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Johnson Jr. - Episode 23




Johnson Jr. - Episode 23

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


As we reached Kate's house, the guard showed us in, my cousins were amazed by the Size of the place, they started asking questions, I ignored them of course and continued to walk, The guard showed us where the action would take place, The place was like a warehouse, it was big so enter the place and the guard showed us to a room, Kate was waiting for us there, Kate and my cousins exchange pleasantries, while they were doing so,  The  action had already started, inside the room there was a big glass, like the one police have when they're interrogating a suspect! So through the glass, we saw what was happening below. 

Mr gesinde was tied to a chair naked, he looked helpless as his wife, Anna threw insults at him, Kate urged us to remove our clothes, after that we took Mallam Garba's medicine before going down! 

Anna ➡ You bastard! After all I did for you! This is how you repay me? Sleeping with women!? 

Gesinde ➡ Pls honey, it was a mistake, its not what you... 

Anna ➡ Pls don't use that phrase on me! So it was a mistake huh? When you were enjoying ur fuck! You didn't know it was a mistake, Oloshi! Ur cup is full. 

Gesinde ➡ Baby, pls forgive me! I know what I've done is bad, but we men have needs! 

Anna ➡ Ehn? So you have need abi? I shouldn't have married an ungrateful bastard like you! So my body was not enough abi? I took you out from the gutter and now that you've made it, you're no longer interested in me again! You'll see! We women too have needs! I'll show you ur own medicine, what its like to be cheated on! Oh I know what you did to that poor student of urs, you're evil! And for what? Because he slept with ur side chicks? It hurts doesn't it? Now I'm going to fuck that boy right in front of you! I heard he has a big dick! I'll show you 🌶 pepper! Mugu!! 

Anna snapped her fingers, and some guards brought a huge bed 🛌 and place it on the floor, She stripped her clothes and she wore a $€xy lingerie, Damn! She was hot, Mr gesinde eyes widened when he saw this, he was alarmed, he couldn't believe what was happening, his wife was going to fuck his student right in front of him, He started yelling and struggling to break free, but the guards did a good job tying him, they also covered his mouth with a rag, Anna started playing with herself, on the bed, teasing mr gesinde, His d+ck started bulging, He was really helpless, he wanted this nightmare  to end and wake up from this dream. 

Soon enough, I came down and went straight to Anna, mr gesinde saw me, he was murmuring through the rags, he started struggling like a madman! I looked into his eyes and smiled, Time for payback, as I went straight to Anna, we kissed wildly like lovers, I planted her down on the bed and started sucking her body, Anna m+aned as I sucked her, I first sucked her b👀bs, they weren't big but they were soft, I fingered her cunt, She was wet 💦 already, I kissed my way down to her cunt! I sucked her p+$$y good and she let out a sweet m+an! 

Mr gesinde was crazy, tears 😭 started dropping from his eyes, he looked angry but he couldn't do anything, I continued sucking his wife's p+$$y, She m+aned harder and louder, She was enjoying every minute of it, She started m+aning, Yes, yes, yes, to my every suck! Soon she came hard, Her body twitched as she came, She had never cum like this before, not even with her ex husband, Gesinde. 

Anna ➡ God, that was amazing! Ur tongue is really good!.. 

Johnson ➡ Thanks 

She stood up on her knees and started sucking my d+ck, she sucked and soaked my d+ck with her saliva, She sucked my d+ck like her life depended on it, Damn! She was great, I held her hair as she sucked! She was sending jolts down my back, the sensentional was too good, I looked at gesinde and smiled to his wife, His wife was sucking my d+ck in front of him, What made me laugh was that his tiny prick was hard as ever! He looked at me, with a death stare and I smiled mockingly at his face. 

Anna kept sucking my d+ck deeper and deeper in her throat, She was trying to swallow the entire thing and I decided to help her, I grabbed her hair and pushed her directly towards my d+ck! She gagged and almost choked, She managed to keep sucking my d+ck, her eyes were red and teary, Her face was sweaty and her mouth drooled with saliva, I pounded her mouth, pushing my d+ck deeper, she grabbed onto my @$$, as I fucked her throat, I kept hammering her throat and I felt like I was going to c+m, Soon I released my c+m inside Anna's mouth and face, Damn! Her face was covered with my c+m, she grabbed my d+ck cleaning off my c+m and swallowed it, Mr gesinde couldn't watch any longer, he started crying, tears flowed from his eyes! 

Poor guy, bur he deserved it, to make things worst, His wife looking at him, smiling as her remarked my dick! 

Anna ➡ Wow! This boy has a big d+ck, he's three times ur size and he's still hard after cumming this much, Hmmm, his c+m is so delicious, I could swallow it all day long! 

Gesinde ➡ mmm, mmm, mmm! 

Anna ➡ Keep on mmmming! You can't do anything, It hurts doesn't it? Now you are going to watch as he fucks me with his big d+ck! Johnson! 

Johnson ➡ Yes 

Anna ➡ Fuck me like a real man! 

Johnson ➡ As you wish! 

I pulled out a condom! (Yes, I know, Johnsons don't wear condom but..) So I could put it on but Anna stopped me! 

Anna ➡ Don't no condoms, you're going to fuck me raw! And for compensating what my Ex did to you, Fuck me hard and knock me up till I'm pregnant! 

Mr gesinde couldn't believe what he was hearing, he fainted from the shock of what his wife said, but the guards slapped him back to reality, he woke up that instant, crying! 

I fingered her c+nt before I entered her p+$$y, Her p+$$y was warm and tight, She let out a scream! Surprised by my size, she wrapped her legs and arms around me, I f+cked her slow, her c+nt opened up more getting use to my d+ck, She m+aned wildly with every thrust I did inside her c+nt, Eventually I shoved my entire d+ck into her c+nt, Anna screamed as I did that, I fucked her faster with each thrust, her body twitched as I fucked her, her c+nt become tighter around my d+ck, I hammered her pussy with my all, I pushed my d+ck deep into her, She m+aned and screamed more than ever, Mr gesinde couldn't take it anymore! His wife m+ans and screams were like knifes stabbing his body, he cried uncontrollably as he watched helplessly as I pounded her wife, Anna's c+nt was really tight and felt I was going to cum, After hammering her c+nt with a few thrusts, I came deep inside her c+nt, She passed out because she came before me! 

Damn! That was good, I signaled my cousins and they came, they pounced on Anna, as they kissed and sucked her ?, She was filled with lust and ecstasy! I entered her c+nt again fucking her deep, her eyes widened as I did that, she was in pleasure heaven! Her eyes were filled with pleasure, Mike grabbed her face and pushed his d+ck into her mouth, Jimmy took care of her b👀bs, Mr gesinde was getting out of his mind, he was horny, his d+ck felt like it was going to explode and what's hurts him is that his wife was fucking by his students and his body was enjoying it. 

Mike hammered Anna's mouth, he shoved his d+ck into her mouth like someone possessed, I kept f+cking her c+nt making her c+m for the second time, Jimmy was playing with her b👀bs, he bit and sucked on them, Annas body was twitching like crazy as we fucked her body, after a while, Mike came inside her mouth and I came deep into her c+nt again. 

Then, mike positioned her @$$, and plunged her deep, I continued with her p+$$y as my mission was to fill her womb with my baby recipe, Jimmy took care of her mouth, We all fucked Anna gangbang, She was enjoying it like crazy, We were all sweaty from the fuck! Mike lashed Anna's ass hard! She screamed as he slammed his d+ck into her @$$, I also hammered her c+nt, making her c+m again! 

Mike ➡ Take that bitch! Oh yes, take my d+ck into ur @$$, whore! Are you watching Gesinde? Your wife is our bitch now! 

Jimmy ➡ Suck my d+ck deeper, whore, suck am well, oh Jesus, her mouth sweet oh! 

Anna ➡ Gummmhh, ufphhh, agggh

Mike continued assaulting her @$$, he spanked her hard in the @$$! 

Mike ➡ Take my d+ck,  bitch! 

Anna ➡ Yes! Yes! Yessshhhh

Jimmy ➡ Bitch, suck my cock! 

We continued fucking her, for 2hours straight after that we all came into Anna's body, She was sweaty and covered in our cum! Mr gesinde also came hard! He felt weak from all that crying! We rested on the bed together with Anna, She rested beside me with her head on my chest, She rubbed my chest, smiling at me! 

Anna ➡ God! That was amazing! I've never been fucked like this, you and ur friends completely destroyed me, I love it. 

Johnson ➡ Thanks, and these are my cousins! 

Anna ➡ No wonder, they had such big d+cks, but not as big as you. 

Johnson ➡ SK about the pregnancy, I can't.. 

Anna ➡ Don't worry, I can take care of it by myself, 

Johnson ➡ Thanks! 

Anna➡ By the way, I need to see you again, I want to feel ur cock inside me! 

As we were talking, Kate walked in and interrupted. 

Kate ➡ No Anna, if you want to f+ck him, you have to get my permission  he's my personal f+ck toy now! 

Anna ➡ Okay.. 

Kate ➡ As for you boys that was amazing! I came hard watching you upstairs, good job! 

Mike ➡ We also appreciate, thanks, 

Kate then turned towards mr gesinde, she kicked him and he fell together with the chair, he was tied on, she matched his dick and warned him! 

Kate ➡ listen, mr gesinde, Never ever come close or touch any of them! Cause if you do, you're a dead man, I made the school fire you! Yes, I control everyone in this city, the rich, the powerful heck even the law! If I ever catch you messing around with peoples lives, you're history, now go and think about what happened here! There's a bag of money in this lobby waiting for you, you can leave this city or stay its ur choice! But don't ever again mess with you and everywhere you go I have eyes telling me ur every movement! 

Is that clear? 

Gesinde ➡ Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-esssssss! 

Kate ➡ Good! Guards take him out! 

The guards took him out, poor guy! Well that's his own wahala, Me and my cousins bathe in Kates house after that Kate gave each of us, some Cash, She called the driver and took us home. 

As we reached home, We entered my room and celebrate our fortune. 

Mike ➡The best fuck I ever had! 

Jimmy ➡ Kai, true oo, see how I bang her face! Cheii sweet life. 

Johnson ➡ Better life oo, Mr gesinde, good bye for ever. 

Mike ➡ ehn? Johnson who's that lady? 

Johnson ➡ Kate? She works for the Govt! 

Mike ➡ God! She's rich and sexy! Can we branch some.. 

Johnson ➡ No, no, she's not some ordinary individual that you'll just go and visit. 

Jimmy ➡ Right on, tomorrow! Party will start. 

Johnson ➡ Yes and tomorrow..... 

Tomorrow, God I forgot, Cynthia will be going overseas and that means, she and I will break up! And probably never see eachother again! 

To be continued.

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