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Clash Of Love - Episode 35




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 35

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Delight eventually stopped crying and switched on her phone a message alert came in, it was from her father, She opened the message and read it, after reading the message she felt a lot better as new strength to fight to the end came into her, a new hope, reassurance and confidence was built up in her once again.

The message was a sought of encouragement to her that she felt her dad's presence right at that point. She smiled and said.

"Dad you are the best father I can ever think of, I wish you are here but your words has giving me faith and hope that we are in this together so dad your angel of light is never gonna give up.... Failure is never an option"

With that she stood up from the floor and went and take a long cool bath.

The next day been Sunday she came down stairs to make herself breakfast and met her mother with sandy bae smoking cigarettes  She greeted them and went inside the kitchen thinking 

I don't understand, is that bi+ch gonna leave with us now? I hope not. Please God drive her away she prayed. 

She quickly prepared her breakfast of fried eggs with ripped plantain and made her self some tea.... She quickly took them to her room, after eating she took her bath and dressed for church.

Mum I am going to church 

What do you mean by that? Her mom quried

I wanna go to church mum, Delight replied 

Where do you know in this area, or you wanna get lost like your father? 

Sandra burst into uncontrollable laughter and Treasure joined her too making fun of Delight..... Delight who already knew the kind of crazy people she's dealing with calmly said.

Don't worry, I know how to find my way around..goodbye and started walking towards the master door, but her mother quickly stopped her.

Delight you ain't going nowhere today because I can't afford to loose you dear.

What do you care, I will find my way home.

Treasure at this time rushed to the door and lock it.

I know you are very stubborn and won't want to change your mind about going to church.

You thought I don't care about you but I really do care because you are the only thing I've got in this world.. Please listen to me, stay back today because this city is very large and you are new here. I don't know anywhere here... I promise you that by next Sunday you will go to church OK.

No mum I know your tricks very much you want to tie me down here in this house I disagree with you!

I know I have been a horrible mum, but trust me darling, I will take you around and show you places so that you will know your ways around OK darling... She said smiling

No mum I don't like that idea

Treasure was a kinda surprised and angry at her daughters refusal and stubbornness

And why don't you like the idea? 

Well honestly mum, I can't walk around with you because I don't want people to see us together.

Sandra burst into laughter on hearing that, she clapped her hands and walk towards where mother and daughter was standing..... At this point, Treasure was filled with rage and felt like smashing Delight so hard or ripping off her tongue.


So you mean that I don't reach the standard or the calibers of people you walk around with?!! She said very bitter and hurtful.

Well mum.... But Sandra cuts in.

Oh please spare the little girl please, we both knows where she is driving at, I love her boldness and courage. Wow, I wish I was born into her generation when you can boldly say what ever you want to say and stand up to defend what you believe in and go scout free.

I wish my daughter is as strong and as brave as your daughter, she wouldn't have been influenced too easily.... My dear I respect your decision and wish my youngest daughter will become friends with you so that she will learn certain things from you and not follow the path I and her elder sister has chosen.

Wait a minute Sandra, lemme figure out something here.... Are you trying to support my daughter by encouraging her not to move around with me in public? 

I didn't say that T bae your daughter  deed... I only encouraged her determination and bravery... She said that and walk back to her seat.

Treasure looked at her and said.... You now has supporter isn't it... Delight was about to reply but Treasure in fury dragged her into her room and  locked the door.

Delight tell me what's going on between you and my friend? 

What do you mean mum? 

Oh shut it and don't try to play dumb with me, tell me what's going on between you two before I change my mind. At this point her voice indicates, anger, fear, jealousy, protection etc.

Mum nothing is going on between us, or are you scared of something, maybe you can go and ask your friend too if you don't trust me.

I trust you, never mind.

Please get me a driver mum

You are right, I will get you a driver and maid too.

No thanks I don't need any maid, I am good by myself and can take proper care of my self.

If you say so, I will put up a vacancy at the gate tomorrow.

OK mum, please I will select the person I want as a driver 

She looked at her for some time and nodded her head.... If that will make you happy.

Immediately Treasure left her room, Delight exclaimed happily yes! It worked out just fine I will have to inform my father so that he will give me the exact description of the person he wants as my driver. Yes! Yes!! Yesss!!!

She started dancing around in her room.

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