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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 14





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 14

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

I didn't want to appear weak by crying, instead I retorted to begging him whilst fighting so hard to stop Mr Bernard from trying to have his way with me.

He was still on top of my body and although he is advanced in age, his masculine strength was still intact which is surprising because I heard from reliable sources that he is in his late sixties but looks much younger due to good living.

Also he has children from his previous marriage before he got married to Aunty Cynthia who gave him only Malvin, that is why his last grandchild is my age mate that is if not even older than I am

Yet here he is shâmelessly trying to séxually abúse a twenty two year old me simply because he claims I am irresistible to him. It's annøying!

I felt disgústed just thinking about this fact, aside that it húrts more and broke my heart into a thousand pieces because I had so much respect and trust in him than my own father.

I struggled until I finally gave up and decided in my mind that if this how God wants me to end up as a räpe victim, no problem!

What I knew for sure is that I will never trust blindly or ever again remain the same old Debby everyone knew before

Likely I might after this despicable act become Mr Bernard's séx síck chick, as well as start engaging in high profile prøstítution when I get back to school since there would be nothing to protect again.

As I thought of such a future, tears unconsciously came dripping down my cheeks and as I brought my hands up to wipe my tears so as not to embarrass myself or seem as a weäkling, I realized that Mr Bernard weight was slowly lifting off my body 

I don't know why but he had stopped trying to førcefully have his way with me when he saw my tears drip down

He slowly got up from my body and inasmuch as I was confused on why the change of heart for someone who had been initially determined, I was thankful to God as well as felt elated and relieved deep down

Afterwards he stood up from the bed and said to me whilst walking towards the door

" Get up and come lets go back downstairs Debby.. since it is obvious that you aren't comfortable here with me" Mr Bernard said in his usual strict voice and I slowly nodded still trying to get over my near râpe experience with him

I got from the bed and together we walked out of the bedroom, then down the stairs until we got to the sitting room we were before we went upstairs

Mr Bernard sat on one of the sofa whilst I sat beside him keeping a wide distance between us as I was still scared of igniting a repeat of what happened earlier

Trâumatic me, begun feeling seriously uncomfortable around Mr Bernard so I sat in silence fidgeting with my fingers as I wished presence there is merely a bâd dream in which I will wake up from

But my súbconscious knew that it was the sâd reality I had to face, yet all I needed at that moment was to leave to my own apartment where I can get to cry my eyes out and afterwards sleep away my pâin and frùstrating 

I wanted to go home badly but I knew I couldn't since I didn't even know my way, so to play safe I had to keep my cool whilst fidgeting with my fingers. 

From my silence and demeanor I guess Mr Bernard observed that I was no longer comfortable being there, so he tried to strike a conversation with me but I no longer had interest in anything so I gave monosyllabic responses

" Are you okay Debby?.. you've been quiet since we came downstairs" he asked innocently and I looked at him in awe wondering if he was súffering from amnesia or pretending to forget everything

If not, how else was he expecting me to behave and talk after everything that happened up there? 

I feigned a small smile as I gently nodded and gave a reply to his earlier question

" I am perfectly fine sir" 

" Okay if you say so Debby.. what would you want to eat and drink, so I'll ask the housekeeper to fix it for you"

I wanted to say that I didn't want anything but knowing how persuasive Mr Bernard can be, I decided to at least opt for a drink because I felt thirsty too

" I don't feel hungry sir so I don't want to eat.. but a soft drink to quench my thirst would do" I answered and he quickly beckoned on the male housekeeper to get me a bottled fruit juice in the refrigerator

After he left, Mr Bernard kept asking me questions on my school performance probably to keep me entertained but I couldn't contribute much to the discussion as I did when I first came elated to see him

Soon the housekeeper brought the fruit drink, and I ensured to check if it was well sealed before opening it to gulp it down my throat

After that incident, the extra precaution is needed to avoid escaping frying pan only to fall inside fire in a sleeping state.

Mr Bernard and I spoke for a short while and it was in the midst of the discussion that he said something I couldn't understand until later

" You're so beautiful and well mannered Debby.. maybe that is why my wife Cynthia likes you so much that she wants to prepare you educationally in marriage for our son Malvin"

" What are you saying sir?.. I mean Aunty Cynthia can't be that self-centered to decide such things for me" I asked plainly in confusion

" Calm down Debby.. it isn't such a bad idea anyways since Malvin is an ideal suitor, the only stumbling block here is my feelings for you.. Debby I am attracted to you and want you all to myself, not for my son Malvin" Mr Bernard said and I looked at him wide-eyed wondering if he is indeed crazy

Do these people think I am an asset, property or commodity to be pawned? I thought inwardly as I shook my head before  informing him that I needed to go because it was getting late and I lied that I also had an assignment to attend to at night.

He nodded in understanding as he gave me some money which I received because I needed it and then he asked his driver to drive me home safely.

That was how I finally left Mr Bernard's mansion with a plastic smile combined with an heavy heart, confused mind and distorted emotions.

(Do not Plagiarize this story)

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