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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 12





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 12

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

Saturday soon came and my anticipation of Mr Bernard's visit to see me grew to its peak. 

Aside that, I had to be in school at noon to submit an assignment after which I stayed back in one of the lecture rooms with my two friends to gist about our expectations of the upcoming examinations.

It was during our gisting session that I got a phone call from Mr Bernard informing me that he had arrived Abuja and was lodged in one of his houses. 

He asked of my whereabouts and when I told him I was in school but I could pay my way down to where he was, he was displeased with the idea of me stressing myself with a paid cab when his personal driver was very much available.

Afterwards he informed me of his intentions to send his personal driver to pick me up in front of my school gate and honestly I was wowed. I felt so honored, loved and special.

With excitement I excused my friends and after bidding them farewell I left immediately. 

I went out of school and stood in front of my school gate to wait up for his personal driver at a strategic location where I could easily be seen by anyone.

After waiting patiently for close to thirty minutes, a strange number rang my phone and I picked up after making a good guess of who it was; it was the driver who wanted to know the exact spot I stood so he will easily locate and pick me up

I told him my exact location and in a pace of five minutes, he located me with a car I could have never imagined driving inside it at this point in my life.

Honestly I was in awe when I first saw the jaw-dropping car and not until the driver beckoned on me did I realize that it was truly the car sent by Mr Bernard to pick me up. Quite thoughtful of him!

I ensured to mask the shock on my face as I walked over to meet the driver at where the car was packed, although I felt slightly uncomfortable with the numerous stares of wishful envy and admiration on the faces of students who saw me hopping into the car.

I am sure some thought I was a super wealthy girl and had wished that the would switch places with me, whilst some looked at me with disdain probably mistakenly thinking that I am one of the high profile sex workers in the university.

I mean who wouldn't? when the car that was packed before me is an expensive Mercedes Benz with the interior and exterior looking so posh. It was glaringly obvious that the car's glamour and exquisite appearance literally reek of wealth.

Normally I wasn't really surprised about the car's poshness because I am aware that Mr Bernard is a rich billionaire who could afford any of the goodies of life that he wanted and needed for himself.

After I hopped into the car beside the driver who introduced himself as Kingston, I was tensed as I put on my seat belt and the car zoomed off to a location I was unaware of but I had inbuilt trust that I won't be harmed when Mr Bernard my second father is in charge.

I guess the driver observed how tensed I felt and begun striking an interactive conversation to help relieve me of my anxiety.

His conversation helped me a great deal as I slowly became less tensed and more comfortable, and we ended up chatting on random things all through the ride there.

About twenty minutes later since the driver begun driving, the car drove into a street at the heart of the city where I heard in school that mainly the wealthy people resides. 

He stopped in one of the mansions there and horned in front of a luxurious massive gate, and it was soon pushed open by a lanky man whom I figured was the gate man.

After the driver drove into the widely opened gate, I opened the door of the car and then stepped down from it.

My God! The mansion was huge! So huge, luxurious and alluring that I was unconsciously staring at it with my mouth agape

I didn't know that I was pratically drooling at the mansion's uniqueness until the driver gave a feigned cough behind me, followed by his next words which snapped me out of my reverie into consciousness

" I'm sorry for the interruption please.. but I think that you've stared enough miss Debby.. you wouldn't want to keep the boss waiting for too long after I had informed him of your arrival" Kingston said politely and I felt slightly embarrassed that he caught me in the staring act but in other to conceal my embarrassment, I became defensive as I replied him

" sorry but I don't really like the tone you used Mr Kingston.. or is there a restriction and limitation to me staring at what I want to?" I answered skeptically and he nodded in the negative manner

" No miss Debby.. I am sorry for the tone I used if it offended you.. it's just that sir Bernard won't be happy because as a busy man he values his time a lot hence he hates waiting for long periods" Kingston explained and I nodded in understanding of what he said

" I understand.. I'm sorry too.. anyways I am done with the staring so we can go in now" I said apologetically

That was how Kingston led the way into the mansion and I followed him behind until he got to the sitting room which was better seen than imagined.

Kingston soon left me there after pointing at a sofa where he saw Mr Bernard sitted whilst reading a book.

I followed his pointed finger and it's from there I saw Mr Bernard wearing a lens as he sat on a sofa adjacent the door reading a book on his thighs.

He looked up when he heard the door being close behind by Kingston and smiled at me the moment he saw me walk closer to his sofa, and I innocently smiled back at him as I begun looking around as though it was a little paradise I was seeing.

To be candid, the sight was incredible than the main house he stays with Aunty Cynthia!

Words alone can't explain how tasteful the sight of the interior decorations and designs are, it was breathtaking; ranging from the paintings, curtains, tables, settee, chairs, huge plasma set, designed tiled floor and beautiful artworks on the wall.

Wealth was boldly written not only in words, but in the sight of everything I laid eyes on.

After feeding my eyes for as long as I lost count of, I walked over to the sofa he sat smiling and I greeted him politely

" Good evening sir" I greeted smiling widely at Mr Bernard

" Good evening my dearest Debby.. It's been a while.. please come sit down here beside me" Mr Bernard offered patting the space beside him and I honored his request by sitting down

" Thank you sir.. how was your trip, hope it wasn't too stressful?" I asked politely and he smiled wider at me

" Yes it wasn't stressful Debby, thank you.. by the way you look astonishing, it seems school is really treating you well enough" Mr Bernard said smiling as he looked at me all over my body

He was actually right though, I looked physically different; the changes were obvious as I was a more beautiful version of my old self after 'life happened' to my family's comfortable life, 

And aside my beautifully plaited hair, I was visibly glowing in my dressing; a lovely combination of purple trouser with a beautiful black shirt and fancy sandals.

" School is fine sir.. we are starting our examinations next week and.." I begun and on I went completely filing him in on all my school activities and the two calculation courses I was having struggles in

After I was done with what I had to tell him, he looked at me with all seriousness as he said to me without mincing words

" I am glad school is treating you well Debby.. anyways I don't feel comfortable talking in a sitting room.. maybe we should go upstairs so we will get to talk better than this.. what do you think Debby?" Mr Bernard slowly asked staring at me and I nodded as I shrugged

" It is okay sir.. if going upstairs is better for you then it's fine by me too.. we can go" I innocently consented whilst inwardly assuming that it was an office study he meant, so I stood up and followed him up the stairs.

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