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Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 1 & 2




Married To A Mafia Boss - Episode 1 & 2

SUBTLE: Ruthless Heart

THEME: His Little Bride

GENRES: Dark/Couples Romance/Action/Erotica

TAGS: Contract Marriage,Mafias,Deaths,Bloody,Suspense,Secrets,Cold Hearted,College,Jealousy,M*rders,Love Triangles,Rivals,Age Gap,S£x.

Written By, Summer Gold R. 



                  💞DEAL WITH THE DEVIL💞




Regina opened the mail box in Front of the house and brought out the only letter inside,she checked it out with quite a confused face,she wasn't expecting any mail but she was surprised just now when the mail boy dropped one inside their box so that's why she came out for it. 

"Honey!" She called as soon as she entered the house

Austin who was sitting down on the couch reading the newspaper as usual with his glasses looked up

"What's the matter??"He asked

"Were you expecting a mail?" Regina asked,settling on the next couch

"No,did we get one??" Austin asked

"Of course,here" Regina handed the letter to him and he dropped the news paper in his hand before taking it from her,he opened it carefully,but as he read the headline,his eyes grew wide and he adjusted on the couch,getting the attention of Regina who got curious immediately.

"What's that?" She asked

Austin finished reading the letter and gave it to her

"It's from..........godfather" Austin mumbled and Regina's eyes widened also

"Just one day left?!! How come you forgot about this?!!" Regina shouted

"Calm down honey,it's nineteen years already,I swear I totally lost count" Austin said

"So what are we suppose to do?? You know how dangerous he is,just twenty four hours..."

"Where do you expect me to get such amount of money??" Austin asked and Regina lookrd at him

"What are you trying to say??" She asked

"I'm saying,if he insist on collecting the moment back before twenty four hours,then we have no choice" Austin said and Regina stood up at once

"You're not planning to give my daughter out right?" 

"Then should he kill us all?!" Austin snapped

"How dare you say that?!!!" Regina yelled but immediately Austin's phone rang and they both froze.

"Don't answer that call" Regina said immediately but like a magic,the phone answered itself and the deep voice of Loretto came on

"Your time is clicking already Austin,bring my money right here or you give me your daughter as promised" 

Austin and Regina were shaking already but Austin spoke up

"What...what....will you ....do to my daughter??" He asked

"Simple....she will get married to my son" Loretto said

Regina and Austin exchanged glances

"The countdown starts...don't make me call you again"

The call hung up 

"Marriage??" Regina and Austin faced each other at a time with both fear and confusion written on their faces. 




"That sounds interesting" Nicki chuckled after Godfather Loretto finished telling them details about their next mission

"As if she's gonna bomb it" Cardi let out a mocking laughter

The two are known to always be on each other's neck so no one is surprised when Nicki let out an angry glare

"What did you just say??" She asked

"Can we just keep quiet?? Godfather isn't done yet" Scar groaned 

"Silence" Loretto said in his low and deep voice which sent total silence across the whole room. 

"You're moving tomorrow morning,this isn't like our usual night missions so you need to be well prepared,any mistake and you're dead" Loretto said

The gang members said no word

"Blondie,you're not going with them" Loretto said and Blondie stood up immediately


"No argument" Loretto snapped and Blondie made the face which caused everyone to laugh out. She's the youngest and is almost counted out of most missions since she was the last to join,Just few months ago,She was brought in by Ace. 

"Sorry doll" Hermes said

"Stop calling me that!" Blondie snapped

"Maybe when you stop acting like one" Flash said and Blondie glared at him

"I've not seen Ace all day" Scar said

"He went on the ship mission alone" Nicki said and Scar's eyes widened

"What?!! That's dangerous Godfather!" Scar said loudly but quickly controlled herself

Almost immediately,the door opened and Ace came in,everyone stood up instantly,he was half covered with blood while holding a box in his hand,his face look so cold as usual

"Ace!" Scar called and immediately rushed to hug him tightly

Ace stood still as Scar hugged her to her satisfaction before letting go. 

"Are you okay?? Blood...."

"Not mine" Ace said lowly and left her front,he dropped the box in front of Loretto and he smirked

"Good job son" Loretto said and got up

"You should take over from here,see me in my suite after you're done,we have something to talk about" Loretto said

Everyone bowed as he walked out of the red room with the box Ace brought.

"Hey" Razor smirked at Ace

"Take over,I'm not in the mood for this" Ace muttered and walked out of the red room. 

"He didn't see me" Blondie mumbled sadly after doing her best to get his attention but still got ignored

"Am I the only one or Ace is getting more handsome??" Cardi asked and Scar frowned

"Back off bitch" She said immediately

"Silence!" Razor groaned and there was silence

"We should talk about how we are moving tomorrow,not this" Razor said

"Fine,go on" Nicki rolled her eyes



Ace entered and met Loretto in the cella taking his favorite wine

"Oh,you're here" Loretto let out the smile that Ace hates so much

"What do you want to talk about?? Need to get these shits out of my body"  Ace said,referring to the blood all over his body

"Can you be less harsh son??" 

"Do you need me or not" Ace said

Loretto left the cella for a minute and returned with something like a file,he gave it to Ace who opened it impatiently. 

He read the content and he looked up with a cold frown

"What is the meaning of this??" He asked

"What does it looks like?" Loretto asked

"I'm getting married??" Ace asked and Loretto smiled

"To who the f**k?" Ace snapped

"You will find out tomorrow" Loretto smiled

"Stop making that smiley face as if what you're saying is making any damn sense!!" Ace snapped

Loretto dropped his wine and moved closer,no smile on his face this time around

"You need a wife who will give you a son...that would probably take over after you. Just like me" Loretto said 

"Was that the reason why you got married to mom?? Just because you wanted the next devil like you??" Ace asked and Loretto laughed

"You should know by now that you can't go against me son,you're getting married and you're getting a son....."

"You're saying sh*t,I'm not getting married,,not interested in love sh*t,you taught me that remember??"  Ace said

"You can't fall in love,I'm not asking you to fall in love with her,all you need is the child" Loretto said

"Talking about this,where did you send my mom to after she had me??" Ace asked and Loretto frowned

"I told you she's fine son,don't make me change my mind. Do what I'm telling you to do" he said

"You better be sure she's fine,,if you dare hurt her then I will kill you by myself,I swear Loretto" Ace said and glared at him before walking out of the room,slamming the door behind him. 



"F**k,I'm tired" Roxanna complained as she walked out of their last class for the day with Lily who was quiet as she ate the hamburger hungrily

"Chill babe!" Roxanna laughed

"I'm super hungry" Lily said with a pout

"You're always hungry but you never get fat" Leo joined them,standing beside Lily making her stay in the middle

They are best friends

"Are you body shaming me?" Lily frowned

Leo chuckled and wiped her lips

"Go easy,the food isn't running away,foodie" Leo winked

"That's not funny" Lily scoffed and continue eating

"Oh,my driver is here. I will see you guys tomorrow" Roxanna said as she saw her car approaching

"Go learn how to drive come on" Leo groaned

"I don't want to" Roxanna smirked and walked away leaving Leo and Lily

"I will drop you home" Leo said and Lily looked up with her cute small eyes

"You're the nicest person I know Leo" She said cutely

Leo smiled and looked away

"Stop saying that like I'm some stranger,get in" Leo said and opened the door for her

Lily chuckled and entered

Leo also got in and he drove out of the school

Lily focused on the hamburger all through while Leo steal countless glances from her till he stopped in front of their house.

"We are here" Leo said and Lily smiled

"I will talk to you later Leo" she bowed and ran in 

Leo stood there for another one minute before he finally drove off. 


Just as Lily was about opening the door leading to the living room,she heard her parents talking and she stopped. 

"How are we supposed to tell our daughter she's getting married?? She's just nineteen" Regina said and Lily's eyes grew wide in shock

"She will be twenty soon...."

"So f**king what?? She's still in college for heaven sake" 

"So are we supposed to watch till we get killed?? Who said she can't be married and at the same time be in college?? You should think about our lives first woman" 

"You're so greedy..."

"Oh now I'm greedy?? Do you know you two were the reason I borrowed money from the devil?!!" 

Lily opened the door and her parents turned at once

"Baby" Regina faked a smile

"Who am I getting married to?? And...why??" Lily asked softly,looking totally confused

"I can explain daughter....."

"You're using me as a collateral?? Is that it??" Lily asked,tears dropping from her eyes


"Keep your explanation to yourself!" Lily cried and ran inside

She entered her room and locked the door immediately,falling on the bed to cry her eyes out

"Baby!!" Regina came knocking on the door but she didn't open. 



Scar entered Ace's room and met him smoking crazily as usual,he was staring out of the window,shirtless,she smiled and walked closer. She was only in her sexy transparent nightie. 

"Why are you here?" Ace asked even without turning back

Can his voice ever sound less cold??

"I'm here for you" Scar whispers when she got close to him,she hugged him from the back and rubbed his sexy abs. 

Ace ignored her flirting and continue smoking

He got close to Scar and Razor more than any other in the penthouse ever since his father started training them. He love Razor because his skills is almost as good as his own,Scar is also super smart. That was how their friendship started but right now,they are more like fuck mates. 

"Don't ignore me and tell me what's wrong,I'm here to make you feel better" Scar said in a seductive voice before placing a kiss on his back. 

Ace dropped his weed and faced her

"I'm getting married" He threw the bomb and Scar moved back in shock

"WTF?!" She shouted

"That's what Godfather wants" Ace muttered,walking to the wine cellar

Scar ran after him and hugged him again

"You're not following that order right?? Tell me you're not" She said,resting her head on his back

"I have no choice" Ace muttered

"No" Scar broke the hug and moved to his front

"I don't want to think about it right now okay?? I don't want to think about you falling in love with......"

"Love is sh*t,I'm not into that sh*t and you know that so never mention that word in front of me again" Ace said bluntly

Scar smiled

"I know,I'm just trying to be sure" She said,touching his cheek

"How about we forget that and have a nice marathon f**k?? I'm all wet for you" She lick her teeth

"You won't be able to walk tomorrow morning" Ace smirked

"We have a mission in the morning" Scar said

"Who cares?" Ace carried her and she wrapped her legs around his waist,her hands around his neck with his face buried in her b**bs. 

"I don't care either" She said 

Ace spanked her @ss and she m_aned out 

"You don't have a pantie on" Ace whispers in a voice that's enough to bring out some crazy flood from her hole

"F**k,I might go crazy soon Ace,do it" Scar groaned

Right there,Ace undid his trouser and shoved his d**k inside her p**sy. 

"Ahh!! Yes!!!"


To be continued....

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