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Johnson Jr. - Last Episode




Johnson Jr. - Last Episode

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


The next day came, it was the day Cynthia was going to overseas to study, I couldn't feel myself, my heart felt heavy, I couldn't even eat breakfast, what's wrong with me? What was happening, I never felt like this before, Could it be that I'm in love? Damn! I tried to shake the feeling but I couldn't, I bathe and dressed, then I went to the airport to see Cynthia's departure, as I arrived she was already with her family, I went straight to them and she saw me, She came and hugged me tightly and so did I, I hate to admit, but I was really in love with her. 

Cynthia ➡ hey

Johnson ➡ Hey, Cynthia listen I want to tell you something! 

Cynthia ➡ What is it? 

Johnson ➡ I've always loved you ever since I saw you in class, I just couldn't express my feelings to you and tell you how I feel. 

Cynthia ➡ Oh, John, I've always loved you too, I'm sorry we had to part like this, and thank you for stopping me that day in my house, I'm grateful for that and you're a true gentleman. Thank you! 

She couldn't kiss me in front of her family so she hugged me instead it was like she was never going to let go, the plane was ready to take off so she left and entered the passengers route and straight into the plane, I didn't leave the Airport till Cynthia's plane took off and was completely out of site. 

Weeks passed since Cynthia left and life went on but not for  me, I didn't sleep with any of my bitches and I didn't call them either! I wasn't in the mood too and as the days went by I wrote my jamb and successfully passed, Pop was proud of me, so in celebration, The Johnson family organized a party, partying, drinking and even fucking some bitches whom I've never seen, I didn't take part in it, I left the house while they did that, So when the registration had started I went and did it and soon I went and collected my admission letter. 

I was soon going to start university and I had to wait for it to resume, So one Saturday afternoon, I was resting in my room, my phone rang, I checked the Caller and it was Kate,. Its been long since we've called or seen each other, so I picked the call. 

Johnson ➡ Afternoon Kate, its been a while. 

Kate ➡ Yes, johnny boy, you've completely gone off the radar! You no longer call or come see me! So you're done with me huh? 

Johnson ➡ Sorry Kate, its not like that, I've just been feeling depressed lately. 

Kate ➡ Wow, sorry, but I've got news for you! 

Johnson ➡ What is it?.. 

Kate ➡ Felicia's pregnant! 

Johnson ➡ Really? Congratulations 

Kate ➡ Johnny boy it's urs!... 

Johnson ➡ What? How?.... 

Kate ➡ Oh pls, remember the first time we met, that night we had s+x, all three of us!... 

Johnson ➡ Yes, but that was two months ago... 

Kate ➡ No three.. You fucked us without condoms and it was Felicia that took most of ur cum so.. You see you knocked her up and impregnated her. 

Johnson ➡ This can't be happening! 

Kate ➡ Oh, it is, she's three month old now! I also heard you got other ladies pregnant, nice work! 

Here I'll send you the picture of Felicia! 

She sent the pic, and truth be told, she was really pregnant and not only her Vivian and Ifeoma too? And besides how did she know I impregnated them? This was too much, three ladies are carrying my babies in their wombs, and now I'm just on the verge of entering university and now this hits, Damn! 

Johnson ➡ so Kate was going to happen? 

Kate ➡ Oh nothing, But I want you to do me a small favor! 

Johnson ➡ Which is?... 

Kate ➡ Impregnate me as well!. 

Johnson ➡ What?? I can't..... 

Kate ➡ Oh yes, you will and you must, you got the woman I loved and married,  pregnant  and I also want one! And if you think of trying anything funny, Ur demise will be greater than that of Mr gesinde! So get ur @$$ over here quick. 

I couldn't believe this, she's wants to me to knock her up? How do I know she won't turn this on me? Well I better go if not, I won't be lucky this time. I bathe, got dressed and took one of Mallam Garba's powerful sex drug, and took off, She wants to get pregnant huh? She Will definitely. 

I arrived at the house, the guards let me in and I went straight to the main building, as I reached there, the guards opened the door and I entered, but I didn't see Kate, just then, one of the female servants, Showed me to Kate's room, as I arrived I opened the door and behold, there she was on her bed laying down, looking so s#xy, She only had her robe on, under that she was completely naked! 

As I stood there watching the female servants remove my clothes completely, I was now naked, Kate watched with fascination, She fingered herself as she watched, I quickly took the drug before I could start fucking Kate, I  climbed the bed and reached out for her, as we were close enough, We started kissing, I pinned her down on the bed, mounted on her body and kissed her, we continued kissing for several minutes , then she pushed me off her and reached for my dick! 

She stroked my d+ck making it really hard, my d+ck was hot and ready to fuck, the veins of my d+ck emerged around it, it stood straight and erect, Kate places her tongue on the tip, licking it slowly, Damn! Her tongue was good, little by little she swallowed and started sucking my d+ck, I sat on the edge of the bed as she sucked me, unlike the other ladies I've fucked, she shoved her face towards my c+ck, she almost swallowed the entire thing, my body twitched as she sucked me I could feel my d+ck down her throat, I grabbed her hair, pushing her face towards my c+ck, She gagged and gagged, it was like she was almost choking! 

I removed my d+ck from her mouth, and made Kate bend down near the edge of the bed with her face on the bed! My d+ck was smeared in her saliva, I rubbed the clock on her face before shoving it inside, her mouth, She again swallowed my d+ck whole, I pounded her throat with my d+ck , my hips moved faster as I f+cked her throat, she kept on gagging but I didn't stop, her eyes were red and were covered in tears, her hands were pushing me slowly but I didn't stop, I hammered her mouth Hardcore, her body twitched as she came hard on the floor, as a result of the f+ck I gave her mouth. 

I pulled out and she gasped for breath. Her face was sweaty and covered in saliva I tore her robe (What? She can buy another one) and placed my d+ck between her b👀bs, I shoved my dick into her bre+sts fucking them, Kate pressed her b👀bs on my d+ck and also sucked my d+ck! She pressed her b👀bs more harder onto my d+ck! God her bre+sts was amazing, her b👀bs sent jolts throughout my body, the feeling was too good, in that moment, I came hard on Kate's face and br+asts, she opened her mouth as I came, she swallowed some of my c+m! 

Kate ➡ Damn! Johnny boy, you almost killed me! You really f+cked my throat good! Damn! That was good!. 

Johnson ➡ Get on the bed and spread ur legs, Bitch! 

Kate ➡ Meowrr, okay boss! 

She crawled like a cat on her bed, tweaking her ass in the process, she laid down and stretched her legs wide open! I reached her and put my fingers inside! I fingerf+cked her hard and good and also licked her c+nt, She let out a m+an as I fingered her, at first I inserted one finger but gradually inserted more fingers into her p+$$y, She m+aned louder, her body trembled as I started pushing more fingers, her legs were shaking, she grabbed the bedsheets pulling them forcefully as she bit her lips, Soon without noticing, I quickly removed my finger and plunged into her p+$$y deep with my d+ck. 

Her eyes widened and she screamed also cumming hard in the process, She passed out after that, her body was covered in sweat and heaved for breath, while she was out, I quickly used the opportunity to payback for what she did to me during the night of the s$€X, She wants to get pregnant right? Well she won't get it the easy way. 

I tied her hands and legs on the edges of the bed, She was stretched like a ram waiting for slaughter, then luckily I found her small whip the one she used on me and held it in my hands. When  she woke up, she was surprised to herself tied!. 

Kate ➡ Johnson what are you doing? 

Johnson ➡ you want to get pregnant right? 

Kate ➡ Yes

Johnson ➡ then I won't be easy for you!.. 

Kate ➡ what do you mean? 

Before she could finish, I used the whip on her c+nt but not forcefully to hurt her, She yelled in pain, she tried to break herself loose but she couldn't, I continued using the whip on her c+nt and other parts of her body like her b👀bs, She screamed and yelled, she cried as I continued punishing her, her screams were getting too loud so I covered her mouth with a piece of cloth. 

Her body twitched as I continued whipping her, she was sweating and dripping tears from her eyes, I dropped the whip and fingered her p+$$y, her eyes widened, her body was twitching like crazy, she want to close her legs but she couldn't, I could feel her c+nt clenching tight on my fingers, I continued finger her c+nt and soon she came hard! 

Her body felt tired but I was just getting started, I removed the cloth from her mouth, and kissed her, her tongue was warm and slippery, I balanced her legs, and  slammed deep into her p+$$y, She screamed as I plunged into her with force, I rammed her c+nt, she moaned louder grabbing on to the clothes I tied her with, I continued firing her c+nt with my d+ck, I felt her p+$$y clenching tighter and tighter around my d+ck, her p+$$y was too sweet and I couldn't hold on, I came deep into her p+$$y, I continued ramming her p+$$y for several minutes the room was filled with her m+ans and the sweet sound of our coliding flesh! I kept fucking and cumming into her pussy, Kate couldn't take it anymore, she also came several times too, It was   like a new energy entered her body, she broke herself  loose from the clothes I tied her with, She pushed me off and mounted on my body, her eyes were wild with lust, She rode on my dick with ferociousness, like some one possessed, I grabbed her hips as she rode me, I drilled her c+nt from under! She placed her hands on my chest as she rode me, her nails dug deep into my chests, she continued riding me faster and faster, She m+aned like she was giving birth, Her b👀bs bounced up and down as she rode me, I sucked on them and bit her n+pples hard, She yelled and her body twitched soon she came hard on my dick, I turned her around and f+cked her do+gie style, she felt flat on her stomach on the bed as I fucked her, I pounded her c+nt deeper and deeper, she m+aned as grabbed onto the bed as I rammed her c+nt, we continued fucking for some minutes, soon I came in to c+nt, she also came as well and we slept together, wrapped on eachother! 

By the time, we woke up, the moon was starting to come out, Kate woke up before I did, when I woke up, Kate's eyes was staring at me, as she was playing with my d+ck! 

Kate ➡ God! That was amazing! The best fuck in my life. You've completely ruined my c+nt! I could barely feel my legs. 

Johnson ➡ Well, you've drained my d+ck empty! 

Kate ➡ I want this feeling, I want you to be fucking me like this, I've never felt so alive. 

Johnson ➡ Well, that could happen but you know I'll be going to university soon. 

Kate ➡ Yes, congratulations but that doesn't mean we should stop seeing eachother! I want you to be my own personal fucker! Forget about the other ladies, I can make ur dreams come true! 

Johnson ➡ what about Felicia? Isn't she ur lover as  well and what about ur rule about getting too intimate? 

Kate ➡ Don't worry about that rule, but Felicia is still mine. 

Johnson ➡ Well its getting late, I need to go home! 

Kate ➡ No spend the night with me here then tomorrow, you can go! Pls

Johnson ➡ Okay I will

We kissed and hugged eachother on the bed, sleeping tightly close, Kate was really falling for me bu t I can't be with her, I have my life ahead of me, So being with her was out of the question, So I started wondering what had occurred during these past months, it was a good one too, fucking all those women! Man it was great but that's all in the past now! Cause I'm looking straight into the future! 

The end!! 


I hope you readers enjoyed reading Johnson Jr but this is not the end of the Lady slayer! 

Season 2 is coming up soon

(Johnson Jr 🔞 campus life)

Season 2

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