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Clash Of Love - Episode 42




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 42

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

My dear your mom first came to me as your family lawyer to help her file divorce for your father but because I have known your father for a very long time right from our Junior secondary school.

 I knew he was a good man, so I refused to do her bidding even after she promised to pay me a huge amount of money, I still refused but to cut the long story short my angel.

 That day you saw her in my office, she only came to mock me and to tease me of how successful her plans just worked out... She bragged about how wealthy and successful she has become with her plans and mocked me on how I missed a golden opportunity of been wealthy because of worthless Jude your father.

Really.... Please I am very sorry barr. Franky Frank for doubting your trust and sincerity.

Is nothing my angel... You did the right thing because anybody in your position will do the same. 

Well your mom often comes to this building, she deed her secret court marriage with one senator in one of my colleagues office, I am also thinking that she's also having an affair with that same barr. That wedded them.

Yes! I knew it because she constantly comes around here.

Yes, and now rumors have it that, that barr. Is currently a HIV positive.

What! Delight shouted in shock at what the barr said..... How about my mom Delight said almost in tears.

Well I don't know about her, but if she has been meeting the barr. Up till date or at the time he contacted it, there's a possibility that she's also a victim.

Oh no! please God don't allow her to be, I hate her so much but I wouldn't want her to die a shameful death.

Wow! You have such a good heart, despite every thing she've done to you and your father you still love her so much, that's incredible.

No matter what, she's still my mother and she carried me for 9painful months, gave birth to me through pains and sorrows, I suckled in her bosom for many months so I should still love and love her no matter how evil she's become.

Is OK Delight, you just have to be conscious of her from now onwards, let's just hope for the better.

Yes I am hoping for the best barr. Thank you very much more. You are such a tremendous help to me and my father I remain grateful and ever indebted to you...... 

Please don't say that again, you know I hate it when ever you said that...... I myself I have really learnt from you Delight, your courage and determinations also gave me more confidence in my self so I think we are even.. So is vise versa my darling......  

They both laughed it over... Delight was so happy and relaxed that her doubt towards the barr. has been clarified and she now has full conviction and confidence that their final plans will be very  successful she also feel pity for her mum and pray that she is not a victim of Hiv /Aids.

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