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Johnson Jr. - Episode 16




Johnson Jr. - Episode 16

Written by Sadiq infinity

NoticeThis story is Rated 20+  f_ul languages and $ex in writing.


Monday had arrived and going to school wasn't good for me, I messed up with Cynthia and I wanted to apologize and tell her, she's making a B-I-G mistake but I couldn't even in class, she would look at me, and whenever I look at her she quickly turns away her face. 

During break time, I decided to meet her once and for all. 

Johnson ➡ Cynthia... 

Cynthia ➡😒

Johnson ➡ Look, I'm sorry okay, I don't deserve to treat you like that, pls i'm sorry. 

Cynthia ➡ Why? Why? John I love you and I wanted to be with you but you just....... Forget it. 

Johnson ➡ Come on, we don't need to have $€x to show ur love to me. 

Cynthia ➡ That's my choice, okay! I thought you were different but..... Are you gay??? 

Johnson ➡ (What!? 😠 Bitch pls, enough of this bullshit) Hey, listen the reason why I left you is because I admire and respect you! I sleep with lots of girls and dump them! I didn't want you to feel hurt, you have something that most girls don't have, decency, You're beautiful and smart, ur Virginity is not something you give away because you love a guy! We can have a normal relationship without having $€x, If you feel otherwise, Then pls Fuck off. 

Cynthia ➡😦 😦 😦 😦 

I walked away from her, it wasn't good but I was right, I can't hurt an innocent girl like her, I couldn't believe myself, Saying all that stuff, Me the lady killer, saying I don't want to sleep with you??? What!? I really need to check myself, something is wrong, if my family hears this, I'm fucked! 

I walked pass by Mrs Felicia office, she was busy working out some files, before I could disappear, She called me to her office! (Its been a while bitch) 

I entered her office, looking around it seemed she had made some new changes, I could still remember the fuck we had! Hmmmm, Kai, Women are indeed the finer things in life. 

Felicia ➡ John! 

Johnson ➡ Yes? Oh Good morning 

Felicia ➡ Morning john, How are you? 

Johnson ➡ Ohh, I'm good 👍 

Felicia ➡ John, are you free tonight? 

Johnson ➡ Yes! Why do you ask? 

Felicia ➡ I want you to come to my house, I have a surprise for you! And I'm bringing an extra something to tag along with me 😏

Johnson ➡ Yeah, about that..... 

Felicia ➡ Is something wrong? 

Johnson ➡ No, so can I bring someone? 

Felicia ➡ No, No just you alone! 

Johnson ➡ So where's the house? 

Felicia ➡ Here's my Card! The address is there! 

Johnson ➡ What time..... 

Felicia ➡ 8pm, don't be late(😉 winks) 

I took the card and left the office, Damn, this woman wan finish me, I don't have enough stamina to fuck two women, not after all the fucking I have been doing throughout the weekend, if it was only Felicia, I can manage but two, and I don't even know what the other one looks like. 

I went to class, thinking 🤔 of a way to solve my problem then an 💡 idea struck me! Mallam Garba's d+ck enhancement medicine, I was so delighted, this hausa men sure knows what can give ur d+ck a boost, I wonder how their women cope(Poor bitches). 

After school, I went straight to Mallam Garba's kiosk, it was locked 🔐, Damn, I decided to check his house if he was around! As I approached the house, I heard moans coming from within! 

Wuuck, Wuuck, Wuuck, That's the sound I heard coming from Mallam Garba's house, he was definitely Massacaring the ladies pussy, and the moans I heard from the lady was very familiar, I knocked at the door 🚪 and the fucking stopped! 😂😂

Mallam Garba ➡ Who be that son of 🐐 Goat? I say who? 

Johnson ➡😂😂 Mallam Garba! Na me oo 

Mallam Garba ➡ Who??? 

Johnson ➡ Johnny boy

Mallam Garba ➡ Oh, sorry oo, Johnsin! I know no say na you wetin haffening? I dey busy! 

Johnson ➡ Hmm, Mal. Garba, that medicine wey you give me, I want another one, I go catch two fish this night! 

Mallam Garba ➡ Shege yaro, But wallahi ee don pinish! But I get another one, this one yana da Power like Superman! If you fuck any girl with this, Heh, heh, She no go fit waka, wallahi. Make I go bring am! 

Johnson ➡ Thank you, Mal. Garba, 

I waited for him outside, but I was curious to see who he was pounding so hard, I peeped and I saw a big @$$ nyarsh, as I was admiring the thing, my eyes caught the writing  "Mine" that's when I realised it was BigBam. 

She was the only person who has that mark on her @$$, Damn, what a slut, so I wasn't the only one f+cking her, even Mal. Garba was screwing her! Well, I wish her good luck cause Mallam Garba is going to smash her @$$ to pieces. 

He came out with the stuff and told me to drink it before, I f+ck, and if I drink it without f+cking anybody, my next stop will be the land of the dead. I thanked him and went home. 

As I got home, I did my usual stuff, Read, Eat, sleep, hangouts and the rest, Soon time went by fast, I bath, shaved the hair off my d+ck, dressed and drank the medicine, I took Felicia's card and took off. 

I arrived at her 🏚 house, it was a nice place, a storey building, a garage, and a garden, It was lovely though but I doubt if her salary was doing all this! No way! 

I knocked at the door, and she came and opened it,  she wore a S+xy bikini like the ones p+rnstar used to wear, and Damn, she smells nice, she grabbed my hand and took me straight inside, and as we went further into the house, I saw a beautiful S±xy, lady, Damn, she was............. I can't explain! Oboi, she has everything, b👀bs, ass, hair, she had all the necessary package! She was smoking hot, she also wore the bikini like Felicia, I sat down in their middle, and they were rubbing me all over,

Lady ➡ What's ur name, Handsome? 

Johnson ➡ Johnson 

Lady ➡ My name is Kate, but call me Mrs kat. 

Damn! I was in heaven, Kate just started kissing me! Felicia joined in it too, we were all kissing 💋 💋! They removed my clothes till I was naked, Kate grabbed my d+ck and started massaging, and she was really good, 

While Felicia and I were kissing, Kate massaged my d+ck, at that moment the medicine I took started taking effect, my d+ck was becoming thicker and harder. Kate was surprised by the size of my Rod! 

Kate ➡ Damn boy, I can't believe the size of this! Looks like Felicia was right, I haven't seen a guy with a dick like this in my life! Felicia, you tried though, Wow, that's what I call a Real man's dick! 

Felicia ➡ Don't worry darling, this d+ck will be ours for the night! 

Kate➡ Oh, yes it will, Let's go into the Room! 😈

Johnson ➡ Uhmm! What room? 

Kate➡ Don't be a p+$$y, Let's go! 

Kate and Felicia grabbed me and took me to the Room! 

What the hell is that? Maybe it's a love nest! Well no pressure, My superman d+ck will practically Divide and conquer their pussies into submission! 😉 ✌


To be continued... ✍️

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