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Clash Of Love - Episode 29




Mother vs Daughter

Clash Of Love - Episode 29

Written by Chidinma Ihemenandu

Treasure was very busy inviting all of her friends over for the party, no need for more decoration because the house is already decorated in its peek.

On the eve of the opening of the house party, Sandra came by as planned and she was so happy as she showers praises on Treasure telling her how lucky she was and how her arrow didn't miss the target.

Treasure went for shopping, she bought a lot of things, dresses, shoes, necklaces, handbags mention them, both for her self and for her daughter..... Most of the things she bought for Delight were skimpy dresses, Very hot and beautiful....Then she took them to her room.

Getting there, Delights room was locked from inside she knocked twice before Delight responds

Hey what took you so long to come open up the door for me?

Sorry mum I was heading to the bathroom before I heard your knock.


OK, here are what I bought for you, you know tomorrow is the party right


Sandra cuts in..... Wow, your daughter is so pretty she's your husbands carbon copy, You must be Delight I guess she said smiling.

Yah I am Delight.... Good evening.

Yah good evening charming princess, how are you doing?

I am fine ma'am, You must be Aunty sandy bae right?

(Sandra burst out laughing loud at the way Delight mentioned sandy bae)

Yes darling I am Sandra, the way you just mentioned that name was so sweet... Oh your voice is as pretty as you.

(Now Delight is getting very uncomfortable the way Sandra looks at her, the way she showers praises on her and the way  she touches her. There is something fishy about it, She adjusted from her and started scrutinizing her. she's such a pretty lady of about 45years, light skinned with nice set of teeth.... Her eyes was covered with long lashes maybe 12 inches long but looking closely her eyeballs was sea blue and that must be eye contact that she is wearing... Her skin looks so soft and glitters just like a glass of wine that you can even see yourself through.... Her hair quit long that it reaches almost to her buttocks although it looks natural but is not natural maybe those Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, human hair or whatsoever but it sure looks expensive Coming down to her dressing.... Oh goddammit! she really looks hot and thrilling with her skimpy hot mini red flowered gown, her hips was huge and her butt0ck$ rounded that makes that gown so dazzling hot on her you can easily see her thighs through the gown. The gown itself was so transparent that you can see the color of her pànt and bra through it. She wore different rings and a gold anklet on her leg and a tattoo just beneath the anklet.... Her ears was surrounded with different gold earnings, She put on a very simple sandals but looks expensive... The thorough analysis of this woman standing before me leaves me with not just one name to call her but so many

I could see her smiling face and longing eyes towards me that I didn't know when I murmured I covered my self with the blood of Jesus


What did you say honey... She asked me smiling?

Eam!! Nothing, I said thanks but I want to take my birth

Oh dear... Test the dresses first lemme know how they looks on you, That was my mums voice.

So angry and irritated at my mum and her friend, I just feel like smashing them and dragging them out of my room. No mum I will test them later.

Oh no sweety, don't say letter please, you know tomorrow is the party so you've got to test them now, so that we will help you choose the one most suitable for you tomorrow.

I was about protesting because I don't trust the look on that woman's face and can't possibly  remove my towel in her presence....before I could open my mouth to say no, she has already picked one of the clothes and placed it on my body.

she brushed my tiny breast at first, I thought it was a mistake but she repeated it this time smiling and licking her mouth with her eyes almost closed.

Hmmm!!! Great readers what do you think that Sandy bae is up to.... Describe her personality according to your understanding of her?

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