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Clash Of Love - Episode 40




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 40

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Delight finally gained admission into the University of Lagos as a mass communication student while studying law... Every thing was working as planned, she goes to school from home as a  Mass com. Student in school she changes to a law student and she comes back home a mass com student.

 She was doing perfectly well in her academics and one of the best in law department. she has a lot of friends and those she tutors but was very careful to limit them all in school and not to bring anyone home or get too attached to her friends so that her plans won't be expose.

 That's why most a times her friends will always tell her that she's too secretive but she cares less of what they think about her. She now has an account that her mother pays in money for her, her father also pays in money for her into the same bank without her mother knowing anything.

Delight spends most of her days in that house in her own room.... She used curtain and demarcated her room just like she sees those that leaves in lodges or hostel does, she brought the fridge in the kitchen down to her room and bought electric stove for herself which she normally cooks with..... She was very determined to shut her mother out from her world and she is gradually achieving it. 

She changed her door key to padlock and always make sure to bolt her door whenever she is reading to avoid her mother finding out the course she's actually studying. 

She was almost caught by her mother one day that she was reading her law textbook and didn't noticed when her mother comes in and turn the cover of the book, she was shocked seeing it was a law text book that she was reading but thank God for her quick intervention and conviction, she told her mother that the the law is a borrowed course and in the next level she won't be doing it.... It was just like a magic and relieve when her mother believed her without trying to argue or go further to find out,she became extra careful in everything she is doing.

At the end of each semester, because of the way the barr. Was close to the vice chancellor of the school and how Frank explained the conditions in which Delight was allowed to attend school , it made everything easier for Delight.  

At the end of every semester, the Hod of mass communication department will also Forge a result for her with faire grades because that's what Delight requested for in order to convince her mother that she is really not doing so good in that imposed course she is studying.... While she will collect her main result and keep it very well where her mother or anybody else can see it. 


Barr. Franky was really a tremendous help to her in many ways and her father was also of help and source of encouragement to her in many ways and finance not excluded.

Wow! how time flies, four years has almost approached and that's the number of years for mass communication. Delight was a bit panicky because of the way her mother brags and talk about her graduation and how she will proudly and lavishly celebrate her graduation party for her. She talks of how she will invite almost the entire Lagos to be a witness to her successful daughter....... This always gets her worried when ever she thinks about it and imagines what will happen when her mother will finally find out that she is studying law and that she has two more years to stay in school.

 Then Delight mapped out a day she will visit barr. Franky Frank to hear out his suggestions towards the forth coming challenges on her way.

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