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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 29 & 30




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 29 & 30

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             




          🖤 DON'T STOP PLEASE 🖤


"Ahh!!" Lily gasped in total shock and tried covering up again but before she could adjust to the shock,Ace grabbed her waist and smashed his lips on her own. 

Lily's eyes went wide immediately. 

She was taken aback for a minute before she could think of kissing him,isn't this weird?? The almighty cold Ace is kissing her??. 

Ace rubbed her tiny waist softly as he ate up her sweet soft lips,she reciprocated and Ace almost chuckled,it's so obvious it's her first kiss. Okay now it's understood,his little bride is innocent,like way too innocent for him. 

Ace broke the kiss and Lily looked down nervously which looked even cute. 

"Is this your first kiss?" Ace asked.

"No it's not" Lily immediately answered. 

"Now you're lying too?" Ace asked and Lily bite her lips. 

"Stop doing that" he muttered but Lily didn't hear clearly,she raised her head up and their eyes came in contact. 

Ace looked down at her chest which was still open,from the work of his hand,her small br**st staring back at him,the pink nipples almost made him squeeze her out crazily.

"Cover up" he said and looked away. 

Lily immediately covered herself properly. 

"Why did you do that anyway,it was just a kiss" She mumbled,enough for Ace to hear what she said but he didn't say anything. 

He grabbed her hand and started walking into the house.

"So,you saw me??" Lily broke the silence and Ace released her hand. 

"I always see you" He replied. 

"What? Do you stalk me?" Lily asked,raising her brows. 

"I don't have to do that before I see you" Ace said with a scoff and Lily wondered what he meant by that. 

They arrived in the living room.

"What were you doing outside alone? It's cold" Ace said. 

"I was bored" Lily replied. 

"Don't you get hungry??" She asked also and Ace looked at her. 

"Why are you asking??" 

"Because......I've never seen you eat" She said. 

"You said it yourself that I am a vampire,so obviously I only need blood" Ace said and Lily blinked her eyes four times in a roll which almost made Ace laugh but he didn't. 

He walked into the cellar and Lily still followed him. 

"Why are you following me? You should go to your room and sleep" Ace said without looking back. 

"I don't know when next you will act nice toward me" Lily said in a low voice. 

Ace stopped walking and faced her,she also stopped. 

'Did that annoy him?' She thought. 

"Can you drink?" Ace suddenly asked. 

"Alcohol??" Lily asked. 

"What else?" Ace scoffed,he finally grabbed one of the wines. 

"Maybe this should be my first time" Lily said. 

Ace smirked. 

"Little bribe is getting bold" he said and Lily bite her lips. 

Ace sat down after grabbing two glasses along with a bottle of sherry wine. 

"20% alcoholic,wanna drink?" Ace asked. 

'Is he planning to kill me??' Lily thought inwardly but then nodded. 

"Sit down" Ace smirked and she sat down opposite him. 

She watched as he opened the wine and poured her own first,half of the glass,he poured same for himself also. 

He used his eyes to tell her to take the glass. 

Lily took the glass and he clinked his own on it before gulping down everything. 

"Go on" he said. 

Lily took a sip from her own,it tasted nicer than she had thought,she closed her eyes and started drinking,before she knew it she finished the whole content. 

"Another one??" Ace asked and she nodded. 

Ace poured for himself and then her,this time she was the first to finish hers. 

"Want more??" Ace questioned. 

Lily immediately nodded and he poured a full glass this time around.



Ace watched from his own seat as Lily displayed her drunk side,he seems to be enjoying the view while he sipped from his glass. 

Lily chuckled drunkenly and pointed a finger at Ace. 

"You" She called and Ace raised his brows.

"What type.....of...girl....do you like??" She asked. 

Ace smiled. 

"Why are you asking?" 

"Because....I heard you....saying you like hot...girls" Lily replied and coughed. 

"I don't like innocent girls....like you" Ace said and smirked. 

"Then.....what if.....I don't act innocent again??" Lily asked. 

"Hmm....I can just change my mind" Ace said. 

Lily stood up,staggering. 

"Promise??" She asked,bringing her cute pinky finger forward. 

Ace crossed his with her own. 

"Yeah...promise" he muttered. 

"Then,you....will continue....being nice....to me??" She asked. 

Ace nodded. 

"And you will....break up with your girlfriend??" She asked. 

'Which girlfriend is she talking about?' Ace asked inwardly and almost laughed. 

"Yeah promise" He muttered. 

Lily's eyes went close and she almost fell down if Ace hadn't caught her faster. Her body landed in his arms and he carried her. 

"Seriously??" He chuckled,staring at her face. Her hair already scattered all over her face but she still look cute. 

He left the cellar and went upstairs,he entered her room and gently placed her on the bed. He covered her up and sighed out,his eyes suddenly caught with her phone on the bedside table. 

"This is her phone??" He frowned and took the phone,he checked it all around before dropping it again. He gave Lily one last glance before going out of the room. 

Ace entered his own room and undressed immediately,he went into the bathroom. 

*Then.....what if.....I don't act innocent again??* Lily's voice came to his head as he stood under the shower. 

"She want to stop being innocent? Seriously??" He asked himself and laughed out. 

"She's cute" He muttered. 



Scar and Razor walked into Loretto's suite together,he was sitting on one of the couch in the living room waiting for them. 

"We are here Godfather" They both bowed at once. 

Loretto puff out the smoke from his tobacco and looked up. 

"There's an exchange to do tonight" he said coldly. 

"Okay boss" they said. 

"Razor,you should call Ace. I need just five of you to go" Loretto said. 

"Okay" Razor answered. 

"Who are the other two??" Scar asked

"Ace should choose them,don't worry,he knows everything already. He will lead as usual,I'm just informing you in advance" Loretto said and stood up. 

Razor and Scar bowed shortly before walking out of the suite. 


"Guys,don't you notice that Ace doesn't come here often like before??" Cardi asked as they all dine together in the dinning hall. 

"I was about bringing that up" Blondie agreed. 

"Maybe he broke up with Scar" Cardi said and chuckled. 

"I don't think that should be enough reason for him to stop coming here,He's the boss. And y'all should try minding your business sometimes" Spudz said and stood up,she glared at Cardi before walking out. 

"Now that I'm thinking about it,is Spudz a Les or something??" Whiskey asked. 

"Does she act like one?" Nicki asked. 

"She always support Scar,I mean...doesn't it looks like she's crushing on Scar?" Whiskey said. 

"Scar is obsessed with Ace" Cardi smirked. 

"Don't let her hear you" Rambo mumbled. 

"Why not? Not like she's gonna kill me or something" Cardi scoffed.

"Remember she almost did the other time you said sh*t" Nicki said amd Cardi frowned. 

"And who said you can slide into my conversation??" She snapped. 

"If you don't wanna hear my voice,you can kindly step out of here,how about that??" Nicki smiled. 

"Hey!!" Cardi yelled. 

"Stop it Cardi,you can't keep getting mad at everything. Besides,you're too loud for my liking,f**k!" Hermes groaned. 

"How dare you?? I'm too loud??" Cardi glared. 

Hermes sighed

"I lost my appetite" He muttered and walked out of the hall. 

Cardi faced Nicki.

"You see that?? Totally your fault you bitch!!" She yelled.

Nicki wanted to talk but stopped when a soft hand landed on her lap,she turned to see Rambo who gave her a smile. 

"Just eat" He said. 

Nicki looked away from him and continue eating without saying a word. 

Cardi stood up loudly and stormed out. 

"Geez,Rambo. Why did you stop Nicki? I was expecting some cute punching" Blondie said. 

Flash smack her forehead.

"Ouch!" She screamed and touched her head. 

"Just eat and stop looking for violence" Flash said. 

Whiskey scoffed. 




Lily woke up with a loud groan,she stretched her arms and sat up on the bed,trying to refresh her brain. 

"How did I get here??" She asked,looking around then remembered she spent her last moment with Ace. 

"He brought me here again?" She smiled and got down from the bed,she went straight into the bathroom to brush her teeth. 

"Gosh I'm hungry" She muttered as she grabbed her phone and left the room. 

"Morning madam Hope!" Lily said loudly when she got downstairs. 

"Someone look so happy" Madam Hope said. 

"Today is Saturday" Lily spread her arms and Madam Hope laughed. 

"I know right??" She said. 

"I'm hungry" Lily said. 

"I was expecting that,but why don't you manage some cereals before I make breakfast??" Madam Hope asked.

"Yeah,I will do that. What can I help you with anyway?" Lily asked. 

"Nothing" Madam Hope said. 

Lily was about walking away when they heard the door bell.

"I will take it" Lily said and immediately went to the door.

She opened the door and found Roger standing there.

"Oh,morning. I'm not going to school...."

"No,I'm here to give you this" Roger said,handing her a customized nylon pack. 

"What's this? From who?" Lily asked. 

"It's from the boss" Roger said and like that he walked away. 

Lily closed the door,still in confusion. 

"Sir Ace got you something??" Madam Hope asked and Lily nodded. 

She sat down and gently unpacked what was given to her,she gasped out loudly when she saw the new phone pack. 

"What the f**k.." She mumbled and looked at madam Hope.

"Isn't that an iphone??" Madam Hope asked.

Lily nodded and covered her mouth,not believing her eyes. 

Madam Hope cleared her throat. 

"I don't think you should be here" She said and Lily looked up..

"Sir Ace is in the gym" Madam Hope winked at her before walking away.

Lily stood up from the couch and turned toward the gym direction,she was so nervous as walked,finally she entered and met Ace working out. 

He stopped when he saw Lily. 

"What are you doing here??" Ace asked,taking the bottle water on a table. 

Lily ran to him and hugged him tightly,Ace smiled secretly and broke the hug. 

"Why are you here?" He asked again. 

"You really got me a phone??" Lily muttered. 

Ace smiled and bent to her height. 

"We had a deal last night....you said I should start being nice to you" He said and Lily nodded. 

"I remember" She mumbled. 

"And in return.....you will stop being innocent" Ace whispered into her ear and she bite her lip. 

He held her waist and carried her,he dropped her on the table and went between her thighs. 

"So...that's why you got me a Phone??" Lily asked. 

"Do you like it??" Ace asked. 

Lily smiled cutely. 

"It's the latest" She said. 

"Aren't you the latest little bride?" Ace asked and she chuckled. 

They both maintained eye contacts until Ace broke the silence. 

"When did you start looking hot??" He asked,staring at her chest. 

Lily bite her bottom lip. 

"Do you wanna watch a crazy show??" Ace whispered. 

"A...show?" Lily said and he nodded. 

He smirked and took the bottle of water beside her,he opened it and kept the eyes contact with Lily who was also curious to know what he's up to. 

She gasped when Ace started pouring the water on her b**bs,to be precised..her nipples. 

Ace smiled,seeing how shocked she looked. 

In a minute,her nipples were both standing out of the now transparent fabric,staring at Ace. 

He bite his lips seductively and gave one a soft squeeze. 

"Ohh" Lily let out a silent moan. 

Ace kissed her left nipple from the soaked tight top,he bite it in a soft way. 

"Ouch..." Lily closed her eyes,she have never felt so much pleasure in her life,her body was almost shaking as Ace continue his work. 

At a time,he finally raised the top up and the boobies welcomed him brightly. 

"Cute" Ace smirked and lick his pink lips before capturing one in his mouth. 

"Oh my god" Lily moaned loudly that she almost asked if that sound came from her. 

Ace started sucking her while giving the second one soft squeezes. 

All of a sudden,Lily's phone started ringing. She opened her eyes to see Leo calling,she didn't even think twice before switching the phone off. 

Ace tried raising his head. 

"Don't stop....please" Lily said. 

Ace smiled naughtily and moved to the second nipple. 

"Oh gosh" Lily moaned,grabbing Ace's hair.


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