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Clash Of Love - Episode 31




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 31

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(Delight tried her dad's number but it wasn't going through, Connection error. She was so scared going out from her rooms through out that evening she even skipped dinner that night because she doesn't want to come in contact with that sandy bae.The next day was the party proper, by 10am she came out from her room and came down to the sitting room, the house was already flooded with people.. Delight was surprised because the party was supposed to start by 12noon why so much people here already? Amongst the ladies, none was looking responsible at all.... They all looks like sandy,they are all of the same categories.... She signed and went into the kitchen to fetch her self breakfast since her mother is too occupied and engrossed in her party and friends that she forgot that she even have a daughter she is supposed to take care of. Now in the kitchen, all the pot was empty with nothing inside. Oh goddammit! I am very hungry now.... She opened the refrigerator thank God she found bread in there I guess I have to drink tea.. She made her self tea and drank, she was about going out when she heard her mums voice directing some people)

Please take them to the kitchen, they will be in there temporarily.

Delight quickly hide behind the door

immediately her mother with the rest left, she came out from her hiding. The aroma of the food makes her mouth waters as her stomach began to sing some choruses. Oh no, I won't die of hunger in my own house that's impossible, just imagine me hiding in my own father's house.... I think I am done hiding and been scared, I can't possibly leave as a timid cat afraid of a dog in my own father's house. Running away from my problems means I will keep on running till infinity but standing up and facing them gives me a greater chance of overcoming and defeating.... Yes I am a brave girl and my father won't like it if he finds out that I am backing down.. First of all I have to eat up to have greater strength to face them all. She took a food flask and opened the foods. Wow! they were all different dishes and smells so delicious, her stomach made another sound only then did she realized how hungry she was, the tea she drank earlier was just as water to her..... She dished a lot of food into her food flask and collect some meats as well, then she opened the fridge and collect some drinks.

 As she turned to leave she heard some one clapping and laughing)

So you are also a thief just as your mother right? Like mother like daughter.

(Delight was in fright but stood still trying to figure out who owns the voice when she finally place the owner of the voice she turned around without saying a word packaged her food and walk towards the door)

Not so fast honey, you just stole some food and you think you can get away with it no, no, no! I am going to call every one here and disgrace you publicly

(Delight didn't say anything but just kept starring at her and calculating the best approach to use for this whOre standing before her)

Oh darling, what happened to your voice now, what a dazzling pretty dumb girl, I can sense she's so frightened oopss!! 

(The person mocked Delight who was still silent& just starring)

But not to worry my love, touching her hair stylishly and cat walking around her with smiling face and a voice that indicates her victory over her supposed prey...

( Delight was furious but needs to calm down and tell the wh0re few things that she seems to be forgetting but she wants her to spill all she's got first)

*The person came close to her and whisper in her ears seductively*  JUST allow me to have my way because I see something in you charming little princess.....i can't imagine you and I..... She was still talking when Delight cuts in...


Who do you think is that person that saw Delight and what do you think she wants from her?

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