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Clash Of Love - Episode 41



Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 41

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

She went to barr. Franky office and as usual they all had a conference call with her father.

Every arrangement was made and everything seems so great and excellent if only the plans will be very successful. 

After concluding the plans, the call was ended and as usual Delight was so grateful to barr. Franky Frank and thanked him so much for everything he has been doing for her and her father and for his supports and advice even towards her academic pursuit.

The barr. Was embarrassed by how she showered praises on him and he told her that he will do anything for her.

They both drank and toasted too for how successful their plans has been moving without interruption for so many years now.

 But one thing still kept Delight worried about barr. Franky, she can't really take off her mind from seeing someone that resembles her mother in his office and countless times she follows her mother around without her notice 

She always finds her coming to this building but she can't quite place her finger on the particular chamber she often comes.... How about if their whole plans fails at this last minute?

I am not quite secured about how barr. Franky entertained her mother right in his office.. I think is high time I confront barr. Franky face to face and remove this burden off my shoulder once and for all..... She was really lost in thought thinking about how to direct her speech towards towards barr. Franky when he finally brought her out from her deep thoughts.

Hello princess what are you thinking? 

Ehmm..... Scratching her head.... Nothing really was just thinking of the whole thing over and over again from the onset..... Every thing was just like a movie to me and I can't really believe that I acted this whole thing all the while.

So are you entertaining fear that this won't work out at last minute?

Wow! How did you know my thoughts barr.? Honestly I was thinking about it just now, what of if everything that we have been acting or our plans finally got exposed at the dying minutes what will be my fate or my dad's fate..... I am a bit scared

Is always like that my dear.... Been nervous is necessary but don't overly entertain fear that things won't work out, you have been through it all even when you was just too tender, why won't you survive or make it now that you are all grown up....... Don't worry my angel, I know you very well, you are brave, smart, intelligent, bold and a very strong lady that when you put your mind together to do something you scale through just like an eagle, this is our final plan, we have to hit it so hard without giving any room for lapses. (patting her on the shoulder) don't worry about anything God has already crowned our efforts especially yours.

Yes, I believed so but I am still worried about something

What could that be dear? 

I have seen my mum in this building countless times but I don't actually know the chamber or the lawyer she normally sees but barr Franky Frank I must say the obvious that I have seen her in your chamber once.

The barr. Was very focused looking at Delight with rapt attention............ In his heart he so much loved this girl, she's so full of wisdom.

 Yes go on my baby girl.

Sir it has been about 4 years now, the first time I came here with my driver and I saw my mom in your office.

Are you sure it was your mum you saw that very day? 

Yes, she was the one, after I saw you was with a client I have to wait at the handrail after sometime my mom came out although I didn't notice the particular chamber she came out from but I am very certain that she wore the same cloth with the woman in your office that particular day

So why haven't you asked me all that years?

Nothing I was just trying to be sure before I speak.

The barr. Started laughing and after his laughter subsided, he said to Delight.. 

My darling your wisdom knows no bound. As soon as your father comes back I will advise him to allow you to further your education abroad, you are a born lawyer and your potential is very wonderful, I love that 

But you see, my dear little angel, this life is full of mystery and their are more to see that the eyes has ever met, so....

So what? Delight cuts in impatiently...

Calm down my little princess, Barr. Frank replied smiling broadly at Delight....

*Hmmm! What do you think guys?

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