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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 25 & 26




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 25 & 26

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



           🖤STEP 1≈SEDUCTION🖤


"What are you waiting for? Do you want to die??" Ace glared at her. 

Lily broke into tears and started unbuttoning her pajama shirt. 

Ace smirked and moved away to watch her more clearly,she unbutton the shirt totally and looked at Ace without taking it off. 

Ace frowned and raised his brows,using his head to tell her to take it off completely. 

Lily sniffs and was about taking her arms out when Ace's phone buzzed,he took the phone and checked it out. 

He looked at Lily. 

"Get out" He muttered. 

Lily immediately stood up and ran out of the room. 

Ace answered his call. 





Ace said and hung up the call,he got something to wear from the closet before going into the zone. 


Lily entered her room,breathing heavily as she fell on the bed. She quickly buttoned up and sighed out loudly. 

She wiped her tears and bite her lips,her mind went back to Ace and she wondered,would he have had s*x with her if he wasn't distracted by the phone call?? 

"Oh Lily" She muttered and run her fingers through her hair. 

The door suddenly opened and madam Hope came in. 

"I thought you were reading" She smiled,dropping a tray of snacks and milkshake on the table. 

"Oh..yeah" Lily immediately stood up and went to her. 

"Eat this as you study so it won't get boring" Madam Hope said and touched Lily's hair. 

Lily sat down and looked up. 

"Why are you so nice to me tho?" She asked and madam Hope smiled. 

"I also have a daughter like you" She said. 

"Really? Where is she??" Lily asked. 

Madam Hope sighed sadly. 

"She died......." She mumbled and Lily gasped. 

"What...happened to her??" She asked.

"She was rapped.....numbers of times...till she died..." Madam Hope said in a shaking voice that Lily also felt like crying. 

"It's okay...you don't have to say it. I just hope,those monsters got caught right??" She questioned. 

Madam Hope shook her head.

"No......they weren't. Even when I reported,they only blamed my daughter for wearing revealing clothes..."

"What?!! That's unacceptable!" Lily shouted. 

Madam Hope who was beginning to tear up sniffs in. 

"I couldn't do anything when the cops aren't even on my side,I'm just a weak mother. I can't even do anything for my daughter,even in her death" madam Hope said in tears. 

Lily got up and hugged her gently. 

"It's okay,I'm sure your daughter wouldn't blame you at all. And besides,those murderers will surely get their judgements one day" Lily said.

"Thank you Lily" Madam Hope said after they broke the hug. 

"Study and sleep early so you won't get tired tomorrow" She said and Lily nodded. 

"Goodnight" Madam Hope said and Finally went out of the room. 

Lily sighed and sat down,she opened the milkshake and sipped from it,taking the snacks also. 



Lily was just getting downstairs after getting dressed for school,she met madam Hope doing her morning duties as usual. 

"Morning madam Hope" She greeted and madam Hope looked up. 

She was about to answer when they both heard Ace coming downstairs,he seems to be in a hurry as he rushed to climb down the stairs. 

"Morning sir" Madam Hope greeted with a bow while Lily made eyes contact with him. 

"Good morning" She also greeted but Ace answered neither of them. 

He ignored the greetings and went out without saying a word. 

Lily sighed out. 

'Is he still angry because I touched his phone??' She thought.

"Are you okay?" Madam Hope asked Lily and she nodded. 

"You know,you don't have to judge too soon,I'm sure he will get to know how important you are very soon. 

Lily nodded.

"And besides,you don't act like a wife either" Madam Hope smiled. 

Lily looked at her. 

"Wife?? How should I do that??" She asked.

Madam Hope chuckled. 

"You want to learn?" She asked. 

"Hmm...I feel like I have no choice,I can't even leave even if I want to" Lily muttered. 

Madam Hope nodded with a smile. 

"Why don't you eat breakfast first? We can start that when you're back from school" She said. 

Lily sighed and followed her to the dinning room,she sat down and Madam Hope started dishing out the meal. 

"You've been staying here for more than two weeks already,do you think he's that bad??" Madam Hope asked and Lily looked up. 

"Uhm.....I don't think so" She muttered and ate a spoonful of rice. 

"But...he's scary" She added and lick her lips. 

Madam Hope nodded. 

"You're right,it's really hard to get along with him. I understand you" She said. 

"But then,that night...he carried me in,even after yelling at me,do you think he was worried that I might get cold?" Lily asked. 

"Maybe??" Madam Hope said and Lily nodded. 

"But then....he said I'm not his type" Lily mumbled. 

"Really? He said so?? When??" Madam Lily asked instantly. 

"I overheard him talking to his dad once,he said I'm too tiny. He want girls with big butt and b**bs" Lily said sadly. 

"You look sad...what..don't tell me you like him....."

"No I don't" She immediately said making Madam Hope laugh. 

"That sounds like a lie" She said. 

Lily rolled her eyes. 

"I don't like him" She mumbled. 

"Well....Sir Ace doesn't look like someone who likes soft girls like you,but we can make him regret saying that"  Madam Hope said and Lily looked at her with confused look. 

"What do you mean?" She asked. 

"I mean...Slim girls are the hottest,we can teach him a lesson by making him realize how hot you are" Madam Hope smirked. 


"We can start from your dressing and confidence" Madam Hope said and Lily let out a sigh. 

"So...what do you think??" Madam Hope asked. 

"I don't.....mind it" Lily took her lips in nervously and itch her hair. 

"Then great....come back home early today. We will start by getting you a new hairstyle and getting you hot dresses,not this" Madam Hope said.

"But....how do we get money?? I can't ask him for that,he wouldn't even give me" Lily said. 

"Don't worry,it's on me. I have made more than enough since I started working here,you can pay me back later when our cold devil fall in love with you" Madam Hope said and Lily chuckled. 

"Now eat up" 

Lily nodded and continue eating. 



Ace stepped down from his car and closed the door back,he looked left and right and stared at the picture on his phone. This particular street in Paris seems to be always busy,he looked at the building on his phone again before he started walking. 

"Excuse me" He called a young lady who turned back at once,she gasped when she saw him.

"oh mon dieu il est si beau" she said in French. 

English translation....(Oh my God,He's so handsome). 

Ace didn't really hear her since she only mumbled it under her breath. 

"Can you please describe where this place is?" He asked,showing her the image on his phone. 

"Oh,it's not really far from here,just follow this road,straight down. It's a grocery store,a popular one in this area" The lady said. 

"Merci(Thanks)"  Ace smiled.

"Je vous en prie(You're welcome)" She said. 

Ace turned back and entered his car,he took the same location the woman had described and in just two minutes,he stopped in front of the grocery store. 

"Why here??" Ace muttered,looking at the building for some seconds before getting down. 

He walked into the store and the first person he sighted was the image looking exactly like his mom,no..she's his mom. 

The woman he have been searching for,all his life. The main reason why he never for once argued with his father on the work he does,maybe he thought his mom would resent him if she knew the kind of life he's living,but unfortunately,she doesn't seem like someone who cares if he's living or not. 

"Hey you!" His mom yelled at one of the stuffs who immediately apologized. 

"She owns this place" Ace mumbled and looked around,she's quite rich. 

"Do you want anything young man?" His mom asked,walking toward him. 

'She doesn't even recognize me' Ace thought and fold his fist. 

"Young man?" She called again. 

Immediately,Ace turned and stepped out of the store only to find Loretto standing before him. 

Ace was shocked. 

"Fa....ther" he called,almost stammering. 

Loretto ignored him and started walking away,Ace watched as a car stopped beside him and Loretto entered,the car went off. 

Ace bite his bottom lip,trying to control his tear.

"Do you need help??" He heard his mom's voice again but instead of turning back,he entered his car and drove off in full speed. 

He had to stop somewhere after some distance to cry in silence,but then Loretto's call came on and he answered the call at once,it's a video call connecting to the car mini smart tv screen. 

"Do you really think your mom cares about you?!! I f**king warned you not to look for her,you never for once obeyed me. I guess you should be happy now that you found her" Loretto said and hung up again once. 

*No more tears!! Mafias are strong men,tears and weaknesses are taboos!!* 

He remembers his father's words back then when he was still a kid.


Ace sniffs and wiped his tears. 

"I never had a mom anyway......it's fine" he muttered and took out a stick of cigarette,he lightened it and started the car. 



"Oh gosh,I'm so tired" Lily groaned as she dropped the bags in her hands on the bed. They just got back home from the shopping mall as planned. 

Lily also got her hair washed and styled too. 

"Thank you madam Hope,I really love my new hair look" Lily smiled,staring at herself in the mirror. Her black hair is even more shiny right now and it was also partially curled up. 

"You're welcome" Madam Hope smiled. 

"Now I'm hungry" Lily said and they both laughed. 

"Before we go and eat,you remember everything I told you right??" Madam Hope asked. 

"Yes,but what if he returns late or doesn't even come home tonight??" Lily asked. 

"I'm sure he will come home tonight,just make sure he sees you,okay?" 

Lily sighed and nodded. 

"Can we go and eat now?" She asked. 

"Yes sure,my foodie" Madam Hope held her hand and they both walked out of Lily's room. 



Ace gulped down another glass of wine and sighed,he just hated the fact that he doesn't get drunk easily at this moment. 

He wanted to get drunk and forget everything he saw today but seems like it's not working. 

Just then,someone sat down beside him and he turned to see Scar smiling at him.

"Scar?" He called. 

"Why are you here alone? You should have called me earlier" Scar said,pouring herself a glass. 

"How did you know I was here??" Ace asked 

"Godfather told me" Scar said and Ace scoffed. 

"You can go,I want to be alone" Ace muttered. 

"I know that's a lie" Scar said and got up,she sat down on his laps and cupped his face softly. 

"You look more handsome each time I see you" She muttered and slowly went for his lips,her lips almost met his own when he turned his face away and her lips touched his cheek instead. 

"I'm not in the mood for this,leave" Ace muttered.

"Then,should I bring you to the mood??" Scar smirked seductively and climbed down from his laps. She went down and tried unhooking his belt. 

"Scar!" Ace half yelled and she frowned. 

"Can you tell me what your problem is right now?? Why do you suddenly love yelling at me?? I'm doing what I know you love alot...."

"Love?? Says who??" Ave asked and Scar stood up.

"Can you tell me why you're doing this?! Huh?? We haven't had s*x for days and it's killing me!! You know how much I'm addicted to you..."

"Get rid of that addiction" Ace stood up.


"I'm married,not f**king you anymore,get that into your skull" Ace muttered and walked out. 

Scar blinked her eyes,looking so stunned. Did Ace just said he's married and wouldn't f**k her anymore?? 

"No,that's not true. He's just kidding" She chuckled and ran out of the lounge also. 

She found him about driving off. 

"Hey Ace!!" She called but Ace ignored her and drove out of the bar. 


Ace drove into the white house and immediately the guards ran to him,they opened the door for him and bowed. 

"Welcome boss" 

"Yeah" Ace mumbled and slowly went inside. 

He entered the living room and met Lily alone,studying,he rolled his eyes and was about going toward the stairs when...

"Welcome" Lily's voice made him stop. 

He turned back and Lily also stood up. 

Ace raised his brows when he saw her,she was looking totally different. 

From her pretty face,her pretty lips and then down to her body. She was wearing a set of red two pieces crop top bodycon shorts,hugging her skin figure perfectly,her flat tummy and her revealed sexy bellybutton. 

Ace couldn't even pretend to look away as he kept on staring,down to her straight slim white legs. 

Okay now,what the f**k is his little bride trying to do?? He looked up again and their eyes met. 

"Are you okay??" Lily asked and walked closer to him.

"You don't look good,did something happened??" She tried touching his head but Ace grabbed her hand and she stopped moving. 

"Next time you appear in front of me this way......I might lose the remaining self control in me,your legs will suffer the most" He mumbled and went upstairs. 

Lily bite her lips. 

"Did that work??" She asked in a mutter. 


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