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Clash Of Love - Episode 38 & 39




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 38 &39

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

The next day, Delight kept monitoring her mother until she went out, then she told the driver to take her to barr. Franky Frank's office, when they got there Frank was with a client and they have to wait. 

Delight stood in the handrail operating her phone when she saw some one walked out of one of the  Chambers facing that of the barr. Franky, she immediately moved out and went in a corner after been sure that it was her mother she ran downstairs and met her driver eating burger in one of the shops down there, she immediately relay what she saw then they both went into the car and drove off a bit farther where she won't see them because if their car remains there, she might grew suspicious of her visiting barr. Frank.

There, they waited for what seems so long before Treasure came down with the senator she claimed to be her fiancee..... They waited there until she drove off before they drive back to barr. Franks office.

When they got to his office, the client has left already and barr. Frank was glad seeing Delight once again.



Hi my able barr. 

Hello barr. Franky Frank... Your client left already? 

Yah she just left some minutes ago I was about calling you before you came in

Oh really.... Here I am now.

Welcome darling.... You look so pale are you feeling fine at all? 

Yah barr. I am... Have you spoken with my dad for a while now? 

Yah we spoke often....... Two days ago precisely 

Delight looked at barr. Franky she was scared if she will still trust him and wondered if her dad is making mistake trusting frank

 When I came in here a client was sitting here backing the door is true I don't get to see her face but she wore the same cloth that I saw my mom putting on just now.... Could it be her, is barr. also walking with my mum and also my dad..... No something is not right. This man wants to betray my dad and stab him at the back. Oh my God I can't let this happen I think I have to warn my dad to be weary of this man...... But what of if he is innocent, I have to find out some how.

Hello D. D....are you okay... Frank called back the attention of Delight who was  lost in thought.

Oh yah barr. Franky.....my mum is giving me a lot of challenges, I am tired of living in that house, I want to run away from that house....I feel like my world is crumbling..... She said amidst tears

Barr. Who was listening with rapt attention smiled at Delight.... Please calm down my angel and tell me what's happening.

My mum wants me to drop my dream carrier and study some other course, as if that's not enough she stopped me from going to  schools in other states except the one  in Lagos state or else I should forget about schooling... Is that fair?.... Delight was in tears


Don't worry Delight..... We will sought every thing out very soon.... Hold on lemme deliver something in the next chamber I will join you soon.

 As soon as the barr. Left, her suspicious of Frank grew even more stronger that she wished she could speak to her father at that point in time but it won't be right to do that in his office. She just have to be patient for the meantime time until she's out of his office. Soon the barr returned smiling at Delight.

I have heard what you said dearie, so what was your decisions?

 My decisions..... I am confused right now that I can't even think straight barr. 

OK, well I will suggest that you purchase two forms for the jamb, one for law and the other for any other course, then you present the one for other course to her and then that will convince her and she will think that you are actually going for that course while you switch to law.

But what of if she gets to find out?

Trust me she won't find out... You have to be very smart and always avoids her part when reading so that she won't see your test books.


Wow! That's a great idea barr. Franky Frank. Delight said sounding very delightful like a heavy burden has been lifted off her shoulder.

But remember going to school in other state is prohibited so you've got no choice on that.

That's not a big deal barr, I will handle it.


I was speaking with your dad earlier before a client walks in, lemme call him back so that we will all talk about our plans

OK... No problem.

The barr. Called Jude and he picked up at first ring.

Hello Jude.

Hi Frank.... Have your clients left? 

Nope not really, I have another important client right here with me.

Then why calling, I don't wanna distract you from your clients, go on we will talk later then.

Nope hold on.... Let me introduce my clients to you, you will be glad to meet her.


Wow! barr. I guess Mc would have suited you probably too...... Delight said to him smiling.

 Thanks anyways 

You are welcome angel.

Hello dad

Hi princess... Are you the incredible client? 

Yah I am.....so dad how you doing over there daddy? 

I am fine still thinking about what you told me concerning your academics..... Is your mum still stagnant on her decision? 

Yes that, she couldn't just wanna see me happy dad.

Don't worry dearie... You've got to open an account so that I will pay in money for you so you will use it to school without depending on your mum.

I don't think that's a good idea Jude, Treasure might grow suspicious of that because she would want to find out whose sponsoring her.

Yes dad barr is right, but we've got a better plan.

Let me hear it my angel.

Delight told her father everything the barr. said.... But her father was a little bit uncomfortable with that.

That will be difficult too.

Why? Both Delight and barr. Asked in unison.

Why because, law is a course that is practicable and through there dressing everyone will easily find out what the person is studying, Frank you are a lawyer and should know what I am talking about.

Yes I am aware of that and I will also make arrangements for that too,once she gain admission then I will personally meet with the H.O.D of that department and discuss with the person... Hopefully Delight will be changing to her departmental uniform whenever she gets to school.

Wow! that's incredible plan.... Yes barr. You are the best barr. Franky.... Delight said hugging barr. Franky.

They discussed some other issues and they were happy having a conference chat together........ They finally said goodbye and ended the call.... After thanking barr. Franky Delight left very happy and joyful knowing that she won't deviate from her dream course again But she still have doubt about barr. Franky but have to find out if it was her mother that visited the barr. that day or not......... *..... *

Do you think that barr. Franky is also working for Treasure? 

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