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Clash Of Love - Episode 36




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 36

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Two days later, a driver was employed for Delight, after keen observations Delight confirmed that he was the exact description of the man he wanted.

Two maids was also employed to take care of her and the house but Delight bluntly told her mother that she doesn't need a help that she can take good care of herself... After some arguments and quarrels Treasure gave up, she sacked one of them and leave the one that will be cleaning the house.

Delight was very happy about the driver and in less than no time they both became friends.

She was very careful of the maid her mother brought, although she seems to be a good person and innocent but she doesn't want to give her chance for the fear that she might be upto something or her mother brought her for a purpose so for that reason she doesn't want to get close to her. She's not ready to put all her efforts and plans and that of her father at risk so she have to tread very carefully.

The name of Delight's driver is Johnson, very tall and dark in complexion, he is in his late 40s although he is a jovial personality but pains and anger is written all over his face. He is a friend of Mr Jude and suffered from his wife almost the same thing Jude is passing through with Treasure.

His own case was that his wife duped him to the core and took all he has, to the extent of sleeping with men in his own house. 

The most annoying part is that his woman got pregnant for another man, when she finally put to bed Johnson threatened to take his child and divorce the woman but one way or the other the woman finds out and told him that he is not the owner of the child, Johnson doubted it and they went to different hospital for DNA test, through the DNA test that was carried out, it was truthfully confirmed that he was not the father of the child, he nearly strangled the woman to death if not for the help of the doctors and some patients there, as if that was not enough the woman arrested him for attempting murder and he was thrown to prison.

He was almost there for two months, it was when Jude was brought to the same station that they met and Jude released him from prison after telling him his sad and painful story

Jude in turn told him every thing that's going on with his own marriage. 

Jude gave him a huge amount and told him to start his life over because it is not the end of the world for him. 

Johnson vowed never to marry again or have any form of love, feelings or affection for any woman in the world ever again but vowed to pull down and destroy the life of any woman that comes her way more especially the likes of Treasure.

That's why he has chosen to be part of Treasures down fall.


When Delight finds out everything that happened to Johnson by her father, she felt great pity on him and wondered why women are so cruel and heart hearted, why they are human destroyer without ever thinking about tomorrow, their husbands or there children generally.

The driver always drives her around and sometimes they even follows her mother around without her knowledge

Sometimes she will visit barr. Franky Frank and discuss about how successful their plans are going and before she leaves barr. Franky Frank will give her words of advice and encouragement that will keep her going.


AT the age of 17, Delight is about to write jamb and apply to study law but her mother vehemently refused to sponsor her if she chose to study law

And to make the situation even more annoying and harder, she told her that she will school from home and won't go away to leave in school or else she should forget about ever going to school in her life because she will neither train or sponsor her education if she wants to study law nor train her if she includes or try to school in another state apart from Lagos.


So painful..... Now Delight is between the devil and the deep blue sea.... What do you think she will do in this tough situation??

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