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Clash Of Love - Episode 32




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 32

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

So what do you say pretty one? now bringing her hands down wards to her waist about cupping her waist with her hand.

Just take that dirty filthy hands off me right now!! Now may I remind you something that you are forgetting, this is my fathers house and I have every right to do what ever I want to do and as for this food, it is my father's money, after eating it and I feel that I needs more I will come right here and take as much as I want irrespective of who is here. 

I see that you want to blackmail me but just bear in mind that your dirty tricks and plans will not work on me, no way... I know my right so don't think of ever intimidating me. And as for what you want from me, over my dead body, please don't ever cross my part again I beg of you.

Hahaha kikikiki!! very impressive little girl, also bear in mind that nobody ever goes off the hook of sandy bae, and once my eyes are on you, you will only refuse for the meantime but at long last you will come crawling back looking for me, go and ask of me!! 

Well ma'am, I was happy when you said I am my father's carbon copy, thank God for that.

So, I want to bring this to your notice miss sandy, I am my father's daughter and not my mother's daughter. Just know that I will never become one of your preys!! 

Oh really darling, I think you are too wise and I was underestimating you now I will switch to my plan B.

I will be waiting sandy bae... 


Mum! Mum where have you been I have been searching for you in the whole house.

( That was Sandra's Daughter )

Sorry princess I went to get something in the kitchen.

OK mum, who's this damsel? 

Oh forgive me dear.... She's Delight the only child of Treasure my friend.

Wow! She's incredibly beautiful, look at those eyes and lips... Nice shape gosh!

Mum the girl said inaudible, Are you into her?


Nope, not yet but working on it.

Please try, she seems so sweet.

You sure have eyes for lovely things darling.

 (they both shook hands two in two and laugh out loud) 

Fairy damsel, I will meet you some other time Okey.

( She was referring to Delight but Delight didn't respond because she was far lost in thought... She felt pity for the young girl.

 The girl is in her early 20s, dark in complexion very tall and beautiful, her shape is  wonderful, she took the resemblance of sandy bae, maybe her mother or sister.... Her dressing code is something else, from her hair down to her toe, she's on pinging color riot.... She's seems to be double of what her mother is judging from her appearance, I pitied her for been lured into such deceitful and deviance life by her mother, at that tender age. 

She is a young girl with bright future just like a model but look where the selfish, greedy, money hungry, lustful and evil mother lead her child into... A meaningless life that will profit them nothing but self destruction. Oh I feel like crying.

God please save this girl.....Delight was saying all these in her heart and was brought aback by the ring tone of the girl's phone)

Hello sweetie..... OK I will be right with you in a jiffy... Love you too... Muah! 

Mum, I am sorry I have to go now, I wish I could stay and enjoy the party with you... But he needs me right now.

Oh! I wish you will stay but anyways make sure to feed him well and don't forget to come back with enough cash

Don't worry about a thing mum, he is well to do so loaded, but I might return to the party later on to fish for some new Maga.

I trust you dear be safe.

OK mum, lemme hurry I don't wanna keep him waiting for long.... As she made to leave sandy bae tap her in her buttocks and blow a kiss to her which she also smiled and blew back.


(That was something else, does it mean that this woman and her daughter is mating. Oh God just spoil this world! Delight cried out)

*Then Sandra brought Delight back from her thoughts*

You are still here, hope you enjoyed our conversations sweety. That's my daughter Mirable.

Is obvious, Delight signed and walked away leaving her standing there with her mouth agape.

This girl is very saucy but I will tame her tail very soon.

Delight mount the stairs in fury... This is all my mums fault, she's just so loose making this kind of friends.

She entered her room and shut the door. Oh dad I wish you are right here with me. 

(Just like magic her phone rang and it was her father

 Oh thank Goodness as she excitedly picked the call)

Hello dad, was just thinking of you now.

Hi princess, same here was just going through our videos together.

That's great to hear dad.... You know today my mom is hosting a party in the name of launching her new house 

I am aware of that, I have got eyes all around. Please stay clear of those friends of hers if possible stay in your room until it's over.

How did you know about her wayward friends dad?

Of course I should know.... But never mind, my daughters safety is the most important to me so I will do anything to protect you my angel of light.

Thanks dad you are a genius! 

You too my baby. So how are you coping over there.

Fine, Dad please we will talk later, I heard some footsteps... Bye... She ended the call and wipe out the number.

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