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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 21 & 22




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 21 & 22

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R.             


            πŸ–€RED FERRARIπŸ–€


"What are you talking about?" He asked.

"If you want to eat me up and suck me....that makes you a vampire!" Lily said. 

Ace's eyes grew even more wider. 

"What the f**k did father gave me as a wife??" He muttered in complete shock. 

"What..am I wrong??" Lily asked. 

Ace sighed and ignored her,he didn't say another word as he simply went downstairs. 

Lily took her bottom lip in and shook her head.

"What does he mean by that then??" She asked herself but decided to forget about it. She closed her books and walked into the kitchen,she opened the fridge and grabbed one of the milkshakes she sent madam Hope to get for her,staying here for days without having a taste of her favorite is like a punishment. 

After taking the milkshake and a straw,she returned to the living room and packed her books. 

'I will just continue in my room' she thought and went upstairs. 

The moment she entered her room,her phone rang. It's Leo calling,a smile escaped her lips and she immediately answered the call. 


She sat down on the bed. 



Leo chuckled. 



Leo hung up and Lily sighed.

"Now it's boring again" she mumbled and uncapped the bottle in her hand,opening her books again. 



Roxanna smiled brightly when she finally finished sticking the picture on the wall,it's the picture of her unknown crush. She only saw him once but she fell in love with him more than she ever imagined. 

"Gosh,He's so handsome!!" She gushed,touching his pink lips on the wall.

"When will I see you again?? I'm going crazy here prince charming" she muttered and placed her cheek on his face. 

She was still there when someone started banging the door,she raised her head up.

"Open the door right now!!" She heard her stepfather's voice and her heart skipped a beat,she always wants to ignore but she knew she would definitely die next. 

She sluggishly walked to the door and opened it,revealing her angry step dad,Edward glaring at her. 

He pushed her inside and she fell on the floor

"How dare you report me to your mom??!! How dare you!!" He yelled. 

Roxanna stood up with fear written all over her face,she should have known her mom would definitely tell him everything she had said. 

"You told her I'm abusing you??" He asked

"You are doing it again!!! Stop it!!" Roxanna shouted and he slapped her face. 

"You still have the gut to shout at me??" He grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall,tears rolling down Roxanna's eyes. 

"Take it or leave it,I am your dad...."

"You're just after my mom's wealth....." 

"Shut up!!" Edward yelled,tightening his grip on her neck making her cough. 

"If you dare to get on my way again,I will get rid of you. And you know what?? Kathy is so much in love with me that she wouldn't even hear what the f**k you are telling her,so stay out of my business if you love your life" Edward said and pushed her on the floor before walking out of the room,closing the door loudly. 

Roxanna broke into tears. 

Her mom is a single parent,Roxanna didn't grow up with her dad in the house,they got divorced when she was eight years old and since then her mom,Kathy was the only one taking care of her. Kathy is from a wealthy family while her father wasn't,which was definitely the cause of most of their fights because Kathy acts so bossy when it comes to her husband,she doesn't even give him the respect he deserves simply because he's not as rich as she is. 

After he left,which was twelve years ago,Kathy never cared about men,until few months ago when he met Edward and she fell in love with him helplessly,she's always a busy woman and hardly at home,giving Edward all the access in her house. 

Roxanna screamed out painfully,more tears rolling down her eyes,she got up and took some money from her bag,she ran out of her room and went downstairs. 

"Ma'am,where are you....."

"Shut up!!!" Roxanna yelled at the maids and ran out of the house,she didn't bother taking the car as she ran in the estate in tears,not minding the cold. 

She walked into a supermarket and bought a pack of cigarettes and lighter. 

Walking out of the supermarket while trying to lighten a stick,she bumped into some group of drunkards 

"Hey!!!" One of them yelled at her. 

Roxanna ignored him and turned to go but was dragged back roughly.

"How dare you try to leave without saying sorry?!!" Another one yelled and pushed her head backward,he continued pushing her till she fell on the ground and they all laughed out loudly. 

Roxanna sat down there,crying silently. 

All of a sudden,someone appeared and jumped down from where Roxanna doesn't even know,he was dressed in all black and his cap almost covered his eyes.  Firstly,he kicked off one of them and he landed faraway. The others looked up in fear and tried running,the cap guy dragged two of them back with their clothes and clashed their head together,they cried out in pain. 

He kicked their ass and they fell,they quickly got up and ran off. 

Roxanna managed to get up,wondering who the guy is. 

"Who.....are.....you??" She stuttered. 

The cap guy turned slowly and Roxanna moved closer to get a perfect view of him,her eyes suddenly widened. 

"Prince charming....." She immediately tried touching him but he moved back more faster. 

"Go home" He muttered and like that he ran off,vanishing without any trace. 

Roxanna followed the direction he took

"Hey!!!! Please stop!!!! Hey!!!" She shouted and squatted,crying again. 

She was so sure it was him,but why did he run again?? And how did he even know she was in trouble to save her? Again,why did he save her?? Does he know her??. 

After crying for some minutes,she got up and started walking up. Even though today was bad,at least she got to see her prince charming. 

The cap guy was watching from a rooftop,when he saw Roxanna leaving,he sighed out and also left. 




The hall was filled up by the gang members,some training alone while some together. 

Nicki and Hermes were standing next to each other,shooting some arrows. 

"What do you think??" Hermes grinned when he got ten points

"Don't be so happy" Nicki said,stretching her own arrow toward the target.

"Bet you won't get up to eight" Hermes said. 

"Wanna bet your d**k??" Nicki asked and Hermes smirked?

"You wanna f**k??" He asked.

"No,I will cut them and use them as wallpapers" Nicki said,without taking her eyes from her target. 

"What the f**k?" Hermes touched his d**k and Nicki chuckled before releasing the bow and it hit directly in the middle. 

"Ten" She smiled and turned to Hermes.

"We didn't bet did we??" He chuckled.

On the other hand,Rambo and Cardi were staring at them. Rambo couldn't even concentrate on what he was doing as he couldn't take his eyes from Nicki,meanwhile Cardi finally had enough,she walked angrily toward them and grabbed Hermes at once,she pulled his face down and slammed her lips on his own. 

πŸ‘₯ Gasps.

All eyes on them.

"What the f**k??" Blondie chuckled

"That's insane" Flash muttered

"I know right?" Blondie said

Hermes broke the kiss and pushed Cardi off

"What the f**k are you doing?" He asked angrily. 

Cardi ignored him and turned to Nicki.

"Stay away from him you b*tch" She said.

"Cardi!" Hermes shouted.

"She should stay away from you while I'm being nice!!" Cardi yelled. 

Hermes grabbed her hand roughly and began dragging her out of the hall. 

Nicki rolled her eyes without saying a word,she turned back to what she was doing. 

Rambo came over. 

"Hey" He called and Nicki looked at him.

"Are you okay??" He asked.

"Did something happened??" Nicki asked,as she released her bow and again hit the target.

"What??" Rambo asked.

"I mean....why won't I be okay?? I'm not really moved you know??" She smiled and Rambo chuckled. 


"Let me go!!" Cardi yelled as they got outside,Hermes released her hand

"What was that sh*t for??" He asked

"I'm just protecting what's mine,any problem??" She asked.

"I don't understand,what is yours??" Hermes asked.


Hermes laughed and Cardi frowned. 

"You're mentally not okay,I can sense that. Just because of one time f**k,you think i like you?? You came to me with your p**sy yourself,nobody in his right mind will reject that,it was really cold and being inside you felt warm enough. But don't be mistaken,I don't f**king like you,so stop acting crazy and stay away from me" Hermes said and walked away. 

Cardi chuckled. 

"Really??" She asked and started laughing loudly. 

"We will see to that....Hermes" She muttered. 




Leo walked out of the class with Lily and Roxanna,it's their last lecture for the day. 

"Seriously Roxanna,you really won't tell us what happened to your face? It's red" Lily said.

"It's nothing" Roxanna muttered. 

"Did someone hit you?? You can tell me and he's dead" Leo said and Roxanna chuckled.

"Come on,who would hit me? I'm quite crazy you know??" She said. 

"I......" Lily wanted to talk.

"Oh,my driver is here. See you tomorrow guys" Roxanna said and immediately walked away. 

Leo and Lily exchanged glances. 

"I think she's hiding something" Leo said. 

"I guess, You think she got into a fight??" Lily asked. 

Leo sighed. 

"But don't worry,if it's something big,Roxanna will definitely tell us,she's not really secretive you know??" Lily said and Leo nodded. 

"Yeah right. I will take you home..."

"No,you can go. I will take the bus,I don't want to stress you" Lily immediately said. 

"Who said you're stressing me??...."

"Leo,don't worry about me. Trust me,I just love going home alone" Lily smiled and Leo raised his brows.

"Since when do you love going home alone?? Are you also lying to me right now??" Leo asked 

"No..no...it's not what you are thinking okay?....."

"Fine,be careful" Leo muttered and got into his car.

"Bye...I will call you when I get home" Lily waved at him. 

Leo nodded and drove off. 

Lily sighed out and started walking to the gate,Roger and Walter will be there soon,since she already called them.  

As she was walking,she was blocked by Venus and her two friends,Danica and Goldie. 

Lily sighed.

"What do you want??" She asked. 

"Don't tell us you're walking home" Venus said mockingly.

"What's the big deal? She's poor anyway" Danica said and they laughed. 

"Can you stop?? You're making a fool of yourself this way" Lily said. 

"What did you just say?" Venus frowned and raised her hand to slap Lily. 

They were interrupted by the red Ferrari LaFerrari that entered into the school with full speed. 

They gasped out loudly. 

"Isn't that the latest Ferrari in town?!!!" Venus screamed. 

Alot of students are already screaming,some making videos already. 

Venus and her friends ran off to join the other students who were eager to see who owns the car. 

πŸ‘₯ OH gosh!! This is money!!

πŸ‘₯ The owner is definitely not a student!!.

Lily was still standing where she was until the car stopped few distance from her. The door opened and the image stepped down looking like a none human as he almost killed the female students with the swag and hotness. 

πŸ‘₯ Oh Mine!!!!!

Some girls fainted

πŸ‘₯ Is he a god?!!

πŸ‘₯ What the f**k!!!!

He removed his sunglasses and brushed his hair backward with his fingers in a sexy way. 

πŸ‘₯ Just kill me!!!!!

Lily's eyes went incredibly wide when she saw his face.

'Ace?!!!!!!!' She screamed inwardly. 


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