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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 27 & 28




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 27 & 28

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             





"Did that work??" She asked in a mutter. 

Lily sighed out loudly,the nervousness she was feeling started reducing,she quickly walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge,she brought out a bottled water and uncapped,she started drinking thirstily,she didn't drop it till she finished the liquid. 

"Oh gosh!" She groaned and lick her lips. 

She left the kitchen and returned to the living room,she quickly packed her books and went upstairs,getting into her room,she dropped the books in her hands and stood in front of the mirror. 

"I guess it worked....I've never seen him staring at me that way" Lily muttered and touched her hair.

She changed into her pajamas while humming a song to herself but she suddenly clicked her tongue when she flashback to his face earlier. 

"He wasn't looking fine,that wasn't an act." She sighed and bite her finger. 

"Did something happened to him?" She asked nobody in particular and started pacing. 

"What should I do?? Or....I should ignore it?? Madam Hope is sleeping already I can't disturb her" She exhaled and decided to do something at least. 

She walked to the wardrobe and brought something out,after that she left her room. 


Ace used his fingers to sweep his hair backward as the water ran all over his body in the bathroom,under the shower. 

He placed his two hands on the wall and the image of his mom flashed back to him. 

*young man,do you need anything??* the voice rang in his head. 

He started punching the wall with the aim of calming himself down,he continue doing that till his fists began to bleed,he washed his hands and then left the bathroom. 

He was surprised to see Lily in his room again,her back was turned against him and she was doing something. 

"Why are you here?" Ace asked and Lily gasped,she turned to face him and Ace frowned. 

"Are you going to talk or what?" He asked. 

Lily took the strawberry juice on the table,she was the one who dropped it there. Her plan was to drop it and leave the room but unluckily,he caught her again. 

"I'm sorry,I didn't mean to prey.....I just....want to give you this" She said,raising the juice. 

Ace raised his brows.

"You look sad,I'm sure if you drink this,you will be fine" Lily added. 

Ace kept quiet for a while before releasing a sigh. 

"Drop it and leave" He muttered. 

Lily quickly dropped the bottle and walked out of the room. 

Ace scoffed.

"What is this? Juice to calm me down? Is that a joke?" He rolled his eyes and walked to the closet,after wearing a comfy,he fell on the bed. 

He kept on rolling from one side of the bed to another for almost one hour when suddenly the image of Lily's figure he saw what he got home earlier replayed in his head. 

The way she was looking so innocent even in that hot outfit looks kinda cute,and whenever she bite her lips,she looks even cuter. But tonight,should he just admit that the outfit looks hot on her? Even though she's slim,but she's got this sexy figure that he can't seem to get out of his head. But his favorite part was the bellybutton,it was so sexy like damn he almost lost it. He haven't seen anyone with a bellybutton as sexy as that,the fact that she might not even realize how hot she looked makes him chuckle. 

'Was she trying to seduce me??' He thought. 

"Try harder,want to see more of that" he smiled and got down from the bed. He walked to the table where the juice is and took it. 

When did he ever drink a juice?? Not just juice,strawberry??.

Seems like he will start trying out new things since his little bride is a baby. 

He uncapped the bottle and sipped from the juice. 

"Hmmm" His eyes widened,surprised at the taste. 

He drank out of it again. 

"Wow,it's nice" He muttered and went to sit down on the bed,he continue sipping till he finished all. 

After that,he closed his eyes and slept off. 



The three friends walked out of the class as usual,Leo in the middle of Roxanna and Lily. 

"Actually......" Lily broke the long silence and they turned to her at a time. 

"Actually what?" Roxanna asked. 

"I have something to tell you guys" Lily mumbled. 

"What is it?" Leo asked and Lily sighed. 

Isn't it time to tell her best friends that she's married at least?? But how would she even start??.

'I am married' she imagined herself saying that and how they will react. 

"What is it?" Roxanna also questioned,but at that moment,Roxanna sighted her driver. 

"Oh no,guys I need to go. And besides,I also have gists for you guys,I saw my prince charming few days ago" She grinned and ran off,leaving just Leo and Lily. 

Leo looked at Lily. 

"Since Roxanna is gone,what do you think??? I don't wanna go home yet" Leo said and Lily smiled.

"Me too,the house is boring anyway" She said.

"Okay,how about ice cream? You wouldn't reject that,no matter what" Leo said and Lily laughed. 

"You know me so well,I'm really craving for ice cream right now,let's go" She said. 

Leo opened the car door for her and she entered,he also joined her and soon he was hitting the room. 

Minutes later,they both got down from the car and walked into the ice cream shop together,hand in hand. 

"What flavor do you want??" The ice cream man asked. 

Leo looked at Lily to say something. 

"Vanilla mixed with chocolate" She said. 

"Me too" Leo said and Lily smiled at him. 

They watched as the man started mixing their ice cream. Lily turned to the entrance out of boredom,a familia car suddenly drove away from her sight and she quickly let go of Leo's hand. 

"Are you okay??" Leo asked and Lily turned. 

"Oh....yeah...." She mumbled and bite her lips. 

'Was that Ace??' She thought but decided for take it off her mind,what would Ace be doing around an ice cream shop?

"Here you go" The man handed them their ice cream cones.

Leo paid and they walked out. 

"Eating ice cream while leaning on the car hit different" Leo muttered,pulling her right beside him. 

"Seriously?" Lily chuckled. 

"Yeah,you will see" He winked. 

Lily smiled and focused on the ice cream. 

"Actually.....I also have something to tell you" Leo said and Lily looked up.

"What's that?" She questioned. 

"How about tomorrow?? It's Saturday,let's go out together" Leo said and Lily was quiet. 

"What,do you have something to do tomorrow?" Leo asked.

"No" Lily said. 

"Then let's go out and have fun" Leo said. 

Lily nodded with a smile. 

"I will pick you up....."

"No,just tell me the location and I will come and meet you" Lily said. 

Leo wanted to ask why but then changed his mind. 

"Fine,I will choose a simple place to meet" He said and Lily nodded with a smile. 

Leo tucked her hair behind her right ear. 

"I forgot to tell you this since morning" He said. 


"You are beautiful,I mean...you are always beautiful,but I love your new hair and...I love this dress on you....it's hot" Leo said and Lily's cheeks turned red that she had to look away. 

"You don't have to say all that" She muttered. 

"Only if you're not blushing right now" Leo smirked and she hit him playfully.

"Stop it" 

Leo laughed. 

"I don't want to leave you today,wanna go somewhere else?" He asked. 

"No,we are going out tomorrow right? Let's just go home,I have a lot of work to do at home" Lily said and and Leo nodded. 

"Fine" He muttered and hugged her. 

Lily bite her bottom lip and hugged him back slowly. 

"You can leave,I will take a taxi home from here" She said after they broke the hug. 

"See you tomorrow" Leo smiled. 

Lily waved at him,staring till his car was out of sight. 

She immediately dialed Roger's number to come pick her up. 



Lily was taking a walk around the mansion,it's the first time she's doing this,simply because she's crazily bored. Madam Hope complained about tiredness and went to bed really early,Ace isn't home and now she's all alone,lonely. 

After taking her night shower,she wore one of the nightie madam Hope had chosen for her yesterday,since she wasn't planning to see Ace,then she can wear this right??. It's a sexy nightie which only have one tied rope in front,if the rope get untied mistakenly,then that's the end. While walking,she have a book in her hand. 

Minutes later,she got to the pool side and she gasped excitedly. 

"Wow,why haven't I seen this place yet?" She asked and immediately dropped her book. She sat down and dipped her legs into the water 

"Ouch!" She gasped at the coldness which immediately discouraged her from jumping inside. 

She started splashing the water around with her legs while chuckling like a happy child. 

She was still doing that when suddenly she heard footsteps coming,she turned to see Ace who had a total blank expression on his face as he walked toward her. 

Lily simply got up,her eyes not leaving him. Ace stopped,some distance from her and she wondered why he stopped there,isn't that too far??. 

Ace brought out his phone and then showed her the screen,Lily's eyes grew wide seeing herself and Leo in the picture,she looked at his face. 

'That means....it was him. I wasn't mistaken' she said inwardly. 

"Is this him?" Ace asked and Lily gave him a questioning look. 

"The one you said is more handsome than me??" Ace asked and Lily bashed her lashes in surprise. 

She did mention that....it was when she was saying those stuffs just because she was angry about him not coming home,but does she really meant all that??.

"He....he's my friend" Lily said.

Ace dropped his hand and insert his phone into his pocket.

"Don't do that again....I don't like being compared to others. And then...I hate the way he touches you,it's annoying" Ace said. 

Lily bite his lips,she looked at him again and noticed he was staring at her. 

Ace suddenly started walking closer and Lily wouldn't deny the fact that her heart was beating fast. 

He got close to her and almost immediately,he pulled the tied rope on her nightie which came off instantly and opened,revealing her naked body. 

"Ahh!!" Lily gasped in total shock and tried covering up again but before she could adjust to the shock,Ace grabbed her waist and smashed his lips on her own. 

Lily's eyes went wide immediately. 


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