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Clash Of Love - Episode 30




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 30

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

(Filled with rage and hatred, Delight looked at the woman who was still lost in her lustful fantasy. She wanted to smash her face and drag her out of her room.... Looking at her mother she just sat on her bed bringing out the cloths from its packets..... Does she really knows what this woman is up to or she is ignorant about it? Is my mother also involved in this dirty game or is she still under training? was that why she is trying all her best to get rid of my dad?. So many questions kept trooping in her mind as she still manages to keep her self under control....... She tried to take action but just then her dad's advice came to her mind. "Mind how you tread with your mum"

 My mum is dangerous talk more of this lustful woman standing before me. I think I have to apply wisdom so that I don't get hurt by her)

Well Aunty sandy bae, the thing is that I am all sweaty and a kinda stinky now so I wouldn't want to dirty the cloths by testing all of them because am pretty sure that all of them won't size me.

Oh silly little bae, you smell just fabulous don't worry we will take care of the cloths even if they gets dirty..... Oh dearie.... It seems you are shy huuu, you don't want me to see this pretty body of yours. (Smiles)

(She said that trying to take my towel off me)

(Oh my world! I think I can't withstand this humiliating and se*ual harassment any further my mom is not helping issues here anyways I don't expect her to be of any help besides they are beds of the same feathers. I have to take my stand all by myself now no matter what the outcome will be I rather die trying than to keep mute and get abused right under my nose and with my eyes wide open No way!!)

Mum.... Please take these cloths out of here, I am not interested in them it is not my type of clothes please.

(Both women were taken aback at her outburst and they looked at her in surprised Well what do I care Delight said... They have to leave my room now! )

What do you mean Delight, do you know how much time, money and energy it costs me to select all these for you? 

Yes darling..... It wasn't easy choosing all these for you, you know that you are no longer a baby so you should be putting on things that are invoke, especially cloths that will bring out your amazing shapes.

(Oh how I hate this woman! .... Delight said in a clinched teeth)

Please mum, next time you wanna shop for me, highlight me so that I will go with you and make my own choice. Thanks for your efforts in buying these skimpy stuffs for me.... I won't let your time, money and energy go to waste at all. I have friends that the cloths will sooth perfectly in the motherless babies home

What! Both women exclaimed in shock **

Sandra you won't understand what I have been going through in the hands of this little nothing.... I told you earlier on that she won't wear these cloths didn't I? 

Don't worry T. Bae, I will talk to her

I bet you should not try because this girl standing right here won't allow you to talk to her. Jude just spoilt her way too far.

I bet you should give me a chance to Treasure.

Whatever, don't hurt my daughter if she insults you because I already warned you earlier, she said and made to leave the room

I will give it a try, Sandra insisted 

( Delight was happy now that her words are effective, she doesn't need to give them chance so she fired on)

With all due respect ladies.... I want to take my birth

(Treasure eyed her evily and storm towards the door But Sandra don't want to give up just yet)

Honey can I talk to you for a second, she said to Delight

No ma'am, there's nothing to talk about, I am done talking about these.

Please baby,  Not just these but other things included.

Please! I don't wanna hear anything, I have got assignments to do. Can you please leave now.... She said it raising her voice a bit.

OK Fine I will... But remember honey, I have got eyes for you it won't be long.. Muaah!!

In your dreams......... Delight said inaudibly.


(She left and banged the door behind her and Delight signed in relief and bolts her door.  I am sure this is not gonna end hear she said in fears)

Oh dad I wish you are here with me right now. Mum you must pay for these, I swear you won't succeed for long.

She decided to call her dad so that she will tell her every thing and receive some advice from him too.




(Things are really getting messy by the day Sandy bae is not the type to back down so easily..... Who knows if Delight a 15+ years old girl will be strong enough to defend herself all alone from this prying lions that wants to devour her)

What do you think pals?

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