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Johnson Jr. - Episode 21




Johnson Jr. - Episode 21

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


I told her everything, how I went to Ifeoma's house and how I got raped, She was surprised but she didn't say anything until after I was through! 

Kate ➡ My God, so the bastard wanted to kill you because you slept with his side chicks, what a dick, if it were his wife, that wouldn't be a problem but his side chick, What's his name? 

Johnson ➡ Mr gesinde 

Kate ➡ Mr gesinde? Okay, don't worry I'll send some thugs to rough him up, probably cut his Manhood! 

Johnson ➡ No wait, I have a plan, Do you know this lady? 

I bought out my phone and showed her the pic, she looked at it and her eyes lit up! 

Kate ➡ Yes of course, that's my friend, Anna, we met a few years back, she's married though! 

Johnson ➡ Yes, she's the wife of the bastard, that beat me up! 

Kate ➡ What?! You mean..... Oh God, now I remember him, that bastard hasn't changed his ways, huh? 

Johnson ➡ What happened? 

Kate ➡ Recently, Anna has been telling me her hubby, doesn't pay her any more attention, she even thought he was cheating on her, I warned her not to marry that swine! 

Johnson ➡ I have videos of his sex escapade 

Kate ➡ Really? So you wanna blackmail him? 

Johnson ➡ No worse than that, I want him to watch me fuck his dear wife right in front of him! 

Kate ➡ God, johnny boy, I never knew you were this dark, but that can be arranged! 

Johnson ➡ How? Will she accept easily? 

Kate ➡ Oh yes she will, after she sees this videos. 

Johnson ➡ Alright, but if you don't mind my asking, how did you get all this? Are you dating bill gates? 

Kate ➡ oh pls, Johnson, you're too hilarious, I work at a secret organization mainly for women and not just any woman! But sexy, rich and beautiful women. The rule of this organization is not to get too intimate with a man else you'll be kicked out and ruined! 

Johnson ➡ Wait, so you're a cult member? 

Kate ➡ No, cult members engage in blood stuff and sacrifice, here the only sacrifice you'll make is to never get intimate with a man, we the women get intimate with eachother! 

Johnson ➡ Like l+sbians? 

Kate ➡ Yes, but not like l+sbians, we in the organization like to fuck men, and since we can't get intimate with men, you hire a strange guy, check his health and other stuff, then he impregnates us, the child won't be his ofcourse after that we pay him handsomely! 

Johnson ➡ So how do you get all this riches,? 

Kate ➡ That my boy, is a secret, Our organization control everything within our reach and we had very powerful connections, we control the Govt, media, school even the bank! We are unstoppable! 

Johnson ➡ So what's ur organization called! 

Kate ➡ $€xy Phoenix! 

Johnson ➡ $€xy Phoenix? 

Kate ➡ Yes, the women in the organization are $€xy and the phoenix represents our great power over the system of men! Heres my tattoo. 

Johnson ➡ Wait oo, I've seen this on Felicias hand, is she..... 

Kate ➡ Yes, we're married! 

Johnson ➡ Excuse me? Married? 

Kate ➡ Yes, She's prohibited to get too intimate with men but she can fuck who ever she wants as long as she doesn't fall for them! 

Johnson ➡ So let me get this straight! 

No marriage in ur organization? 

You women can marry eachother but you pay a man to impregnate you!

Kate ➡ Yes! 

Johnson ➡ This is so unbelievable 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, Kate and Felicia are married to each other, so that makes them l+sbians but paying a guy to impregnate you is just crazy and they don't marry men so that their hearts won't be broken later, That's why she told me, marriage is for Normal people, And their organization is secretive and they have powerful connection  and they even control Govt? Wow! Spreading this information will definitely put me in an early coffin cause from the look on Kate's face, she looks so damn serious, so the only choice is to keep quiet! 

Johnson ➡ So then I'll be going! 

Kate ➡ So soon? 

Johnson ➡ Yeah, I need to get back home! But before that, can you send ur thugs to warn the bastard not to come near me cause he's our principal and I'll be writing my exams in a few days, 

Kate ➡ Don't worry about that, He will soon be taken care of! And Johnny boy!? 

Johnson ➡ Yes? 

Kate ➡ Keep ur mouth about ur organization shut, I'm not supposed to tell you but I feel I can trust you, if you betray my trust, I'll make you miserable for the rest of ur life, Got it? 

Johnson ➡ Yes, understood! 

Kate ➡ Wait, let me call my driver to take you home! 

Johnson ➡ Pls don't mind, I can manage! 

Kate ➡ I insist! 

Johnson ➡ Okay! 

Kate and I walked to the door and there was the driver, he drove in an expensive Ferrari car, I was speechless this lady was just giving me, Royal treatment, not even the nollywood celebs can match this, I entered the back seat and we drove away, when I reached my house, Cynthia was already there waiting for me, I stepped out of the car, feeling on top! God, that Kate is a generous lady! I walked over to Cynthia and gave her a hug! 

Johnson ➡ Hello, baby! 

Cynthia ➡ Don't baby me, why were you not in school? I missed you! 

Johnson ➡ Sorry baby, but I couldn't come because I was beaten by thiefs. 

Cynthia ➡ Oh my God, are you hurt? 

Johnson ➡ No baby no, I took their beating like a man(For where me that almost died) 

Cynthia ➡ I don't care about that! Its you I'm worried about! 

Johnson ➡ Baby, I'm fine,. 

Cynthia ➡ Okay, we had some few days before the exams, so let's study together! 

Johnson ➡ No problem 

We wrapped our arms, around eachother and enter my house, We saw father, she greeted my dad and He answer, when she was out of sight, He gave me a wink! 

Mr Johnson ➡ That's my boy, where did you get this hot pie!? 

Johnson ➡ Come on dad, she's just my friend from school, here to study! 

Mr Johnson ➡ Really? After, grabbing her ass as you walked in and now shes ur friend? 

Johnson ➡ Later dad, i'm going to study in my room so pls don't interfere! 

Mr Johnson ➡ Hmm, I won't, make sure you bang her out! 

Johnson ➡ Dad! 

I left my dad and went upstairs to make room, before I could reach my room, an alert went off in my phone, I checked to see who sent thw money cause I was expecting any, As I checked my balance, I saw my 300,000naira in my account, my eyes widened, 300,000? There must be a mistake, I checked who sent it and guess who? Yes Kate! 

This lady continued surprising me with her generosity in that moment another text came in, it was from her! 

It said;

"Johnny boy, enjoy my little surprise gift and enjoy urself and by the way, Mr gesinde is already taken care of don't worry about him sabotaging ur exams"

As I finished, I sent a text thanking her, I wonder what she meant by taking care of Mr gesinde, I hope she hasn't done anything bad! Oh well, I switched off my phone and entered my room! 

Exam day........... 

The day had finally came! Waec had arrived so I was as ready as I could be, thanks to Cynthia, she helped me get prepared, So I quickly took my bath, wore my uniform, prayed to God and ate my breakfast, after that I went off to school early! 

As I reached the school, everyone in the school seems to be talking about something, Cynthia also came right after me, we hugged and greeted one another, We were surprised, What was going on? 

Cynthia ➡ Baby, what's going on? Why is everyone busy whispering to eachother. 

Johnson ➡ Baby, I have no idea! 

Just as we were talking, my cousins Mike and jimmy rushed towards us! 

Mike ➡ Hey love birds

Johnson ➡ Hey mike! What's going on? 

Mike ➡ You won't believe what just happened? 

Johnson ➡ What is it? 

Jimmy ➡ Mr gesinde and BigBam got fired? 

Johnson ➡ What!? (Thank God😂😂) 

To be continued 

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