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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 23 & 24




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 23 & 24

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             



         🖤DRILL YOUR HOLE🖤


Ace?!!!!!!!' She screamed inwardly as her eyes grew more wider in total shock and confusion,what is Ace doing here??

The students kept on screaming and taking countless pictures of him. 

👥 Gosh!! He's so hot!!

👥 Who is he??

👥 Is he a celebrity I don't know?!!!

👥 His lips!!!

Ace and Lily's eyes came in contact and she saw him smirked before sliding his hands into his pockets. 

'That's just like him,arrogance' Lily said inwardly and scoffed. 

Ace started walking and passed her side going deeper into the school. 

"Can't believe I imagined he's here for me" Lily muttered as she turned to look at him,some students even followed him. 

Lily sighed out and continued her walk to the gate,by the time she reached there,Roger and Walter were waiting for her already. 

"Sorry I'm late" Lily said. 

"No,it's fine. I was about coming into the school" Roger said and Lily smiled. 

"Thank you" She uttered and went in gently. 

Roger and Walter also entered and the car started. 

"Do you know why he's here??" Lily asked. 

"The boss??" Walter asked and Lily nodded. 

"No idea,maybe he has a friend here??" Roger said in a question like tone. 

"Ohhh" Lily mumbled and brought out a lollipop from her bag,she unwrapped it and put it in her mouth,she used her earpiece and closed her eyes as the slow song took her soul in a sweet way.  



Roxanna got down from the car and grabbed her bag,ignoring the guards who tried helping her. She went inside hoping not to meet anyone home,but unluckily her mom was home,sitting right in the living room,her laptop on her laps while sipping from the wine in her hand. 

Kathy looked up when Roxanna entered. 

"Oh,you're back" She smiled. 

Roxanna rolled her eyes and turned toward the stairs. 

"How can you ignore your mom that way??" Kathy called after her and Roxanna stopped. 

"Mom?? Is don't think I have a mom anywhere" She muttered.

"What the h*ll are you talking about??" Kathy frowned. 

"Being an orphan is better!!!" Roxanna yelled. 

"You are never home,you spend your entire life in the office,and when you're finally home,you only work. You don't even care maybe I'm living or not,you don't care!!!!" Roxanna screamed in tears.

Kathy dropped her laptop and stood up. 

"You're not a kid Roxanna,you're twenty and I'm sure you should understand that I need to work to take care of you,I'm doing everything because of you baby...."

"Stop using me as an excuse,I'm tired of it" Roxanna cut her off. 

"It's not an excuse,it's the fact....."

"I see you really don't understand what I'm trying to say.....and then,how could you give Edward the code to this house?? He's a stranger mom....."

"Stop it Roxanna!! I've told you countless times that Edward and I will get married and he will definitely adopt you,he will become your dad officially...."

"I reject that!!! If you're going to marry him,I'm going to kill myself!!!!!" Roxanna yelled and ran upstairs. 

"Roxanne!!!" Kathy called but Roxanna ignored it,she heard her door closing loudly upstairs and she sighed. 

Her ringing phone made her return to her seat,after receiving the call,she continue working. 



"Did something happened between you and Ace??" Razor asked as he walked toward the car with Scar beside him .

"Why are you asking? Because I asked you to go with me to the mall??" Scar asked. 

"Isn't it weird?" Razor opened the car and entered.

"You're driving" He muttered and Scar frowned.


"I'm following you,you're the one shopping,isn't this fair enough??" Razor smirked. 

Scar scoffed and entered,she started the car and drove out. 

"Are you close with...Spudz?" Razor asked. 

"Why are you asking me that?? Did you see us together or something??" Scar scoffed. 

"She's always staring at you,wait,is she a....."

"I don't want to hear it,well I won't be surprised too. I mean,I'm hot you know??" Scar chuckled and flaunt her hair. 

Razor laughed shortly.

"That's funny" He said and suddenly looked at the side mirror of the car. 

"I think a car is following us" He muttered. 

"A car??" Scar looked at him. 

"Yeah" Razor replied. 

"What do we do??" Scar asked.

"Slow down,this place is quite cool to kill" Razor winked at her and she chuckled. 

Scar slowed down like Razor said and a minute later,the car following them caught up and crossed the road making them stop. 

Four men came out of the car with metal planks in their hands. 

"You should have just stayed in your hidden home,how can you think of going around safely even after what you did?" One of them asked. 

"Do you know them?" Scar asked. 

"Guess they are Tanzer's men" Razor replied and Scar scoffed. 

"Such guts,so y'all didn't die?? You decided to come here to die on your own? Dumb asses" Scar said. 

The men hanged the planks on their shoulders and started walking toward them. 

Scar and Blade turned their backs on each other,Blade fold his fists ready to destroy with his punch as his eyes traveled all over the men's bodies. 

"Handle one,I will take down the other two" He said.

"What do you take me for?? Take two and I take the other two,fifty fifty" Star said.

"I should have known you're so stubborn,we are not holding any weapon you know?" Razor said. 

"I don't care though...." As she finished saying that,they both disengaged and at a time they kicked one of their preys. 

Razor snap kicked the second one who tried hitting the plank on his head,he lose his balance and the plank fell from his hand,he tried taking it again but Razor stepped on his hand and he groaned. 

The second one came rushing from the back,Razor immediately turned and punched his tummy with his two fists with a lot of strength. 

"Ah!" Came the cry as blood spilled out of his mouth. 

"Oops" Razor chuckled and shifted back before the blood could touch him,he jumped up and his leg sole landed on the man's head,he fell on his face. Before he could think of getting up,Razor stepped on his head as he ran toward the second one who succeeded and hitting his arm with the metal. 

Razor glared at him dangerously,the man started shaking in fear,moving backward whole Razor followed,he grabbed the plank from him at once and hit him on the face,neck and then his head. 

Screams of agony covered the air. 

Scar was still fighting too,the first man was already on the ground fighting for his life while the second one was trying hard to save himself from Scars strangle,she was pressing his neck with the plank in her hand. 

The man's face was totally red,he couldn't even breathe. 

Scar chuckled. 

"Next time,Know who the h*ll you're dealing with" She muttered and kicked him from the back,he fell flat on his face. 

"Let's go" Razor said

"Bye losers" Scar grinned. 

They both entered the car and drove off in full speed. 



Lily stood up from her reading table and yawned while stretching her body,she suddenly stood still. 

'What did Ace went to do in my school today??' She thought and started pacing round the room restlessly. 

"Was it about me??" She muttered,biting her nails.

"Wait,he went out just now right? Should I go and check maybe I will find something?" She took her lip in and immediately walked out of her room. 

She tiptoed to Ace's room and gently opened the door,the mini sitting room was empty so she entered. She tiptoed toward the bedroom,she stretched her neck to see if he's inside but still it's empty,and luckily for her,his phones are laying on the bed.

"Perfect" she grinned and immediately rushed to the bed. She took the phone.....

"What are you doing?" The voice almost made her scream. 

She quickly dropped the phone and looked up to see Ace,he was just coming out of the bathroom,still looking wet with only the towel tied around his waist. 

His wet hair sticky to his face,his now red lips looking sexy and then his hot abs. 

Lily's eyes traveled all over his body and she swallowed.

"I'm asking you a question,what were you doing on my phone?!" Ace half yelled and Lily flinched but she couldn't talk. 

Ace started walking closer,she also moved backward and when he got really close,she fell and her butt landed on the bed. 

"I'm......I'm...sorry.,....I was just...." She stopped when Ace put his two hands on the bed,capturing her in the middle,their faces just few inches away. Lily looked down,scratching her fingers together.

"Look up" Ace said in his sexy voice and Lily slowly looked up,again their face really closed that she could feel his fresh mint breath against her face. 

"What punishment...do you think you deserve??" He asked softly and Lily swallowed before shaking her head. 

"I promise I won't come here again,please let me go" She said in a shaking voice. 

"You should know I'm not that nice" Ace chuckled but it turned into a frown almost immediately. 

Lily took her bottom lip in and let it out again

Ace slowly leaned closer to her ear and whispers.....

"Why don't you start by taking off your clothes??" He asked. 

Lily bashed her lashes in shock. 

"For....for....what??" She stammered. 

"I'm drilling your hole,you don't have to know the meaning,you will learn when I start with you. Take off your clothes while I'm still nice" Ace said in a serious tone. 

Lily's body shaking in fears. 

"What are you waiting for? Do you want to die??" Ace glared at her. 

Lily broke into tears and started unbuttoning her pajama shirt. 


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