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Johnson Jr. - Episode 22




Johnson Jr. - Episode 22

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Cynthia ➡ What? How? What did they do? 

Mike ➡ The school board fired them because someone sent them a video of Mr gesinde and BigBam have s+x! 

Johnson ➡ That's terrible (good for them) 

Mike ➡ well, they deserve it, for trying to spoil the school's reputation. 

We dispersed to our classes, Man, revenge is sweet, Kate must have leaked the video to them, and now, life is going as it should be. 

The exams was tough but we got through, though we studied, me and my cousins applied a little examination malpractice, so on the final day of the exams, Kate called me on the phone before entering the school. 

Johnson ➡ Hello Kate 

Kate ➡ Hello Johnny boy, how's the exams? 

Johnson ➡ it was great, thanks for getting rid of them both. 

Kate ➡ Don't mention, besides today is ur lucky day, His wife agreed to do it. They had already divorced. 

Johnson ➡ Really? 

Kate ➡ Yes and you're going to fuck her in front of her husband, while he watches, I'll also be there to watch. 

Johnson ➡ But how can you... 

Kate ➡ Don't worry, I've already kidnapped him yesterday so after you're done. Come to my place. 

Johnson ➡ So, can I bring my cousins along? 

Kate ➡ Sure, the more the merrier! Bye.. 

Damn, I felt excited, finally I was going to show the bastard never to touch a Johnson. I told my cousins about it and they were excited. 

Mike ➡ Damn, so we get to fuck Mr gesindes wife. 

Jimmy ➡ Ah, today na today, we go smash his wife for him face. 

Johnson ➡ But remember I'm going first, if I cum in her then you two will join! 

Mike ➡ No problem. 

Johnson ➡ But after school, we are going to meet Mallam Garba, he has one special medicine that will make us fuck for hours! 

Mike ➡ Now you're talking, alright let's meet at his place then. 

As, we were talking, the exam invigilator came, Damn She was s+xy and hot, She looked sophisticated and rich She wore a s+xy shirt and a black skirt like the ones bankers wear, we rushed to the class and waited for the exams, to start, finally He distributed the scripts and we started, we were writing biology and it was so easy, as I was writing Jimmy winked at me, he was lost and wanted me to help him, in the process of doing so, I was seen by the invigilator and she reacted. 

Shola ➡ Hey, you! Stand up and submit! 

Johnson ➡ What? 

Shola ➡ I said come and submit, now!!! 

God, I was in trouble, if this woman collects my script, I'm finished, Fortunately, Felicia came to my rescue! 

Felicia ➡ What's wrong? Miss shola

Shola ➡ This stupid boy was doing examination malpractice! And you know the rules! 

Johnson  ➡ Pls ma, I wanted to borrow something from someone. 

Shola ➡ Shut up you liar. 

She collected my scripts and in the process of doing so, I saw her hands, and saw the same tattoo as Kate, just then I knew, this wasn't going to be a problem at all, this lady was one of the S+xy phoenix! And she doesn't know that I know their leader, Felicia asked her to follow her to her office and they both went, I also followed them, when we reached the office, Felicia tried to convince  Shola not to report me but she refused, Felicia pulled me out of the office and we started talking! 

Felicia ➡ See what you have caused, now what do you expect me to do? 

Johnson ➡ Can you pls give us some time and pls lock ur office. 

Felicia ➡ What do you think you're doing? This is dangerous! 

Johnson ➡ Pls nobody will notice, besides you're the only teacher around so.. 

She agreed and I entered the office, she locked the door and waited outside, Shola was busy scrolling her phone, she sat on the sofa in Mrs Felicia office, She looked up as she noticed, we were the only ones in the office! 

Shola ➡ Where is Felicia?.

Johnson ➡ She's  not available at the moment! 

Shola ➡ Go and call her! Now 

Johnson ➡ Sorry can't do that! 

Shola ➡ Why? Are you mad? 

Johnson ➡ No but, ur p+$$y is mine. 

I rushed towards her and kissed her, she was surprised, she struggled to break free but I held her tight, I ripped out her p+nts and started fingering her! She let out a m+an and her body jolted as I touched her p+$$y, She became wet 💦 that instant, I kissed her mouth, neck even her boobs to ar0use her, I removed her shirt and bra, Her n+pples were already standing straight, (God see br+asts,)  i dived on her br+asts and sucked them, She m+aned immediately I sucked her br+asts, She was no longer that snobby attitude lady, but was now my bitch waiting for me to fuck her, I bit her n+pples as I sucked her, She m+aned louder, pressing her face on twin melons, I continued fingering her, she soon came hard! I opened her legs and plunged my mouth inside her p+$$y, Her body twitched as I did that, She was pushing her p+$$y towards my face, She was enjoying it, Damn! She was delicious, and was really 💦 wet, She couldn't last long, she came again twice! 

Her body went limp, she balanced on the sofa, with her legs open wide to the view, my d+ck was hard, I removed my trousers and inserted my d+ck inside her, She let out a scream! Her p+$$y was really tight like a virgin! I pounded slowly into her p+$$y, she began adjusting to the size of my d+ck, She opened her legs more, just then, I started drilling her fast and hard, She m+aned louder, as I fucked her, her p+$$y was too sweet, I grabbed on to her hair and kissed her as I rammed my d+ck, savagely into her cunt, She welcomed my thrust into her p+$$y like a pro, her hands grabbed onto my ass, as I pounded her, She wrapped her legs around my waist, urging me to go deep into her p+$$y was squeezing my d+ck tight, I hammered her p+$$y faster and faster, Her face was wild with pleasure, she hung to me as I lashed deeply into her c+nt, I felt like I was going to c+m! Soon I released my gizz into her p+$$y! She felt my c+nt and pushed me off!... 

Shola ➡ What? How dare you c+m inside me? 

Johnson ➡ Well, that's my reward for making you c+m! 

Shola ➡ Do you even have any idea who you're dealing with? I suggest you come and finish what you started and make me c+m or else.. 

Johnson ➡ Bitch pls, you can't do nothing, and I know who you are! You're a member of the S+xy Phoenix, aren't you? 

Shola ➡ What? How did you know? Its supposed to be a secret organization! 

Johnson ➡ Yes, the tattoo on ur hand exposed you and I happened to be working with ur boss, Kate! 

When, I mentioned Kate, she was surprised, she couldn't believe it, and from the look of  her eyes, She was scared! 

Johnson ➡ Let me tell you something if you mess up my result, you know the consequences so.. 

Shola ➡ Pls, I'm sorry, don't tell her what just happened between us? Pls

Johnson ➡ So you won't collect my scripts? 

Shola ➡ No, don't worry, you can do whatever you like pls just don't tell Kate. 

After that, I knocked the door, and Felicia opened the door, She was surprised how I roughed up Shola, She winked at me and Shola and I went back to class, I collected my scripts and continued my exams, 

After we were done, writing the exam, I told my cousins what happened in the office except for the Kate and s+xy phoenix part, They didn't believe what I said, they thought the lady was bribed to keep her mouth, Shut. 

We went to Mallam Garba's  house and knocked, he opened the door and greeted us. 

Mallam Garba ➡ Johnsin, long time, yaro? Where you con hide? 

Johnson ➡ Mallam Garba, I dey oo

Mallam Garba ➡ Wetin bring you my house? 

Johnson ➡ Ehn! That drug wey you give me, I want am! 

Mallam Garba ➡ Okay but you go bring money, the medicine is expensive. 

Johnson ➡ Don't worry, money is not the issue. 

Mallam Garba ➡ Okay,  I'm coming! 

He went into the house, a few minutes later, he brought the drug and gave it to me, I paid him off and Me and my cousins went home, We bathe and changed into some better clothes after that we went off to Kate's place. 

To be continued... ✍️

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