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Clash Of Love - Episode 44




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 44

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Delight was very nervous on the supposed day of her graduation, she made the prayers that she has never pray in her entire life  since she was born. She prayed that God should protect her and guide her and her father through, also make their plans a very successful one.

 *...... *....... *....... *

The party commenced by 1pm and everywhere was filled with people, Treasure was happy and proudly welcoming every one that came to honor her invitation, Delight also invited few of her close friends as well.

Unlike the bold brave Delight she was feeling nervous but don't know why, maybe because of her mother forth coming humiliation or maybe because her father is coming to the party but in all she was optimist and kept praying in her heart for God's will and directions through out that day.

By 3pm barr. Frank arrived with his family, and Delight was happy seeing him and a bit relaxed but Treasure frowned because she never invited him to come talk more of him coming with his family.  

After settling down, at about 30minuites of bar. Franks arrival, five unknown men came in.

Treasure was really uncomfortable with the presence of those men, she can't recognize any of them except for one man.... Inspector Segun that arrested her husband, what is he doing here and on whose invitation did he came? She was worried and needed to ask her daughter why she invited the man over.

Hey Delight I wanna talk to you.

OK mum, hope everything is alright because your countenance isn't bright at all...You look pale at the same time.

Never mind, you know that stress was much because I've been running around to put things in order.

OK enjoy the party then.

Wait mom, I thought you had wanted to talk to me about something.

Yah but forget it.... 

Oh no mum... You know that today is my day so please don't try to keep me in any form of suspense, tell me already

OK... You remembered that man that arrested your dad.

You mean inspector Segun? 

Yes that's his name..... Are you the one that invited him down here?

Surprised or rather feigning surprised...... No way mum did you see him here? 

Yah I saw him, that was why I came to ask you..... 

No I didn't invite him maybe he came by for something... We will have to see him mum

Yes you are right....... 

They were still conversing and a call came into treasures line, it was an unknown number she was about picking it and it ended.

A message also came into Delights phone from her dad she opened it..... It reads.

" Relax my angel of light everything is been taken care of in less than no time you will see me"

She quickly wiped out the message immediately and excused herself because she was feeling more nervous now. 

Another call came into Treasures phone and she picked immediately and said...

 Hello, yah whose this.... 

A voice at the other end calmly said..... Hello T. Bae how you doing?

She can't place the voice, the voice was strange and familiar at the same time who could be this person asking her such questions, she moved further out of the crowd and answered.

 I am fine, who am I speaking with because I am in the middle of something

The voice calmly said again..... Just look up

Treasure quickly looked up, she could not believe what she saw... It seems like a dream to her.. Oh that can't be possible he ain't the one maybe am beginning to see and imagine things!

A voice came to her head, it was her thoughts running around in her mind now..... But what of if he is the one... Oh my gosh this can't be true.. No no! At this time her head has started spinning and the whole people there looks double, she felt like collapsing, like everything is crashing down on her.

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