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Clash Of Love - Episode 45




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 45

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Treasure was full of confusion, she decided to take a break from the crowd and rest her head a bit and also reflect on the image she saw earlier if it was actually real or her imagination.

I have been much stressed up and everything is just cuddling up against me she thought, she left the crowd and made for her room about stepping in again her phone rang, "another unknown number", with her hand trembling she picked the call.

A voice came through at the other end

Don't bother going inside your room T. bae, I bet you might see worst there.

The call ended before she could say who are you? She was startled and very much demoralized, she can't quit think straight on who's calling. 

It is true I saw what seems like his image when I looked up but I'm pretty sure that he is not the one. It can't possibly be him, my mind is playing pranks on me, my mind is betraying me! one side of her wants to go into her room and have a warm long bath to cool off but the other part of her is just telling her, you dare not, who knows what you might see there and at that she began to imagine different things before a friend of hers walks up to her.

Oh T. here you are, your daughter is about giving a presentation, common let's go and see your brilliants daughters performances.

she hesitated a bit but the call came ringing back at her........ Then at the same time her daughter was announced to the podium and around of applause and cheering was coming from the crowd as she mounts the podium with confidence and face beaming with joy and excitement, that cheered Treasure up as she went to see and hear what her daughters performance would be, With proudness and accomplishments written all over her face temporarily forgetting her fear of the unknown, she walked to the front watching her daughter as part of her achievements.

Delight smiling, mounts the podium once again greeted and welcomed the guests for honouring her and her mother's invitation. Then she specially thanked  her mum for everything she've done and contributed to her life.

An applause also greeted her after concluding then she began speaking of her father

She spoke about him till some people started shading tears.... She spoke so wonderfully of her father that she began to cry and some emotional touched ones also joined her, when she couldn't speak more because of excess tears she just motioned them to put on a video of her father and herself when they were together and the happy memories they shared

The video was putting and people were in awe and began to applaud and some comments was heard too both good and bad.

At this point, Treasure was furious, jealous, hatred and sorrows clouded her heart and she angrily left from there and storm to her room murmuring inaudibly at herself.

That bi+ch never cease to disrespect and castigate me at all times.. I thought I will get her heart fully by throwing her such a tremendous sent forth party but she never cease to disgrace me and paints me black, but trust me, this is gonna be the last, I will teach her the lessons she will ever live to remember in all her remaining miserable life!

She stormed into her room and yelled. "It's all your fault Jude you mother fuçker son of a 

b!tch! for your sake and for making my daughter took you in her heart as her all in all, depriving me of my motherly love and dusting everything about me off her heart and making me represent nothing to her in this world.

I will make her pay, Jude whatever happens to your silly and ba$tard daughter of yours is all your fault don't forget that!!

She was too  busy lamenting and pouring out unnecessary anger at her innocent daughter, she never realized that a video is going on in her wall to wall flat screen television. 

She opened her bathroom door took her towel to change then heard something that sounds like her voice echoing in her head, she turned around only to see herself in her t.v..... She draws nearer, gosh it was her video, herself while speaking to sandy bae about her victory over her mugu hubby years ago

How on earth could this be possible, who played this prank, who!! 

Her head began to spin again and her heart is at this point thundering with loud pounds and was beating very fast, she wanted to scream but no sound is coming out..... No I am a strong woman, some body is trying to pull me down I think I have to put this off so that nobody will find out. In panic and and with vibrating hands she picked up the remote and try to put off the TV but it was not working, she pressed several buttons but none was working, She changed the batteries of the remote still not working..... Balls of sweat has gathered around her forehead despite the high air conditioned room she is in but now sweating profusely

She went to the power button of the television to off it but nothing was working she is running mad at this point... Whose behind this and whose torturing me so damn bad..... Sandy bae? Delight my daughter??  

Wait a minute, when I picked the call, I was asked to look up when I did I saw Jude ex hubby..... No! No!!  This can't be true, he is most WANTED and can't just reappear like that.... I need  to call 911 am pretty sure he's around some where....... I need to relax and take a cool breath...... I've got this under control... I am still T. BABY the happening single mum in town I can't let him take away my hard earned luxuries no way.... It ain't gonna happen!!

She quickly called the police and informed them given them her address, After the call she seemed a bit relaxed, by this time she has switched off the TV by disconnecting it from its socket.

She reapplied her makeups although her hand was still shaking.... Then she comes out smiling asif nothing happened with out knowing that she only came out to meet her everlasting doom

Once they saw her, every eyes was on her as people murmurs with hatred and some in disdain.... In confusion she wonders what's actually happening until she looks ahead of her and saw what's displaying in the screen.

Oh my gosh she felt like collapsing, no no no!!! This is not happening this ain't true every one!! someone!! is envious of me and trying to pull me down by all means.... This is not true Whose behind this she screamed out loud! If you are bold and man enough show yourself you coward son of a bi+ch!!

She's now behaving like a lunatic....

Every one just drifted away from her and she's now all alone in the middle

This ain't true and I ain't gonna back down for nothing in the world.... Show your face Jude you coward!


Here I am...... A voice said and everyone turned their gaze towards the direction and lo and behold it was Jude..... Looking very handsome and magnificently fresh.

No!! this is not happening, Treasure wiped her eyes viewing even clearer, She tapped and pinched herself to wake up from this unbelievable night mare but nature just told her that she's simply awake and in the world of reality.

Delight was so delightful seeing her father and she excitedly screamed Dad!! and run towards him as he opened his hands wide open for an embrace, she ran into his arm and both daughter and father hugged in tight embrace as if Delight was still a 6years old baby her father lifted her up and wiggles her around as they both laughed and giggles

 I have missed you so terribly my angel of light

 and I missed you too dad! 

They both said in tears. 

Next please Mr Jude said aloud and immediately the screen changed to another channel.

It shows how Treasure signed the fake house documents including the divorce papers. After which it shows when Jude just made his arrangements and how he collected loans from the bank and also sold his shares convincingly and playing the lovebird coward and foolish man all the while, it now dawned on Treasure that she is all alone and has nothing at all.

People marvelled at each revelations but Treasure is not ready to back down just yet

All of a sudden, she pulled out a gun from her breast and points it at embraced daughter and father...... She immediately removed her high hilled shoes and now on her bare leg feeling very free and comfortable ..... She yelled and shut the gun upwards, every one was in terror and bent downwards holding their heads Treasure began to laugh uncontrollably

Oh Mr Jude coward, I never knew that you are so smart and I underestimated you all the while but good a thing that I am always smarter than you and always one step ahead of you.

Hand me over those papers or I  blow off the fuçking head of that stupid daughter of yours. 

Jude immediately stood over Delight..... Delight was at the back now but very scared holding unto her dad, She said to her mom. 

Mum stop it already, You have done enough havoc and I will forgive you and talk to my dad about you.... I will plead on your behalf,  just drop the gun and not add more to the already existing problems, please mum

Oh shut that trash you damn ingrate! I have already decided to treat your fuckup so no going back. Oh Jude coward, you are speechless huh! Say something or I blow your already fallen head off. 

Jude just kept smiling and treasure was infuriated and aimed the gun at him then take a shut at him but no bullet inside.... She was devastated and made to run but saw Mr Segun at her back aiming a gun at her.

Inspector she yelled.. Please arrest this man, but silence met her.... Then the police men arrived instead of going to arrest Jude, They told her to surrender and drop her gun...... She yelled nooo oooo! and throw the gun at Jude but he simply catch it and laughed

I have always been 10steps ahead of you my darling..... He brought out the bullets he took from her gun and smiled throwing them at her one after the other

No ooo oooo! She screamed again.... We ain't done yet coward.... I will get back at you and even you pointing at Delight, you backstabber of a daughter I must finish you all!!

You are under arrest woman! what ever you said will be used against you in the court of law..... 

On hearing that she passed out into unconsciousness and was taken to the hospital with handcuffs cuffed in her hand and at the bed too so that she won't escape when she gains consciousness.

Sandy bae was also arrested too

THE END........................ *.*

BUT just hold on for the



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