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Clash Of Love - Episode 43




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 43

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Treasure was really happy that her daughter is a graduate, she brags to her friends on how successful her daughter has been through her academics and how she will soon further her education to master level.

Her friends admires and some envies her also.

 Sandy bae was exceptionally happy for Delight how strong she stood on her decision to leave a right life despite all the challenges and huddles that came her part, she still stood firm in what she believed in.... She congratulated her many times and showers her with praises both in her presence and also behind her back.

Treasure proudly make every arrangements for her daughters graduation ceremony as she described about how it will be, If she has been a good mother all the while, with the wonderful plans she made for Delight concerning her graduation, honestly she is simply the best and worth celebrating but since she wasn't a good and supportive mother, it is obvious that she's doing all that she is doing for herself just to raise her ego and pomposity the more, her pride and to answer name for herself and nothing more.

Every thing has been planned accordingly by barr. Franky Frank, with his influence, he was able to arrange every thing for Delight in the school so that her mother will not find out about anything. 

Delight also has great influence in the school because she is one of the best in her department and also has a great social life that she was loved by many.

The graduation party at school was successful but due to one thing or the other Treasure postponed the party at home till the next day and that even gave Delight more time to gather her mindset together and execute the most successful plans in her entire life.

This is the due time for the wicked to be punished.

She was laying on her bed thinking and revolving her mind all through what has been happening in her entire life ever since she came into existence.

She thought of her mother and what her fate will be when everything gradually unleash to her one after the other. 

The thought of it made cold shiver run through her body and tears filled her eyes.

She thought of her father and longed to see and hold him, oh how much she missed him, who knows what his resemblance will be like,so much questions propped her heart and the only answer that came to her mind is that TOMORROW WILL ANSWER ALL.

She thought of barr. Franky Frank and how much he has been of help to her and what she will use as a reward to him...... Maybe her father will answer to that.

She thought of the driver, he was also a tremendous help to her but she was happy fulfilling a greater purpose in his life, she was able to convince him on love again, she told him many things about love and trust that after some years of hatred towards marriage, family, love, and women he was able to change the negative concepts he once had about it because of his experience with his ex wife but thank God that finally he was able to love again.

Now he is married to a beautiful woman with a kid about 1year now and his wife is also expecting another baby soon enough. 

He is very happy with his marriage, life, family and wife, and all thanks to barr. and Delight Eze for her advice and encouragement, he is ever indebted to her in his entire life.

She checked her entire life and was grateful to God for seeing her through all her challenging and trying life.

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