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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 13





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 13

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

We climbed up the stairs and Mr Bernard led me down a passage into a bedroom I can best describe as a bedroom for royalties.

I entered after Mr Bernard got in and stood in the middle of the bedroom admiring it, I soon heard a door sound and turned to check it out only for me to see him locking the door.

It was then the realization hit me that we would be talking here in his bedroom which I actually found inappropriate, so I begun feeling uneasy. 

And inasmuch as the bedroom was magnificent, I was really feeling very tensed after this realization hit me and I lost the initial interest I had to admire the beauty of the bedroom. 

As though on impulse, he turned too and his eyes met mine but he smiled at me instead before saying to me probably to calm my nerves

" I won't want us to get disturbed by my employees as we are talking so relax okay.." He quipped and after seeing the conflicting emotions on my face he asked me the next question

"..Debby I have always believed in you since the day my wife brought you to meet me and would appreciate the same believe from you..so please trust me, would you?"  He asked smiling at me and I nodded in the affirmative although I was still feeling uneasy and tensed.

After locking the door, Mr Bernard walked majestically inside and went towards the large bed in the middle of the room and sat on it. 

Leaving me to stand close to the locked door looking at him and wondering if I should move forward or retrace my steps out

It was actually a hard decision to make but I finally went for the former after he beckoned on me to come forward and join him on the bed. 

I sat on the bed and he begun striking a conversation with me as I was fidgeting with my fingers due to how anxious I am

" Relax Debby, this should be more like your second house alright.." Mr Bernard assured me whilst placing his left hand on my thighs and I answered feigning a smile on my face

" It's okay sir.. I am relaxed but slightly uncomfortable being here" was the reply I could give

" You're uncomfortable being here with me.. why so Debby? I don't bite or do I?" Mr Bernard probed further adjusting closer to me at where I sat on the bed

" You don't bite sir and I am surely okay with you" I replied with my heart accelerating as I shifted away from him to give us some distance apart

I really do hope in the deepest part of my heart that what I am thinking isn't what is about happening right now, it can't be that Mr Bernard wants to have something sexual with a young girl like me who is old enough to be his grandchild age wise

No it can't be! I prayed in my heart and then shifted the thoughts aside after casting and binding it with all the holy ghost fire in my heart.

" Are you sure Debby?" He asked and I nodded vigorously

" Yes sir.. I am very sure" I answered even though it was the exact opposite of how I felt

" Okay if you say so.. now you can continue from where you stopped earlier.. and do you have any pressing needs in school you would need my help in?" Mr Bernard said readjusting closer to me again, this time he kept his hands on my shoulders caressing it

" Mmmh sir.. I don't have any pressing needs thanks to your financial help so far.. I am fine" I answered slightly stammering as I tried to take his hands off my shoulders

" I am glad to know that you are fine my dear.. so tell me and be sincere about it, has guys and men been disturbing you a lot in school?" He asked seriously and even though it was true that requests were too much from the opposite gender, I nodded in the negative 

"..so you are actually trying to tell me that you don't have a boyfriend Debby?" He probed further staring skeptically at me

" I don't have one sir" I simply answered already feeling tired of the interrogation

" I know you are lying to me Debby.. but anyways you do know that you don't need such distractions yet right?" 

" Yes I know that sir.. and I meant when I said that I really don't have a relationship with the opposite gender yet sir"

" I believe you Debby.." Mr Bernard said and paused for the second time as though contemplating something before he heaved and then continued

"..Debby dear I was serious when I said earlier that I admired you right from the day my wife brought you to meet me.. Look at you! you are beautiful and you're emotionally, physically and look sexually matured too" Mr Bernard said to me then begun looking at my body lustfully like he wanted to shallow me up

" ..have you been viewing yourself in a mirror on a continual basis?.. you're naturally very gorgeous and I can swear and am also 100% sure that guys are disturbing and flocking around you in school but you don't want to tell me about it" He spoke some more and I looked at him surprised as I asked him incase his senses were malfunctioning

" Are you sure you are not drunk sir?.. this is me Debby Thompson not Aunty oh" 

" Of course I know it's you Debby Thompson my love and one out of the many people I am assisting in their education sponsorship.. Debby my love I desire you so much for myself, please be mine" he answered plainly and I was shøcked!

Me Debby Thompson his love and did he just say that he desires me and wants me to be his? I thought as I shook my head staring at him

I was wondering if this is the same strict Bernard I thought I knew and whom everyone gave topmost respect back home

On the other hand I was wondering if this is the same shameless act he displays to the other females he is assisting to sponsor in school aside me.

God knows how many females he must have taken advantage of their vulnerability because of the help he is rendering them.

" please I want to start going sir" I said standing up but he dragged me back down on the bed and laid on top of my body

" Common stop acting as a child.. you know I want to make love to you Debby.. so please allow me and I promise to make your life glow beautifully more than I have been doing" Mr Bernard tried convincing further and I tried pushing him off although it was getting futile considering his manly strength

Inwardly too, I was battling with so many emotions as my fears and the thoughts I kept avoiding were fast becoming a reality right before my eyes; Mr Bernard a man I loved, trusted and respected as a second father is unashamedly making sexual advances at me.

Furthermore, my hopes were gradually shattering before my eyes because I knew that there is no way I would leave here the same happy Debby that first came in with Mr Bernard

Either I will be made to make a difficult decision or worst is I will be forcefully sexually assaulted by Mr Bernard since we were in his house locked up in a bedroom that was probably soundproof and even though it wasn't, none of his employees would dare come to my rescue

Frankly, if he actually wants to rape me now he would easily be able to get away with it unscratched considering his wealth and the respect he commands from people

And also because I have a very quiet and peaceful nature/ personality which makes people take advantage of it a lot.

So I vehemently prayed to God that he shouldn't rape me because if he does; the normal me would end up just keeping it hidden in the deepest part of my heart whilst dealing with the emotional trauma alone. 

God would I lose my innocence this way and worst to an older man whom I saw and trusted as a father? I thought as I am seriously bleeding emotionally but facially I knew I appeared very strong and perfectly okay.

(Do not Plagiarize this story)

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