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Johnson Jr. - Episode 4 & 5




Johnson Jr. - Episode 4 & 5

Written by Sadiq Infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


I positioned her @$$ and plunged in deep into her p_$$y, Man, it was warm inside and tight, whoever that was f+cking her had a small 🍆 d+ck, I went slow so her p_$$y could adjust to the size of my d+ck, she was m_@ning sweetly, and enjoying what was inside her, her p_$$y held my d+ck tight inside and while I was f_cking her slow, she came! 😣

BigBam ➡Oboy, u fit f_ck oo, ahhhh oya pull out so make I go continue work. 

Johnson ➡(what!?) Wetin u say? 

BigBam ➡Ah, ah, I say remove am now! I wan continue work. 

Johnson ➡You're not okay! 😡

I grabbed her hips and pounded fast and hard into her p_$$y, she was m_aning loudly now, so I covered her mouth 👄 so she won't attract attention to us. I pounded her so hard that she started to cry begging me to stop! I paid no attention to her, I fucked her deep, her p_$$y walls were clinging to my d+ck, the sound of our coliding flesh and her m_ans filled the toilet after some minutes of intense fucking, we both came hard! 

Damn, her p_$$y was heaven 😇 and it sure was a good f_ck but a Johnson never f_cks one hole. So I grabbed her @$$ and inserted my ball into it, to my amazement, my d+ck went in straight and smooth, so I decided to know who did her back there. 

Johnson ➡Who f_ck ur b_ttom? 

BigBam ➡Na my neighbor oo. 

Johnson➡Who him be? 

BigBam ➡The guy na bricklayer, he name na Jonah! 

Johnson ➡Jonah? 😀 Him do good job oo

I plunged into her @$$ and f_cked her hard, damn! (This Jonah guy definitely broke bigbam's @$$ to the core) I twisted my waist and pushed in deep, BigBam wasn't m_@ning like she did when I fucked her p_$$y so I decided to go all out, I pushed in harder and deeper, and I grabbed her melons playing with them, I gently bit her earlobes and pulled her hair! 

BigBam began to m_@n louder than ever, it seems I broke jonahs record, she was busy saying yes, yes encouraging me to go deep, I spanked her ass and kept fucking her @$$  harder and faster. 

After a while, I came deep into her @$$, her legs were shaking and we both were sweating profusely, so I quickly clean myself and walked out of the toilet and then, straight to class. 

So while, I was in the class, thinking 💭 about what happened in the toilet, our stupid principal came into the class and started saying meaningful and stupid things. 

Principal ➡Afternoon class, I've heard rumors about student have affairs with the school staffs, let me warn such sinful act won't be tolerated and if you're caught, only God can save you. Good day to you all. 

(What a @$$hole, pretending to be holy, he thinks I don't know his fling with BigBam, anyways I have a feeling she won't be going back to him at all😜) 

Days went by after my bout with BigBam, life was good and the world seemed okay, So I was staying at home studying since it was weekend and there was nothing for me to do, My cousins, Jimmy and Mike came to visit me at home, They love to party 🎉 and fuck girls! They have this stupid code of nothing having relationship till marriage 💍 only fuck girls and dump them, they said women can't be trusted! That I believe, never trust a woman.😐

So they came in, exchanged greetings and started talking about parties well I didn't pay attention to them when they noticed I was not listening to them, Mike showed a video of the party they went yesterday, saying they met a Sexy lady who was playing had to get each time she comes into the club wearing Sexy clothes, she doesn't allow guys to flow through, you know what I mean?

Mike➡ Dude, this Bitch is $€xy, she's so hot bi she doesn't open them legs, what's  her p? 

Jimmy➡ Yeah right, I checked up on her but she ain't married that Bitch line is soon gonna end. 

Johnson ➡lemme see the video 

When I saw who was in the video I was surprised, Mrs Felicia eze, our teacher in a f_cking club! Damn and she looks so hot and this is one opportunity that I wasn't going to past up. 

Johnson ➡Mike, are you guys going to the club tonight? 

Mike➡Yeah, I want to pound that B_tch honey pot! 

Johnson ➡(Not if I  do it first creep) I'm going with you guys and send me the video and pick me up later. 

Mike➡Alright cousin, better prepare urself! 

Johnson ➡Okay see you later. 

Damn, Mrs Felicia is in for trouble, I must definitely fuck her tonight and thank goodness, I have the video for blackmail if she doesn't open her legs, this video will. So I choose the best outfit for the occasion, ironed them, and did whatever it is I wanted to do before the time of the party. 

Later in the evening 


So I prepared myself and waited for my cousins before long they came in their car and zoomed off to the club. 

The club was a very crowded place but the building was big to contain everybody in it, there were  alot  of $€xy girls and guys as well, everybody was having a good time, some girl asked me to join them but I was not interested in them, Mrs Felicia was my concern! 

I waited for hours and I got bored and tired, I almost gave up and decided to go home........ Just then, She came, Mrs Felicia came! Damn this lady is magnificent, she was mind blowing and she got everyones attention so I waited till she found a place to sit after some minutes I sprang into action! 

I  went straight into action and strolled towards her, as I was about to reach her place and pretended as if I was about to fall, then I bumped her, when she turned around and saw me she was surprised! 

Felicia ➡ What!? Johnson 

Johnson ➡Ohh, 👋 Felicia 

Mrs Felicia ➡Stop calling me Felicia, what are you doing here? 

Johnson ➡ I was about to ask the same thing! Felicia 

Mrs Felicia ➡Stop calling me Felicia, I'm ur teacher! 

Johnson ➡No, not right now! 

Mrs Felicia ➡Are you out of ur mind? 

Johnson ➡No, just feeling the vibe, Bi+ch😉

Mrs Felicia ➡What did you just call me? 

Johnson ➡You heard me! B_+ch😉

Mrs Felicia ➡I'll deal with you when we go to school. 

Johnson ➡ Don't even try it or I'll show everyone ur video in this club. 

Mrs Felicia ➡What video? You're bluffing! 

Johnson ➡Try me and see.(I showed her the video in my phone! You should have seen her face)  

Mrs Felicia ➡ Pls Johnson delete the video, I'll let you pass in my subject. 

Johnson ➡(is she 4 real?) 😂😂B_+ch I don't need ur pass! 

Mrs Felicia ➡What do you want then? 

Johnson ➡Ur $€xy body for three days

Mrs Felicia ➡ What????

To be continued 

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