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Fluctuating Hope - Episode 10





Fluctuating Hope - Episode 10

Written By Amah's Heart& Blessing

Auntie Cynthia and her husband kept to their promise of sponsoring me and by weekend I was given a cheque with a written sum that will solve my problems for the current semester.

I came back to school the following week a whole different Debby! it was then I realized why people say that money is the root of all ev!l yet they still engage in all means possible to have the money.

With the money I was given by the Nyeye; I paid my school fees and other school expenses: I got a comfortable self-contained apartment outside campus, new house items, provisions, books, new clothes and other stuffs I needed to make my life as a student comfortable.

Life was becoming meaningful again as I had nothing to think of aside studying, eating and sleeping. It began showing on my body as it glowed and became fresher that people who knew me before began to ask questions but I cared less

Because to me, It is actually funny and still unbelievable how things changed for me in a twinkle of an eye, but in all I give thanks to God Almighty.

My new attained blessing did not hinder my academic progress as I made sure to study with rigor to make my parents and my sponsors proud

Thankfully, I did excellently well in my semester's result when though I resumed late.

I went back home for the semester's break and after staying at home for a few days, I decided to visit the Nyeye to show them my semester's result and also inform them of my next semester's expenses cost.

As usual, Aunty Cynthia received me warmly and the excitement on her face after seeing my excellent results was a lovely sight to behold!

But then I feel bad because I wouldn't equally show it to her husband Mr Bernard; as she informed me that he traveled on a business trip and wouldn't be back until by weekend.

I observed something though, she kept asking me if I am in a serious relationship and when I answered a no, she smiled  which got me wondering why.

Either ways, it's her hëadache not mine, as for me relationships is not in my scale of preference for now until I am in my final year or even done with university education. 

After I told her the total sum of my next semester's expenses, she wrote a cheque for me with half the sum and told me to come back for the half part when her husband comes back from his trip by weekend.


Weekend came and as agreed, I went to get the part of the sum from Mr Bernard at his office.

I sat on the office chair directly in front of Mr Bernard as I watched him skeptically glance at my semester's result which I had submitted on his table when I first came in to see him.

" Wow! wow! this result is so nice.. you are such an intelligent girl Debby and I am so happy to see this.. keep it up okay but you do know that this isn't the best result right?" Mr Bernard asked smiling widely at me and I nodded in affirmation of what he said

" Yes I know that sir and I promise to do much more better in my next semester's examination.. I am aiming to be a first class graduate" I said with renewed boldness and I am guessing that this sounded unattainable to him that's why he bursted out in laughter

" My God Debby.. isn't that too extreme?.. what makes you think you can attain that high a height?" Mr Bernard inquired still smiling at me

" No height is too high to be attained sir.. so with hardwork, consistency, determination and God by my side... I can achieve my goal definitely!" I answered shrugging and he nodded his head in satisfaction at my intelligent response 

" You're right Debby.. anyways I am impressed by your result as well as your courage and good responses.. so how much did you say your estimated next semester's expenses would be?" He asked me and I replied him as I gave him the written lists of what I will be needing as well as their estimated sums.

" It is one hundred and fifty thousand naira sir but Ma'am Cynthia your wife already gave me seventy thousand naira.. so it's only remaining eighty thousand naira to balance sir" 

" Oh I see!" was the only response he gave me as he took his chequebook and began inscribing something on it then he tore it out and stretched it forward towards me.

I collected the cheque from him and exclaimed when I saw the sum on it; it was one hundred and fifty thousand naira!

" No sir you've made a mistake.. you are giving me the whole sum I asked for when Aunty has given me the half part already.. all you have to add is eighty thousand naira only sir" I said and wanted handing back the cheque to him but he stopped me with his next words

" I know that Debby but then I observed that you didn't include personal expenses in the list.. or don't you plait your hair, buy clothes, toiletries and have other personal needs?" Mr Bernard queried and I affirmed what he observed by nodding

He is actually right, normally I made up my mind not to include my personal expenses to the list because I believed that it was going to be too much for helpers who were not in any way related to me, so I am surprised he noticed as a man when Aunty Cynthia as a woman never observed that.

" You're right but it's fine sir.. I will look for part-time jobs in school to take care of my personal expenses.. it's enough that you and Aunty are taking care of my education, I won't want to be an ingrate by demanding more than I should" I answered and he smiled again

" You're not an ingrate Debby.. infact I like you for your intelligence and sincerity.. well I don't want you to engage in any part-time jobs, all you need to do is to use the remaining money to take care of yourself and study hard in school.. and if you encounter any problems let me know okay" Mr Bernard said and I smiled in gratitude

" Thank you so much sir.. I really do appreciate this, thanks a lot!" I said in appreciation, honestly I felt like kneeling down to show my gratitude but I had to respect myself

" you're welcome Debby.. by the way.. what does your mother do for a living?" Mr Bernard asked looking directly at me

" She is a small scale trader sir" I answered confused on why he asked me such a question

" Oh I see.. well I will tell my wife to look into that so that your mother would have something reasonable doing to support the family!" Mr Bernard said as I looked at him wide-eyed unable to believe my ears, wait! did I hear him well?

" Are you serious sir?" I asked in disbelief and he nodded in the affirmative before replying

" Of course Debby.. I am too old to lie about such things you know.. of course I am serious!" 

" I am sorry sir.. that is not really what I meant.. wow! I am sure my mother will be so excited to hear this goodnews!" I exclaimed in obvious happiness and Mr Bernard kept laughing at my childish display.

I stayed a while longer conversing with Mr Bernard in his office before finally taking my leave from his office.

I came back home to break the goodnews to everyone especially to my mother but as usual she wasn't looking so happy about it contrary to my earlier thought that she will be.

Well I am already used to my father and her recent silent attitude so I didn't allow her mood be a killjoy for me. 

So far as my siblings are genuinely happy for me then I Debby is totally contented with or without her engagement.

And so in celebration of the extra money I was given by Mr Bernard; I took out some money from it to purchase drinks and prepare a sumptuous meal of fried rice and chicken for my family to merry the night.

(Do not take credit of this work)

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