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Clash Of Love - Episode 37




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 37

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Delight was really disturbed at the conditions her mother gave her, after confiding in her father, he only told her to accept it for the meantime until he returns. 

At that time everything will change and she can even travel abroad to study law if she desires to... But that's not enough, she's not comfortable with that idea, how can I possibly waste my years in school studying what I don't really like, how will I consetrate.

That will only make my performance very poor.

 I love law that's my passion and the carrier I will love to pursue with my life and can't afford to waste my years in school studying nothing at all. No! I can't. She decided to confront her mother one last time before purchasing the jamb form.

Good afternoon mum

Yah.... Hope is not what I am thinking that made you approach me because there's no way I am gonna change my mind! 

But mum, why did you hate me so much? 

I don't hate you darling, I am only doing what I am doing for your own betterment and benefits, you might not realize it now but you will sure do some day and thank me for that. You are already indebted to me.

No mum! There's nothing to realize, this is not best for me because you are only trying to terminate my future, you are killing me silently by trying to cut my dreams short, law is my life and I can't do anything better than been a barr. Mum I am aiming higher in life and I just don't wanna stop at been just mare barr. I will go further to becoming Judge.... 

Treasure cuts in

Ohoo! exactly my point and fears, those people are no good and they die young like chickens and very mysteriously too..... That profession only suits men and not women so look for a female professions like Banker, nurse, doctors, computer science you can even study business administration so you can handle my investment very well for me.

So you think that a female can't possibly make a good lawyer? oh what a shame mum! I thought you are learned but now I know you are still very much archaic.

You are so saucy Delight, what do you know in life, don't you know that female lawyers barely get married? it is suitable for men that can easily pick a woman and marry and not for female.

Mum that's not true, this is a generation where parents supports their children's career no matter what they want to be and back them in every way they saw fit and not trying to impose carriers on them by force.

Point of correction! I am not imposing carrier on you, you can study any other thing that you want but not law and that's final!!

Mum you are so cold hearted, what have I ever done wrong to deserve such treatments from you, why did you bring me into this world since you can't take care of me why mum!!? 

God knows that I love you and I am taking good care of you.... I only want what's best for you.


You don't! You only want what's best for you, you just wanna ruin my life by...... 

Treasure cuts in..... Yes again while applying of choice of school, make sure to put every school here in Lagos so that you will be going from home.

Delight yelling now....and you think that's also what's best for me? You want me to be revolving around you all the time like a kitty cat, mum I don't wanna school here in Lagos I want to go to other states and experience life outside Lagos, I am entitled to freedom of movement, I am not just a dummy.

You are only talking to your self baby, I made the rules here and you follow but if you don't like my decisions then you have to forget about school.... So get that into your fixed skull.

I hate you, you are worst than Jezebel... Oh how I wish my father is here, I won't be going through this!!

Unfortunately he is not, so put your ass together and start making your decisions very quickly, any one you choose is welcomed by me

Delight in rage, almost in tears but she's fighting very hard to keep her tears from coming because she vowed in her heart never to cry because of her mother again but this is far too much for her to bear

She can condole going to school from home but not abandoning her dream career from childhood. It is excruciating to her and she felt like sojourning into the land of rest at that point in time.

She was so grieved that she doesn't know when she burst out yelling and crying.

No!! I can't do this, I have worked so hard  and put all my efforts to been who I wants to be, you have deprived me of everything I have ever dreamt of becoming..... You are wicked and a devil in disguise... God will punish you for depriving me of joy..... You won't go scout free I swear it!!! 

End of discussion baby.... Catch you when I get back home..... By then your demons must have left you... Bye for now.

Treasure left the house and drove of 

Delight fell down and cried all her breath out

The driver then came in and carried her to her room, encouraged her and told her that they will go and see barr. Franky Frank for help.

 Delight cried herself to sleep with so much pains and agony in her heart

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