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Clash Of Love - Episode 33




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 33

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

By 12noon people has crowded the house.

People of different calibers both men and women. 

They all look very expensive and well to do. Most of them are couple when I said couple I don't really mean there actual spouse,some ladies are with men old enough to be their father probably sugar daddies, some women on the other hands are with men far younger to be their last sons no doubt is their sugar mummies while some couples looks good together .

There were ladies with ladies also and sandy bae is not exceptional, she was not just with a lady but she was also with a guy too.... All the women that came to the party all dressed up to kill, almost some parts of their bodies are transparent.

Delight who was watching from the staircase stayed away from the party to avoid any kind of harassment, she even dogged in one corner to avoid the preying eyes of the guests 

Looking at those in the party it was very irritating to her, none of the women seems responsible including the young boys but the men there looked very influential in the society

All Delight was interested in is seeing her mother but she seems to be nowhere to be found. After about 30 minutes of  viewing and waiting nothing seems interesting there she decided to return to her room and lock her self up but just then the M.C said)

Now let's welcome the celebrant

Just then she saw her mother coming out.

She looks stunning and very very beautiful, she now looks very different with her dressing.

She wore a very skimpy red gown with its back open till the waist, she wore a silver hill of about 8inches high that even makes her thighs exposed the more with a silver pause. She looks stunning but wayward

Delight immediately used her phone and captured her mother without any one noticing

As Treasure walks in majestically into the podium, every one was cheering her with a round of applause, and many were showering her with praises... Sandra even kissed her for few seconds which Delight also captured

Then when she was finally ushered in she was handed a Mic to make some speech After thanking every one for coming, to the shock and amazement of Delight and other people she said...

Thank you everyone for honouring my invitation, seeing you all really gladdens my heart but I also want to use this medium to introduce to everyone here my special, loving, wonderful and romantic well to do personality of mine, he is also my fiancee. He is no other one than Senator Idowu Segun

Another applauds and cheering was raised as a man in his middle 60s that looks like Delights great grand father came out from the crowd. He is average in height with pot belly. Delight was in shock and awe that tears began flooding her eyes like rain. The man mount the podium and started kissing Treasure 

Delight capture many pictures while the man was kissing her mum ... when she can't withstand it any longer she ran into her room and shut the door... She started crying uncontrollably as she cursed herself for coming into the world through that Jezebel of a woman

Oh mum!! you are so cheap, that monster Ugly beast of a man is no match for my dad, my father is a very handsome man tall and well built, what did you see in that man with pot belly.... Oh mum you never recognized that I still leaves under this roof to give me at least a little respect for that reason I have lost all my respects for you, you will reap what you sow. 

After much wailing she slept off only to wake up by 6:30pm with a loud music and some chatting happy voices. 

She came out from her room and mount down the steps only to find out her worst bewilderment inside  her own father's house. 

********,,,,, ******,,,, *******, *, 

Some people had already left and the crowd has reduced to a few number of people.. It was raining heavily outside and those still around engaged themselves in se*ual acts, so many le$bians in the house as they romance themselves, some men and women engaged themselves in se*ual acts.

Some in the cushion while some on the floor all doing dirty things without minding each other... Of course sandy bae was involved with a guy and a lady all on her.

The place smells horrible as she searched for her mother and can't find her, angrily she went to her mother's room with out knocking she badged in well prepared to wage war with her mother, lo and behold she met her mother on her bed with the so called senator and a young girl also with them, all were busy doing some dirty things.

Since they were all carried away she captured them twice and sneaked out of the room and also captured those in the sitting room.


Her anger was so much that it wants to explode in her head, she couldn't bear it anymore she went to the socket and switched it off disconnecting the music.... Then she stood in their mist and shouted on top of her voice.



She run upstairs to her room even before her mother tries to stop her and shut the door



Do you think that this young girl of 15+ will survive in the mist of this wolfs?

I am a ceaseless flow of Inspirations that will never run dry it's a gift from God 💫

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[8/13, 2:12 PM] Emy Number: CLASH OF LOVE



Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu ✍️

**Too Busy, Not Edited Please 🙏***

Treasure kept knocking on Delights door.

Open this door or I will break it down right now!!!

(Delight refused to open the door because she was busy sending every thing she captured to her father, she sent all of them not leaving any. After then she wiped them all out from her phone and switched her phone off in case her father calls her, she doesn't want her mum to have a clue or be suspicious of her in any way........ then walk towards the door)

Mum go away, I don't wanna see your face anymore.

Open this door you damn silly girl.

After much knock on her door, In order not to attract attention, Delight then opened the door for her mum.

What do you want from me? she was still talking when her mother landed a resounding slap on her cheek.... Delight cried out in pains holding her cheek as tears streams down her eyes.

Mum you slapped me!

And I will slap you yet again if you open your trash again!

How dare you, who gave you the guts, the effrontery to come and disrupt my guest, don't you have fear, do I look like your mate that you will always say what ever you want to at anytime, now listen and listen good... Any other day that you will disrespect me or disrespect any of my guest, I will forget the fact that you are my daughter and deal with you like a nobody. The privileges I gave to you is becoming too much and I think the best medicine you deserve is malhandling and that's what you will get from me from today onwards. Get that into you fixed skull. Silly thing.. She hissed and made to leave when Delight cuts in.

Oh really mum, do you think I am scared of you, no way mum, you have sell your respect to the dogs and I have none left for you in my heart anymore.. I saw every thing, I saw how all your friends were messing around in my father's house.... The shocking one is that I saw you... I came right there in your room messing around with that old man that's old enough to be your father. I also saw a girl there with you do you think I don't know who and what you are... You think that I am a kid? I see So you blackmailed my dad for such rotten life isn't it?  I hate you, I hate that you are my mother, you are such a disgrace so woman get out of my room.... Seeing your face disgust me.

(Treasure laughing in anger)

Holding Delight in her ears... Now listen you idiot.... I choose my life and I do whatever I want with my life and not even your coward of a father or you that will dare to stop me, and as for you girl.... Don't think that you are too wise because you are not. Just pray that your thought don't cross my mind, just pray real hard because if it does, you will end up in the streets every night working your ass up and making cool cash for me because that's what most of my friends are doing but you are lucky that your foolish father left a lot of money and investments for me... Just pray they doesn't finish on time because if it does, you will become the youngest whore silly thing.


(Treasure left her daughters ears which at this time has turned very reddish and burning her. She couldn't cry anymore because her tears has refused to flow again.

Treasure laughed loudly like a witch and started leaving but stopped at the door)

Yes one more thing, I am glad you saw senator, get ready because soon enough, you are gonna have a step father.

Delight screamed.... Over my dead body will I accept that old fool..... You are such a disgrace and I hate you with everything in me..... My dad is coming back for you and soon nemesis will catch up with you.

Hahaha...... Don't keep your hope so high dummy, your dad is most WANTED and will never show his face again or probably he is dead by now. The earlier you know the better you stop dreaming of his return.

No my dad is not dead but you are the one dead in me and I stopped seeing you as a mother because my mom is dead already.

Kikikikikiki.... So are you dead in me my eyes daughter.

I hate you so much... 

I hate you more my darling... (she laughed, wink and blow a kiss to Delight and exit from her room........ (Immediately she left, sandy bae who has been hiding eavesdropping at their conversations came in)

Oh little pretty thing, my beautiful damsel, you're crying.... Oh no no, you don't need to spoil your charming face, don't worry I will help you out just give me a chance into your life. She said trying to touch Delights face but Delight quickly hits her hand so hard that she shouted.

Ouch! How dare you hit me you son of a bitch! 

And I will hit you again and again if you don't get lost from my room right now!!

Are you shouting at me..... 

Delight shouted angrily on top of her voice so that it will attract her mums attention ....... Get out of my room, your presence irritates me!! 

Ashamed of herself, sandy bae said.....

 We shall see you little stubborn fly..... 

We shall see nothing Delight replied her shouting!!

(Sandra left and delight locked her door, fell down on the floor and started crying)

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