? Does she have big @ss or boobs,she knows exactly what type of woman he likes and she's worried,she had completely lost focus earlier,thinking,that was why she got stabbed,normally she never get hurt during a mission. 



Lily was in her room getting dressed when Leo's call came on her phone,she sighed and answered the call

"Hey Leo" She mumbled softly

"Are you ready?? I'm picking you up" Leo said 

"Oh...no...I'm not going to school today" Lily said

"Since when did Lily start missing classes?" Leo chuckled

"It's not what you're thinking,I just....need...I mean...my mom want me to help her with few things at home" Lily answered

"Fine,I'm going to miss you anyway" Leo said and she smiled

"Me too...oh I need to go Leo,later" She said and hung up

Lily sighed and continue staring at herself in the mirror,she still can't believe what was happening in her life,what will happen in the next minute or hour,she have no idea but sure it's definitely a bad luck she can't escape from. 

The knock which came on her door brought her back to reality,Regina entered. 

"Child" She called

Lily ignored her

"I know you're angry with me" Regina sat down on the bed

"But I promise that all these are for your sake......."

"My sake?? How??" Lily turned to her

"When I had you...nineteen years ago. Your dad and I were facing a lot,we couldn't even pay the bills to get me out of the hospital with you,so he had no choice than to go to that man and...."

"He borrowed the money and promised to give me out if he's unable to pay?? Do you even care about how I feel about this?? You said it yourself mom,those people are dangerous,what if I get killed?? Don't you care at all??" Lily asked,trying not to cry

"He promised never to hurt you,I promise. Believe me....."

"I don't want to get married to someone I don't know mom,I want to love my future husband,I want to finish my studies and live freely......" she broke into tears

"Fine ..how about this?? You get married to him,your dad and I will try our best to get the money back and get you out of there...."

"The money you couldn't pay up for nineteen years??" Lily wiped her tears

"You borrowed the money because of me anyway,then I should pay the price" She muttered

"That's not it......"

"I don't want to say anything else mom,please" Lily muttered

Regina stood up and walked closer to Lily,she hugged him

"I'm so sorry child,I'm sorry we can't even take care of situations like this"

"It's okay mom,stop crying. I will do anything,as long as they won't hurt you" Lily muttered. 

"But,when is the wedding?" Lily asked

"Godfather insisted...tomorrow" Regina replied

"Why is he in such a hurry?' Lily thought



Regina,Austin are both in the living room already when both Loretto and Ace walked in,the guards behind them stood there while they went in deeply into the living room.. 

"Godfather!" Austin quickly stood up and bowed

Ace ignored them all and sat down with his legs crossed,looking at the house with a frown playing on his face.

"Come on son,introduce yourself" Loretto said

Regina and Austin looked at him and he rolled his eyes

"Ace" He said,almost impossible to hear

"You're so handsome Ace" Austin grinned but the moment Ace glared at him,he stopped grinning and sat down

"And where's your daughter??" Loretto asked

"Oh,here she is" Regina smiled and Loretto turned to Lily who just walked into the living room. 

"She's pretty" Loretto let out his usual creepy smile

"Hi,I'm Lily" Lily said and bowed

"Perfect name,you really look like a flower" Loretto said and she managed to smile,she was suddenly scared,is this the old man she's getting married to?? 

"So,meet my son" Loretto gestured at Ace who doesn't seem to be there,he was focused on his phone

"Son" Loretto called and Ace looked up,his eyes and Lily's own met. 

Ace stared at her down from her legs up to her hair,she was wearing this barbie gown which looks so fucking annoying to him,she's even wearing hairpins on her hair,she looks so tiny and that's a total turn off,she looks like she's sixteen and she's just out of it,and her innocent face makes it even more worse,she looks like one who will definitely run if she see an ant,she's even wearing pink???? The color he hates the most!!!

Ace didn't waste more time,he stood up and walked out of the house without saying a word. 

"Don't worry about him,let's continue" Loretto said and Lily sat down nervously.

Was that the guy she's getting married to?? 

Her hands shaking so badly,the way he looked at her with disgust in his eyes made her nervous. What if he start beating her after the wedding?? What if he even kill her?? What if he stops her from going to school?? What would she do??



Loretto finally got outside,Ace was leaning on the car,smoking without caring about anything in the world.

"What was that for son??" Loretto asked

"Don't tell me...you expect me to get married to that kid" Ace said,pointing inside

"She's not a......"

"I don't care what her f**king age is,she's not my type at all,she looks like she's gonna break any moment,she's so f**king small and I hate innocent girls,they bore me down to my soul,I swear I hate her,where the f**k are the b**bs and @ss?? Come on" Ace said

"Get into the car" Loretto said 

Ace dropped his cigarette and entered the car with Loretto,his eyes so red with anger

"Let's go" Loretto said for the driver.


Lily on the other hand has been watching from her window,she heard almost everything. She blinked out tears and rushed to the mirror to check herself out.

Does she really look like she will break?? It's true she has a slim figure but that doesn't mean she's going to break.

'Where are the b**bs and @ss??' She remembered that also

It's true her boobs and ass are small but that doesn't mean she doesn't have at all,she didn't know when she broke into tears.

"I hate him" She muttered


To be continued....

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